Administration Staff

Standing: Mr. W. H. Jones, Mr. L. C. Padden,  Mr. R. L. Sweeney, Mr. A. J. Mapp,  Miss Nannie Butt

Seated:  Miss Hilda Devilbiss, Mrs. Mary Everett, Mrs. Margaret Clayton, Miss Dottie Ann Womble
English Department

Seated: Miss Audrey Vincent, 
Miss Louise Mays, Miss Emily Dashiell, Miss Lelia Deans

Standing: Couch Andy Landis, 
Miss Sallie Porter, Miss Clyde White, Miss Hilda Devilbiss, Mrs. Grace Rawls, Mrs. Gertrude Waldron, Miss Ellen Lash
History Department
Seating:  Miss Louis Williams, Miss Majorie Codd

Standing: Mrs. Louise Fontaine, Miss Katherine Timberlake, Miss Carrie Spradlin
Language Department
Miss Virginia Griffith,  Miss Katherine Woodard, Miss Augusta Porter, Miss Helen Brent
Math Department
Miss Mary Rice, Miss Eleanor Dashiell, 
Miss Ann Moore,  
Miss Mildred James,  
Miss Louise Godwin,  
Miss Elizabeth Culpepper
Science Department
Miss Ruth Tomlinson, Miss Clotilde Rodes,  Miss Catherine Costello, 
Mr. Marion Brooks
Athetic Department
Seated: Mrs. Marjorie Kiser, Miss Ruth White

Standing: Mr. Ernest Wild, Coach Dick Esleeck, 
Coach Andy Landis

Commercial (Business) Department
Miss Georgianna Woodhouse, 
Mrs. Marthel Langabach

Standing: Miss Edna Byer, Miss Beatrice McLendon,  Miss Nannie Perkins
Arts and Crafts Department
Seated: Mrs. Novella Harrell, 
Miss Shirley Burnside, 
Miss Beth Johnson,  
Miss Ida Greenlaw

Standing: Professor A. J. Lancaster, 
Miss Mary Ames, Mr. James Arnold, 
Mr. John Dragseth, 
Miss Dorothy Diehl, Mr. L. C. Padden
1945 Class Roster
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