1969 Memories
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The pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Memory pictures may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not offically indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated. This section of the website is dedicated to the memories of all alumni and are found in personal items that alumni have saved and were kind enough to allow it to be shared with others.  Thank You. If you are not represented in your class, or have other pictures for the memories section you may submit a photo to be added.  John “Eddie” Lee ’68.

Our Junior~Senior Prom Could Have Topped any "Top Hat"
Vickie Newsome and York Poole were Co-Stars.
The gang after weeks of hard work
"Top Hat" was the our theme.
Ann and Richard could bugaloo all night.
"How doooo you dooooo?"
The band made it.
There's no doubt about Bill's having a good time.
"The present is great with the future." ~ Leibnitz
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