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Row 1: Thad Parsons, David Midgett, Pat Kelly, Ricky Rawls, Herbie Whitley, Gary Warren, Dicky Cuthriell, Jerry Goney, Kenny Ford, Bill Jennings, John Viers, Asa Kelly, Varon Rollins

Row 2: Lynn Sullivans, Darrell Thompson, Mike Tapler, Monty Mathews, Chuck Hughes, Lloyd Conley, Lewis Ripley, Butch Hodges, Danny Perryman, Artie Taylor, Doug Whitley, Ronnie Waycaster, Mike O'Conner, Robert McCarty

Row 3: Coach Jim Paine, Coach  Holley, Steve Kampman, Joe Sears, Randy Hargrave, Ricky Hoggard, Mike Waters, Wayne Boone, Sanford Richardson, David Mullins, Roy Fish, Jim Stepenson, Walter Tobler, Coach Gahagan, Coach Beale
Front:  Lenny Levin - manager, Coach Carl Rhodes, Coach Jim Sherrill, Mike Harris - manager. 

Back: (l to r)  Ronnie Sorrel, Danny Perryman - co-captain, John Lewis, Howard Taylor, Jim MacPhial - co-captain, Louis Ripley, Carlisle Thompson, Bill Moran,
Monty Mathews, Thad Parsons, Billy Spence, Timmy Warren.
Row 1: Judson Anderson, Ed Campbell, Vernon Hollins, Danny Holland, Bill Bonneville

Row 2: Lester Wingate, Larry Scarbor, Charlie Greenhood, Ted Strauss, Varon Rillins, Tim Mathews

Row 3: Coach Jim Paine, Joe Tripp, Jon Sisson, Jamie Sadler, Jommy Ennis, Don Reynolds, Coach Masters
Row 1: Chuck Hrushka, Dewey Salins, Bill Steiner, Steve Hornstien, George Ginsburg, Jon Farr

Row 2: Coach Dave Joyner, Gary Guy, David Schlitz, Len Poole, Randy Bittner, Wayne VanDyck

Row 1: David Cooley, Mike Upton, Bert Crawford, Gary McGehee, Pug Taylor

Row 2: Coach Beale, Larry Parker, Tommy Barnes,Raymond Neal, Jim Yarbrough, Don Lewis
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