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Student Council
"President"  Staff
            A GREAT SCCESS

  The Class of Twenty-nine passed another mile-stone in its career when it staged the annual dramatic production.  This year, instead of the regulation variety show, a play, "A Full House", was presented, and judging from the success, the idea of putting on a new type of production was a good one.
   "A Full House" played to a full house on the day of its presentation.  The play itself was very clever, amusing, and original.  The acting honors should go to Davida Crockin, who played the part of "Miss Winnacker", a spinster from Yonkers; to Alton Allsbrook, in the role of the English butler; and to Fred Beasley as the thief.
  Between the acts, a choruse,  composed of maids and butlers.
   The production as a whole was very good, and was enjoyed throughly by the highly appreciative audience.

   For the first time in the history of "The President" the members of the Annual Staff ordered pins.  They are very proud of them, and of the things which they represent.
   The pin is square with a quill guard.  On the pin is a shield, from behind which the sun sends forth its rays.  Above this shield stands an eagle, and below it is inscribed, "President."  On the shield itself is an old English "P",and the date.
   It is hoped that the pin will be standardized by succeeding Staffs, for it is very appropriate, and is a fitting symbol of the purpose of the Annual--to spead happiness through the memories of high school days.

   The "Student" Staff this year has standardized its insignia. The pin originated by the members of the '27 publication, who hoped to make it standard then.
   This year's Staff has carried out the plan of the former staff members, and has standardized the pin.
  The emblem is very attractive, being the letter "S" with a quill through it. Attached to the quill is a guard--the number of the year.
   Every Staff member looks upon the pin as the symbol of happy hours, and of work that was enjoyed thoroughly.
   It is an emblem of the Staff, of what the Staff stands for, of its trials, its labor, and finally, its reward.
   After four years of experiment the Student Government has become a vital part of the life of Woodrow Wilson High School, its success being due to the work of the four departments.  In addition to the distribution of Freshmen letters and securing of poll tax, the Publicity Department has established monitors in the halls to promote better discipline.
   The Public Service Department issued permits to pupils excused before three-fifteen, stationed guards at the doors, and stimulated an interest in the appearance of the home rooms.
   The improved conditions in the Auditorium, and the relief of congestion in the halls , is the result of the Traffic Department.
   The Lunch Room Department deserves credit in the way which it handled the crowded conditions and the orderly line in the cafeteria.  It has worked hard to maintain cleanliness in the lower halls.
   The outstanding features of the year were the Clean-up Campaign carried on vigorously in March and the assembly programs arranged by the department during the yeaer.  Inspection of the rooms for ten days made by the Council members, who with the co-operation of the student body were endeavoring to live up to the slogan of the campaign, "A clean as a hound's tooth."  Programs on Honor, Courtesy, School Spirit, and Cleanliness, were presented by the departments.
Edwin Owens
Parker Powell
William Griffin
Hodges Hanbury
Annyce Fore
Alfred Casey
Clinton Mosley
Harold Casper
Sarah Codd
Clara MacKenzie
Anne Irving
Madelyn Smith
Gladys Wayland
Miss Devilbliss
L. C. Padden
Director of Publicity
Director of Public Service
Director of Traffic
Director of Lunch Room
Representative of Monogram
Representative of "The Student"
Representative of "President"
Representative of Senior Class
Representative of Junior Class
Representative of Sophomore Class
Representative of Freshman Class
Faculty Advisor
Faculty Advisor

Top Row
Melissa Lynch
James Thomson

Louise Mays
Margaret Jack
India Diggs

Frances Adams
Dorothy Mathews

William Griffin
Granger Richardson
William Perritt

Alice Mobley
Alfred Morse

Richard Vaughan
Paul Dreway
Frank Lawrence

Edward Talbot
Harold Carper

Frederick Hill
Ruth Beasley
Josie Harrell
Business Manager

Faculty Advisor
Associate Editor
Faculty Advisor

Feature Editor
Organitations Editor

Athletic Editor
Art Editor
Assistant Athletic Editor

Assistant Editor
Picture Editor

Advertising Manager
Assistant Are Editor
Circulation Manager

Assistant Advertising Manager
Assistant Business Manager

Assistant Advertising Manager
Assistant Circulation Manager
On top of pickles I ate ice cream, I  went  to  bed  and did I dream?
Don't  say  a  word!  I  was   just                   scared stiff---
I  dreamed  I  was c hased by an                   ozzlewiff---
And  that, my dears, is an awful                    creature
With  fifteen legs---and can you                    feature
Each one  of  them  striped  blue                     and yellow?
He was an orful looking fellow!
Well, I ran and ran, I will say I'd never gone faster for many a day.
Hark! Hark! The dogs do bark!    Everyone's coming to town.
They  all  will  go  to  the   show---
   The show of great renown
What do I mean?  Well, listen, old bean,
  "A Full House" will pack 'em in.
Will there be a crowd?  For cryng out loud!
   To get in you'll have tobe thin.
But then I stopped, for what did I see 
  But a ferociously hideous ojibwee?
One on one side and one on the other side  What could In do? Well I yelled, "Mother!"
When what to my wandering eyes did appear  here was nothing else to do---  so I woke up!
Davida Crockin        Editor-in-chief
C.S. Sherwood        Assistant Editor
Lydia Goldblatt         Feature Editor
Annyce Fore                News Editor
Elwood Twilley         Athlete Editor
Bensie Kads   Advertising Manager
Mary R. Ames        Faculty Advisor
​Josephine Buchman Faculty Advisor

It's tomorrow night and such a sight
​    You will never see again.
So come one and all, to the 
Wilson Hall
    And I hope you like it --- amen!
E. Byrd
K. Schribee
R. Renn
F. Talbot
P. Melms
M. Wilder
R. Nuckols
W. Jordon
J. Grant
R. Lowe
L. Johnson
W. Mahoney
R. Russell                                                                                                                          Operator
        P. Hanbury                                                                                        Assistant Operator
                  B. Roberts                                                                                      Music  
        R. Overman                                                                                                  Electician
C. Stewart                                                                                                       Assistant Electrician
L. C. Padden                                                Advisor
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