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1962 Sports
1962 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1962 Class Roster
Class Roster
Senior Attendant
Senior Attendant
Junior Attendant
Maid of Honor
Campaign parties,
assembly skits,
queen election . . .
Claudia Crutchlow, Cherryl Holland, and Brenda Harrell present orchids to the alumni from Woodrow Wilson "Trt-Hl-Y. The float blos- somed into 1st place honors.
Sarah Willis, Bobby Weiss, and Billy Pratt seek the aid of the "Good Fairy" (Lee Enos) for the release of the maiden in distress (Ingrid Brownley.)
Vocal Department's "Rapsody in Blue," featuring Faye Harrell and Tony Williams.
Mary Keel, Catherine Thomas, and Yvonne Anderson, of Prexie Tri-Hl-Y, were "Tickled Pink" to welcome alumni.
. . . float preparations,
costumes, dresses,
float decorations . . .
It takes all kinds of Presidents to produce a 2nd place winner, as portrayed by Cathy Pollock, Alan Blachman,and Wilfred Warren.
Brenda Benton is flanked by Bobby Allen driving and Mrs. Betty Blanford waving in the front seat. Riding behind are Susan Eastes, Donn Wood, and Carolyn Wright. Sue Cotton is hidden from view by Carolyn. These are S.C.A. heads and advisor.
Marsha Pope, Delores Batkins, turn back the Presnoir clock.
It isn't Las Vegas on wheels! It's the D.O. Club with Judy Morris and Sharon Eaves.
. . . were very nearly
all for no reason.
Aqua Trt-Hi- Y brings the country to the city.
Triangle members, Shirley Gough and Chris Cullins wish the alumni well.
Ann Clark, Harriet Levin, and Julia Dorsey
Reed put forth a "whale" of an effort.
Look at the big one Mary Anne Taylor and Barbara Herbert caught!
Good enough for 3rd place.

High winds, rain
finally abated,
and . . .
Wilsonite Tri-Hi-Y presents the "key to the future."
Carol McGowan, Florence Schocklin, Jean Johnson, Shelia Schocklin put finishing touches on THE PRESIDENT float.
Cookie Douglass, Carol McGowan, Ellen
Vaughan, Shelia Schocklin atop THE PRESIDENT  float.
Nina Beazley in an oriental bow to the alumnae from the Art Club ... fourth place winner .
Homecoming 1961 was . . . the year's highlight!
"Best Band in the land."
Sylvia Laughon and Joann Doxey work hard on the Mixed
Chorus float.
Jerry Lawson, Tommy St. Clair, Linda Sears, and Don Riddick
portray the Gunsmoke gang during Nancy Williamson's skit.
The Orchestra float tunes up for a good game.
"With the odds 6 to 1, we don't blame Bobby for working on this float." 
Freddie Sue Turner, Fan Helsel, Nancy Williamson, Rosemary James, Dottie Flel, Suzanne Orenduff adorn the S.C.A. queen's
Dr. Allen and Mr. Galliford help lead the way
The "ivy look" helped Freddie Sue win!
Frances Byrd and Mr. Riley discuss a point of procedure during work on Forum float as Donna McCoy and Lycester Owens look on.
Trudy Pond peps it up for the Latin Club float while John Turner and Ellen Anderson look on.