1974 Class Roster
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1974 Sports
1974 Sports
Faculty & Staff
1974 Class Roster
Class Roster
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Homecoming Queen: Endia Browne
Senior Attendant: Mary Sue Wilkinson 
Senior Attendant: Kim Marshall
Senior Attendant: Cindy Beacham 
Senior Attendant: Gina Hardy 
Maid of Honor: Robin Faulk
   The 1973 Presidential Homecoming was truly a spirit rally for the student body of Wilson. Coach Billy O'Brian of Great Bridge, our worthy opponent for the week, was one of our honored alumni. Our own Mrs. Oliver was reunited with her classmates of 1947 and 1948 ina grand assembly and victorious football game. Members of 1948’s State Championship football team were on hand to boost spirit. Mr. Leo Antonucci presented Dr. Morlino and the school with a trophy commemorating their State Championship. Our Homecoming Queen, Endia Browne, and our Maid of Honor, Robin Faulk, were crowned and their courts were presented the night of the Homecoming game.
Junior Attendant: Kathy Thumber
Junior Attendant: Anna Smelser 
Junior Attendant: Julie Green 
Junior Attendant: Linda Lipford 
Endia speaks to the assembly.
Kim and her escort parade for assembly.
Cindy Beacham with escort Wayne Speight. 
Above: The dancing of the 40’s. 

Right: The 1947 Championship Team.
Varsity cheerleaders in bloomers? 
Our 1947 State Championship Trophy.
Coach Billy O'Brian speaks.
Leo Antonnucci relates class history. 
Our S. C. A. represents us at assembly.
Varsity cheerleaders lead cheers.
Mr. Antonnucci presents the trophy to Dr. Morlino.
Left: Miss Wilson cheers the Presidents to victory.
The Woodrow Wilson Graveyard. 
   It was late the night before the Manor-Wilson football game and many spirited Wilson fans began to feel the excitement of what was to prove to be one of the strongest rivalries Wilson has encountered in many years. Manor High, an offspring of Cradock and Wilson, held friends and classmates of previous years and sparked a spirit of pride and loyalty at Wilson. The need to win this game was evident. Wilson had to rank superior. Rumor has it that late that night some loyal Wilson Presidents secretly sabotaged Manor High School. Of course, one must not take rumors seriously, must one? The morning of the game, however, proved extremely interesting at Wilson. Wilson students arrived to find a mock graveyard of their football team with a note of warning from Manor. The Mustangs insinuated this was where the mighty fighting Presidents would rest after the game. Infuriated by this humilating breech of territory, the Presidents danced in a waterfall of spirit and tromped the Mustangs that night, 8-0. 
   But what of this mysterious graveyard that so cleverly enraged the Presidents? The Wilson Presidents need no longer believe that Manor is responsible. The credit is graciously attributed to none other than Coach Bulheller and Coach Mollenhauer who did a bit of grave digging on their own that night. 
Dino embraces his brother
Jeff James restrains Donnie Hudgins. 
Cindy tries to be a friend to Dino. 
Dino explodes into a fight.
Joy Pague consoles Cindy Feazell.
Left: The cast of “‘Dino”’.
“Oh, yes, it’s you.” 
Tommy stands up to Mayor Shinn. 
Marian and Mrs. Paroo 
Marcellus dances the shipoopi. 
Joy sings “My White Knight”.
“Trickle, trickle, trickle!”