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Wrestlers Boast Winning Season
Season's  Record
Wilson    25
Wilson    22
Wilson    36
Wilson    34
Wilson    31
Wilson    20
Wilson    26
Wilson    32
Wilson    44
Wilson    14
Wilson    35
Wilson    28
Wilson    26
Wilson    32
Warwick     17
Oscar Smith     22
Bayside     15
Great Bridge       8
First Colonial     14
Churchland     20
Cradock     19
Indian River     10
Priness Anne       4
Granby     28
Deep Creek       7
Norview     11
Cox     12
Maury    10
Coach Moonie with co-captians, Chuch Hicks and  Mike Vicks.
The W.W.H.S. wrestlers that will goon to state competition.
Row 1: Ray Pond, Harold  Whitley, Jackie Jenkins, Terry Rivenbark.  Row 2: Pat Kelly, Dennis Moser, Chuck Hicks, Butch Jenkins, Mike Vicks. Row 3: Coach Moonie, Danny Lewis, Walter Chrisman, Ronnie Waycaster, Wally Ellsworth, Leo Gibbs, Coach Mills.
Chuck Hicks
Butch Jenkins
David Lassiter, Dennis Goodman, Danny Corey
Terry Rivenbark
Leo Gibbs
Mike Vicks
Walter Chrisman
Harold Whitley
Danny Lewis
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Jackie Jenkins
Wally Ellsworth
Dennis Moser
1968 Varsity   
Track . . .     
Vernon Rollins
Pole Vault
Vernon Rollins
500 yard dash
Jon Sisson
880 Run
Thad Parsons
Broad Jump
2nd- District
Randolph Hargraves
500 yard Dash
Jamie Sadler
Artis Taylor
Shot Put
. . . Outdoor
Strauss, Greenhood
Stewart Allen, A. Ely, Bill Bonniville
Darryl Thompson, Raymond Scott, Vernon Rollins
First Row: h. Joyner, W. Adams, T. Parsons, J. Sisson,L. Scarbor. Second Row: XD. Holland, R. Hargraves, D. Thompson, V. Rollins, M. Culpepper, S. Allen, J. Klise.  Third Row: V. Hollins, J. Jordan, C. Greenhood, T. Strauss, A. Taylor, 
S. Cox, W. Bonniville, D. Harrell,Missing: Jamie Sadler, Coach Paine.
. . . Cross Country
Thad Parsons
Larry Scarbrough
Mike Culpepper
Coach - Jim Paine, Jon Sissen, Thad Parsons
Wilson    26
Wilson    16
Wilson    18
Wilson    21
Wilson    15
Wilson    19
Wilson    19
Wilson - Portmouth Invit. 2nd Place
Wilson - Southeastern District 1st Place
Wilson - State Championship 9th Place
Cradock         31
Great Bridge  43
Oscar Smith   41
Churchland    37
Indian River   50
Cradock          36
Great Bridge   42
Coach - Petew Mills, Jon Sisson, Danny Holland, Danny Harrell, Steve Allen, Mike Culpepper, Jamie Sadler, Wayne Bonniville, Vernon Rollins,  Larry Scarbor
Season  Record
Wilson     83         Great Bridge         30
Wilson     81         Deep Ctreek          31
Wilson     77         Indian River          34
Wilson     58         Cradock                55
Wilson     59         Churchland           53
Southeastern District
1st Place
. . . Indoor
Indoor Track Team receives awards.
D. Holland, D. Harrell
First Row: H. Joyner, J. Mills, R. Scott, C. Sturgis, M. Culpepper, D. Holland, W. Smith,  Second Row:  A. Ely, W. Adams, M. Riley, D. Thompson, V. Rollins, W. Bonniville, S. Allen, Third Row: J. Lewis, D. Harrell, V. Rollins, C. Greenhood, A. Taylor, L. Scarbor.
R. Hargraves, T. Parsons, V. Rollins
1965-1968 Reunion Pics
Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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