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The President 

Woodrow Wilson 
3701 Willett Drive 
VA 23707 
Vol. 61 
Clockwise: A skit catches the attention of Kelvin ‘‘Country’’ Jordan, Terry Cross, and Preston Dezern. Robin Hagerman does her steno homework during her U.S. history class. Everyone has seen The Ice-cream Lady in this familiar setting. ‘Teddy Bear’’ Smith helps Sheila Johnson with her classwork. Feeling that she has left something behind, Edwina Harvey double-checks her locker. An eighth grader, Clarence Jenkins makes up a test. 

Friendly faces, teachers who care, 
Rousing assemblies, exams to bear. 
For Prexies - each and every one, 
These added up to nothing but fun. 
Clockwise: Studying this plant, Samuel Oliver prepares to draw it for Art Class. Boarding the early bus, Michelle Thomas is glad the day Is finally over. Cheering practice is an important summer activity for Pattie Yates and Sandra DeBerry. Team captains Tony Burgess and Fernandez Scott shake hands with opposing captains during the Norcom game. Mrs. Fuller enjoys a quiet moment between classes. 
Football games, rehearsals for plays, Cheer- ing practice and long, long days. Through these glimpses of life at Wilson High, We proved that the theme ‘‘The Main Event'’’ was no lie. 
Clockwise: Working to get report cards out on time keeps Mrs. Baker very busy. Mrs. Davis takes a break from keeping our school clean. Santa (Pat Owen) is a huge success at the SCA's Christmas party for first graders at John Tyler. The term paper is a major topic of conversation for seniors, and Robin Davenport tries to gather information for her paper.