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Victory Brings Togetherness 
   The fighting Presidents rebounded from a 2-6-1 season last year to post a 8-2-1 Southeastern District Championship marking. The presidents opened their season with a 20-0 win over defending district champs Western Branch. As the season rolled on, one by one the prexies defeated their opponents. Churchland stunned the presidents by defeating them 14-7. It was Wilson’s only loss of the season, having tied Great Bridge for the Southeastern District Crown 8-8. With a victory over defending State Champion Hampton, the Presidents advanced to play Eastern Regional Champion First Colonial, but lost 18-12 in the last twenty-eight seconds. Wilson’s Cinderella season ended abruptly as it had began. Outstanding players were Curtis Franklin, Kenny Rodgers, Carlton Nelson, Jerome Heath, Glen Pizzanello, Tony Burgess, Danny Burgess, and Bert Thomas.
Front row: Jonathan Harrington, William Blow, Jerome Heath, Melvin Jones, Charles Hawkins, Carlton Nelson, Terry Cross, Ricky Watson, Kenneth Jenkins, Fernandez Scott. Second row: Coach Pittenger, Todd Smith, Buddy Sawyer, Alonza Riddick, Reggir Riddick, Cliff Gainey, Danny Burgess, Tony Burgess, William Maye, Sam Lawrence, Glen Pizzanello, Richard Beamon, Jerome Grimes, Kelvin Jordan. Back row; Coach Price, Edward Mills, Emmit Hobbs, James Cary, Danyell Kelly, Barry Jones, Kenny Finland, Kieven Anthony, Jenis Plumber, Bert Thomas, Kenny Rodgers, Morris Brown, Curtis Franklin, Coach Moore, Coach Sherrill.
Coach Moore explains the importance of the game to Carlton Nelson.
Glen Pizzanello Makes the defensive player work.
Curtis Franklin sites the endzone ahead. Below, it’s off to win the game.
Touch down! 
Fernandez Scott finds an opening in the defense line.
Carlton Nelson heads for daylight.
Kenny Rodgers leads the way for Reggie Riddick. At right, dancing through the defensive line, Jerome Heath escapes. 
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J.V. Ends Winning Season
   The Vice-Presidents once again proved to be impressive. Compiling a season record of 4-2-1, they showed a great deal of promise for the future varsity teams. The Baby Prexies were lead by several outstanding players. Some of these were Jerome Giddens and Bruce Joyner who lead an impressive defense. Janis Plum-mer, Jerome Grimes and Curtis Oliver lead the offensive line. Richard Beamon and Andre Cole played a decisive part in the winning effort at their backfield positions. Steve Booker, a defensive standout also played quarterback where he did a remarkable job. 
An opposing quarterback beats the pass rush by Junior Harris and Bruce Joyner.
Making an important downfield tackle are Anthony Hampton and Richard Beamon. 
Quarterback Al Burgess hands off to halfback Steve Booker. 
Row 1: Willie Mayo, Cecil Brown, Nathaniel Wright, Walter Morgan, Roland Elliot, Bruce Joyner, Ray Lawson. Row 2: Bernard Saunders, Anthony Hampton, Jerome Grimes, Clarence Anthony, Albert Myrick, Reginald Banks, Chinnell McDaniel, Mike Spinks, Andre Cole, Mike Brown, William Collins. Row 3: Junior Harris, Curtis Greene, Kevin Brow, Earl Person, Mark Mathews, Al Burgess, Gerome Giddens, William Riddick, Jerry Holmes, Warren Martin, Berry Taylor, Bruce Sykes. Row 4: Samuel Wiggins, Mike Mizell, Marvin Brown, Samuel Fannin, Mike Cook, Wayne Copeland, Curtis Oliver, Eric Nesbit, Kenneth Wright. 
Cross Country Adds Girls 
The Presidents Take The District 
   There were two cross country teams this year, varsity and girls’ teams. The captains of the teams were Percy Martin and Kim Boone. 
    The team improved a great deal over the season. Being a young team of two juniors and eight underclassmen, most of the members had never run cross country before.  With time add experience the coach looks for great things out of this team in the future. Varsity letters were earned by Percy Martin, Darnell Gause, Larry Harrison, Jack Lee, Jeff Manchur, Kim Boone, and Becky Greiner. 
Season ends with Kim Boone and Paul Weatherbee as happy winners.
Coach Armstrong shows Percy Martin today's schedule.
Teams from Wilson and Oscar Smith wait for the starting gun.
J.V. Tournament Champs 
   This year’s team won the Southeastern district championship by defeating Cradock in a play off game. The team lost in the semifinals of the district tournament to Deep Creek by one point. The first game of the Regionals saw Wilson lead highly favored Booker T. Washington the entire game only to lose by one point on a shot at the buzzer. 
   Outstanding senior members of this year’s squad were Julius Gilchrist, Curtis Franklin, Carlton Nelson. Also instrumental in winning the championship were Danyell Kelly, Glen Perry, Ron Ellis, and Terry O'Neal. Adding depth were Alfred Dixon, and Andre Wallace. 
Number 31 goes all out for Wilson.
FRONT ROW: Glenn Perry, Danyell Kelly, Terry O’Neal, Joe Ellis, Julius Gilchrist, Carlton Nelson. BACK ROW: Coach Hopkins, Barry Jones, Curtis Franklin, Alfred Dixon, Andre Wallace, and Ricky Watson. 
An airborne Danyell Kelly goes for the basket.
Ready to push the score ahead is Carlton Nelson. 
Curtis Franklin lays it up for 2 points. 
Wilson’s J.V. Basketball team had a 
very successful campaign this season. 
Losing only one game, the Jayvees compiled a 12-1 regular season record. The 
lone defeat came at the hands of the 
Indian River Braves. The defeat was revenged in the championship game, making the victory twice as sweet. 
James Branch lead the team in the 
scoring and re-bounding, while Terry 
Cross, Kelvin Jordan and Milton Barham also played major roles. 
Coach Price gives pre-game pep talk to Terry Cross, Jerome Branch, and Kelvin Jordan.
Front: Coach Price, Milton Barham, Terry Cross, Leslie Williams, Jake Young, Keith O'Neal, Roderick Ferguson, Lovell Perry and Reginald Banks. Back: Felty Moore, James Somerville, Curtis Oliver, Gerald Odom, Jenis Plumber, Jerome Branch, Clifton Gainey and Kelvin Jordan.