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          eneral activity marked the workings of the Student Council for the school year of                    1929- 30. Success has come through the co-operation of both Student Council and                 the general student body.
    Beside the routine work of the Council, diligent efforts have been put forth to better conditions in the school generally. The outstanding results obtained may be evidenced by the new seating arrangement in the auditorium, the orderly food line in the cafeteria, the posting of signs designating the kind of food sold at the different counters, the filing three abreast in fire drills, and the tagging of unsightly lockers in order to insure cleanliness in the halls. The Council collectively put on a delightful program in the auditorium regarding character building. 
   The Publicity Department presented for adoption a creed or code of conduct by which the students were urged to govern their actions. This creed embodies the principles of honesty, loyalty, sportsmanship, self-reliance, health, truthfulness, courtesy, and tolerance.

Harold Carper
Sherwood Butler
Clara MacKenzie
Charles Garner
Catherine Costello
Reginald Holtzscheiter
Reed Pollard
Worth Petty 
Vivian Woodard 
Sam Buxton
Charlotte Matteson  
Hall Snellings
Dorothy S. Werner
Miss Hilda Devilbiss 
Mr. L. C. Padden
Director of Publicity 
Director of Public Service 
Director of Traffic 
Director of Lunch Room
Representative of Monogram Club
Representative of “The Student”
Representative of “The President”
Representative of Senior Class
Representative of Junior Class
Representative of Sophomore Class
Representative of Freshman Class 
Faculty Advisor
Faculty Advisor
Nancy Davis 
Frederick Hill 
Anne Irving
Robert Britt 
Sam Buxton 
Worth Petty
John Mercer Hall
Edward Allen
Edith Griffin 
Katherine F'ontaine 
Edgar Burroughs 
Virginia Johnston
Charles Garner
Mary Julia Hargroves
Edwina Heely
Harry Nash
James Booth
Lucrece Hudgins
Frances Garris
Margaret Webb
Miss Audrey Chewning
Miss India Diggs
Associate Editor
Assistant Associate Editor 
Business Manager
Assistant Business Manager
Advertising Manager
Assistant Advertising Manager
Assistant Advertising Manager
Art Editor
Assistant Art Editor
Assistant Art Editor
Organizations Editor
Athletic Editor
Assistant Athletic Editor
Feature Editor 
Circulation Editor
Assistant Circttlation Editor
Secretary and Typist
Assistant Typist
Faculty Advisor
Faculty Advisor

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W. Werner
R. Culpepper
L. Johnson
C. Bridgers
E. Bunch
C. Stewart
E. Swarts
J. Brown
C. Powell
A. Harper
J. Friedman
D. Allsbrook
P. Hanbury
W. Jordan  
M. Wilder
R. Powell
E. Byrd 
Mr. L. C. Padden
Assistant Operator
Head Doorkeeper
Allsbrook, David
Bridgers, Clarence
Brown, James 
Bunch, Ellesberry
Byrd, Earl 
Cooper, W. J. 
Culpepper, Russell
Friedman, Joseph
Grant, Joseph
Greene, Milton
Gulley, E.mmett

FIanbury, Paul
EIarper, Alton 
Johnson, Leonard
Jordan, William
McCaskill, Neal
Powell, Boole
Powell, Clifford 
Stewart, Charles
Swarts, Edwin 
Werner, William
Wilder, Maurice