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Class Roster
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Varsity Football
ROW 1: Billy Crafford, Mike O'Connor, Joe Sears, Pat Kelly, Jack Lilienthal, David Lassiter, Barry Wagner, Sebastian Collins, Robert, Powell, Rick Webb, Hartwell Harrison, ROW 2: John Lewis - Manager, George Boswell, Wally Ellsworth Michael Fagan, Randy Hargrave, Charles Wiggins, John Klise, Varon Rollins, Alvin Williams, Ronald Hardy, Steve Kampmann, Lenny Levin - Manager.ROW 3: Coach Beale, Coach Gahagan, Howard Kirshon, Darryl Thompson, Charles Hughes, David Midgett, Ray McGinley, Monty Matthews, Dennis Lewin, Doug Whitley, Tommy Ashcraft, Robert McCarty, Steve Philbrick, William Brown, Coach Sherill, Coach Bullheller.
Steve Kampmann
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Coach Ralph Gahagan
1968 Season's Record
Wilson 34 
Wilson 50 
Wilson 40 
Wilson 13 
Wilson 33
Wilson 51
Wilson 40 
Wilson 49 
Wilson 13
Wilson 49
Eastern Regionals
Wilson 33 
Newport News 6
Churchland 0
Indian River 13
Norview 6
Oscar Smith 7
Deep Creek 20
Great Bridge 0
  Maury 7
Granby 13
  Cradock 7
First Colonial 6
Newport News Sept. 13
The Woodrow Wilson Presidents started the season off
with a bang. With a Driving ground attack and a forceful
defense, Johnny Klise, Big Boy Brown, and Varon Rollins
started the ball rolling for a very big season.
Wilson 34 Newport News 6
Randy Hargraves
David Lassiter
Jack Lilienthal
James Cox
George Boswell
Michael Fagan
Barry Wagner
Sebastian Collins
Churchland Sept. 20
Varon Rollins was only in the game for two plays when he had scored two touchdowns, which sums up the Prexie's slaughter of the Truckers. With a good air attack Wilson just ate up the yardage. At the end of the game Wilson had given Churchland its worst defeat ever with a score of 50-0

Rick Webb
Norview Oct. 4
The Presidents faced the tough Norview Pilots. It was one of the most exciting games of the year, and with the most action. The defense played its most superb game, holding the Pilots to one touchdown and very little yardage. The Prexies won 13-6
Charles Hughs
Mike O'Connor
Pat Kelly
Oscar Smith Oct. 11
A homecoming crowd of 8000 saw the Presidents
defeat the undefeated Tigers of Oscar Smith with
running passing and lots of defense. The Presidents
lengthened their winning streak with a score of 33-7.

Ray McGinley
Monty Matthews
David Midgett
Harrison Hartwell
Robert McCarty
Darryl Thompson
Doug Whitley
Johnny Klise
Tom Ashcraft
Varon Rollins
Deep Creek
The underrated pass defense of Wilson let Jackie Young of Deep Creek know what it's like to have passes intercepted. The whole game turned into a scoring battle, with Wilson getting more than half the points. Wilson 51-20 over Deep Creek.
Charles Wiggins
Howard Kirshon
Dennis Lewin.
Alvin Ely
Maury Nov. 8
The Maury Commodores visited Lawrence Stadium with hopes of defeating the steam-rolling Presidents.  Robert Powell, Varon Rollins and Johnny Klise turned the game into a shambles with long runs and longer passes. The Presidents ruined the Commodores ideas with a score of 49-7.
Ronald Hardy
Alvin Williams
Steve Philbrick
Granby Nov. 15
The Presidents went to Foreman Field with hopes of bringing home another victory. For the first time the sharp Presidents looked dull as they had to come from behind to tie the Granby Comets 13-13
Cradock Nov. 22
The Presidents came home for the last game of the season. The Prexies looking for revenge after the tie with Granby, took it out on the Cradock Admirals with a score of 49-6
The Baby Prexies
The J.V. Squad