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STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM is by no means the usual order of affairs in the athletic history of the school, and State honors for two consecutive years is a source of pride and a claim for glory.  All praise to you, team of '28, and all honor to you, Coaches Kibler and Wilde.
Coach Kibler merits unstinted recognition for the successful seasons enjoyed
by the Wilson yeams under his mentorship.  He performs his functions quietly but the results that he achieves loudly procliam his skill.
The valuable assistance of Coach Wilde must also be mentioned.  He is at all time a most helpful and willing contributor to the progress of the team.
"Bob" was a slendid captian of a splendid team.  His own excellant playing was a constant challenge to every member of his squad to measure-up to the best, and not once did his interest center around himself.
And who knows but that the team of '29 may repeat?  A winner of all State honors, for next year's captian may foretell another championship.  Casey is a gridiron star swhose skill and understanding of the game should assure a wise and considerate direction of his team.

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