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1962 Sports
1962 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1962 Class Roster
Class Roster
Thespian Troupe 1238
Row one: Susan Johnston-secretary, Ailen Gauthier-treasurer; Anne Smith-scribe, Danny Hux-president, Ingrid Brownlee-vice-president, Gracie Galbreath, Lynne Davis. Row two: Tommy Brennaman, Claudia Cruichlow, Elaine Winnick, Bobbie Weiss, Betty Snowden, Gayle Freedman. Row three: Bill Schneider, Cheryl Willis, John Grayson.
Dramatic Club
Row one: Andy Goodman, Allen Gauthier- Treasurer, Anne Smlth-Scribe, Danny Hux-Pres., Ingrid Brownlee-vice-Pres., Susan Johnston-Sec., Alfred Bromberg. Row two: Beverly Glazer, Bonnee Salins, Judy Lewis, Nancy Dyson, Bonnie Dratler, Bonnie Piland. Row three: Nina Hopewell, Janey Vaughan, Lynn Blachman, Jerriann Swain, Linda Compton. Row four. Sharon Hughes, Kitty Sue Blick, Linda Dashiell, Diana James.

Row one: Susan Eastes, Brenda Elliot, Alan Blachman, Bill Schneider, Gracie Galbreath, Betty Snowden,Dotty Futrell. Row two: Gayle Freedman, Blanch Glickman, Bobbie Weiss, Sarah Willis, Claudia Crutcheow, Shirley Wright. Row three: Lynne S. Davls, Diana Reed, Cheryl Willis, Nancy Duncan, Mary Anne Taylor. Row four: David Gregg, Tommy Brennarnan, Leycester Owens, Cathy Pollock, Elaine Winnick .
Dramatists  score . . .                              . . . with Comedy
by Oscar Wilde
JACK WORTHING                           Alfred Bromberg
ALGERNON                                     Leycester Owens
REVERAND CHASUBLE                    Bill Schneider
LADY BRACKNESS                          Susan Johnston
GWEN DOLINE                            Claudia Crutchlow
CECILY                                              Gayle Freedman
MISS PRISM                                          Cheryl Willis
MERRIMAN                                             Danny Hux
LANE                                                   Allen Gauthier
SERVANT                                                David Gregg
" My own, Ernest!"
Danny Hux, Cheryl Willis, Bill Schneider, Claudia Crutchlow, Alfred Bromberg, Susan Johnston, Leycester Owens, Gayle Freedman, Allen Gauthier, and David Gregg is final curtain can.
"Were I fortunate enough to be Miss Prism's pupil I'd hang from her lips."
"Oh dear me, I do hope I'm not perfect, Mr. Worthing, why it would leave no room for development, and I do intend to develop in many directions."
"You're as lovely as a rose, my own Ceclly."
"You should know it's perfectly ridiculous to be mourning over the death of someone who's staying in your house!!
"I've never met a really wicked person before."
Above: "You really love me, Gwendoline?" Below: "Really Dr. Chao suble, I think I will take that stroll through the park."
"Now' please shake hands, Uncle Jack."
"But we will not be the first to speak."
"lnnocent . . .
Contest ...
Bill Schneider, Claudia Crutchlow -"What book are you reading?"
Anne Smith, Marc Reshefsky-"Yes! You must be the young man Ellen is going out with tonight."
"Opening . . .
Cheryl Willis, Gayle Freedman-"Buzzie! It was so sweet of you to come for !" ......;
Beverly Jones, Pat Arnold, Lynn Blachman, Gayle Freedman, Danny Hux-"But vou remember! We're from the Perth Amboy Dramatic Society."
"Once In a . . .
Ronald Price, Charlotte Fink, Bobbie Weiss-
"Let's go out in that Blue Moonlight!"
Michael Blachman, Sarah Willis, Tommy Brennaman -"I remember now! You're from the Kitchen Capers show."
. . . Deception"
. . . Entry
. . . Night"
. . . Blue Moon"
Claudia Crutchlow, Marc Reshefsky, Anne Smith-"Take the book, Ellie!"
Gayle Freedman, Cathy Pollock, Carol Sue Casper-"For Iam Queen of the May!"
Robin Edge, Sarah Willis, Michelle Sellers, Tommy Brennaman, Bobbie Weiss-"Let's see! I'm green, green, green, 'cause you're so mean to me!"
Ronald Price, Sarah Willis, Charlotte Fink, Michelle Sellers, Bobbie Weiss, Tommy Brennaman-"Can you imagine trying to get Junior to eat blue spinach?'
Nan Davis, Danny Hux, Diane Andrews-"Alden, it's so nice to see you again!"
Claudia Crutchlow, Anne Smith-"Ellie! Turn of fthat high brow music so that your father can enjoy the hockey match."
Sno - Ball
Michael Goode, Rik Turner, Lee Enos, Janie Wall, Ronnie Evans, Ed Barry, Dottie Fiel sit this one out. Too bad Chivalry is so lost that Claudia Crutchlow had to stand.
This picture's worth a thousand "laughs"! Just ask Linda Holland, Sarah Willis, and Cookie Douglass who seem to be having a good time with their escorts larry Keenan, Henry Hudgins, and Dickie lasting.
1-2 cha-cha-cha, Annette Morris and Danny Hux show it's done. Joe Macl'ahil and Joyce lsbel ( from Churchland) are seen in the background.

A different kind of twist (arm, that is) as demon-strated by Don Riddick and Bonnie Hogan.
Above: Judy, Linda, Cookie, Lee, and Janie have a "hen party" between dances. Below: Norma Simpson looks at Bobby Deaton as if to say, "Ain't he cute!"
"Hail, hail the gang's all Here."
Pam Herbert-treasurer; Bonnie Hogan-publicity, Claudia Wallace-secretary, Dottie Futrell-President. Carol Garrison -vice-president.
Kathy Eastes and "Big John" portrayed by Carol Garrison (Carol is standing on the broad shoulders of Coach Bill Strawn).
Scene from "High and Mighty"-first number presented during assembly program.
Dianne Hambrlc, Bonnie Hogan, Carol Garrison, Fan Helsel, Judy Askew, Claudia Wallace, Dottie Fiel, Dottie Futrell, Kendall Westbrook, Pam Herbert.
Claudia Wallace and Dottie Furrell as "the  cow that jumped over the moon."
Row one: Kathy Eastes, Pam Herbert, Dianne Hambric, Kendall West-brook. Row two: Carol Garrison, Babs Ballantine, Judy Askew, Claudia Wallace. Row three: Dottie Futrell, Bonnie Hogan, Fan Helsel, Dottie Fiel.
Modern Dance