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1970 Class Roster
Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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1970 Memories
1970 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1970 Class Roster
Class Roster
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William "Big Boy" Brown
Monty Matthews.
Varon Rollins
Season Record
Wilson 35  
Wilson 53  
Wilson 29  
Wilson 56  
Wilson 50  
Wilson 24  
Wilson 30  
Wilson 37  
Wilson 64  
Wilson 47  
  Churchland 0
  Indian River 13
  Norview 6
 Oscar Smith 0
 Deep Creek 6
  Great Bridge. 31
  Norcom 0
  Maury 12
 Granby 6
 Cradock 0
John Klise
David Midgett
Dennis Lewin
George Boswell
Mike O'Connor
Ray McGinley
Darryl Thompson
David Moss
Wally Ellsworth
Richard Webb
Mike Pace
Charlie Wiggins
Ronald Hardy
Michael Fagan
Mike Lawson
Louis Bagley
Wayne Gunter
Isaiah Wilson
Sebastian Collins
Hartwell Harrison
Senior Football Players And . . .
1969 Varsity Football Team
Churchland    September 19

Our first game started out with a 35-0 victory over our rivals, the Churchland Truckers. Big Boy Brown had an out-standing game, with two touchdowns and 144 yards rushing.
Indian River    September 26

For our second game we traveled to Great Bridge to defeat the Braves from Indian River 53-13. Big Boy Brown gained 83 yards in this game, giving him a 227-yard total for two games.

Fellow Teammates
And . . .
Norview    October 3

The Prexies' first home game was with the Pilots from Norview. Witnessing our 29-6 victory were over 10,000 fans. The stars of this game were Varon Rollins, who ran an 80-yard touchdown for our first score, and Robert Powell, who caught two scoring passes of John Klise.
Oscar Smith    October 10

In the first eight minutes of the Oscar Smith game Wilson made three touch-downs. John Klise fired four touchdown Passes, two caught by Monty Matthews, one by Big Boy Brown, and one by Robert Powell. Wilson defeated the Tigers 56-0.
Steve Philbrick
Robert Dunn
Olendus Gaines
Maury    November 7

The eighth game of the season was against Maury. Wilson has played the Commodores for fifty years. The Prexies came home this time with a sweeping 37-12 victory.

Cradock    November 21

For our last game of the season, at Cradock, John Klise was out and Bobby Dunn starred as quarterback. We came home with a 47-0 victory over the Admirals.
Dwight Leonard
Robert Powell
Donnell McIntyre
Granby   November 14

"We won't forget last year," rang through the halls of Wilson as we prepared for the last home game of the season, against Granby. Last year Granby had tied 13-13, standing between Wilson and the state championship.
This time the Prexies beat the Comets by a score of 64-6.
Kenneth Moody
Deep Creek    October 17 

Homecoming brought a victory of 50-6 against the Deep Creek Hornets, with Colanna Borges as Homecoming Queen and Bonnie Buchanan as Maid-of-Honor. This was our twentieth win in a row.
Great Bridge    October 24

The next game was with the Wildcats from Great Bridge, who went home with a victory of 31-24. This was a major upset to the Presidents, and it crushed our dreams of the state championship
The Action
Norcom    November 1

After one loss the Prexies were ready to fight, and they proved their readiness by winning the next game 30 -0 over the Norcom Greyhounds.
Junior Varsity '69
Junior Varsity Football Team: R. Armstrong, M. Atkins, W. Austin, C. Baker, E. Daniels, J. Collins, R. Coles, J. Coltrain, A. Davis, J. Davis, J. Early, R. Frahm, C. Godwin, D. Hall, D. Hollowell, E. Hurdle, R. Johnson, J. Matthews, T. Mayo, J. Mancreed, K. Parsons, E. Powell, J. Redmon, W. Robinson, D. Schnur, J. Whitehead, A. Williams, J. Wright, M. Vaughan, R. Towns, W. Edwards, G. Cooke, E. McSweeney
Row 1: Mike Pace, Charlie Wiggins, Robert Dunn, Dwight Leonard, Dennis Lewis ,  Veron Rollins, Sebastian Collins, Richard Webb, Louis Bagley , Hartwell Harrison, Donnell McIntyre,  ?- manager. Row 2: Olendus Gaines, Kenneth Moody, David Moss, Steve Philbrick, Mike O'Connor, Mike Lawson, David Midgett,  Wayne Gunter, Isaiah Wilson, Coach Sherill, Coach Beale,. Row 3: Coach Bullheller, Coach Gahagan, William Brown, Ronald Hardy, Daryl Thompson, Michael Fagan , George Boswell , Ray McGinley, Monty Matthews, Wally Ellsworth, John Klise, Robert Powell