"Carol Lewis doesn't seem a bit nervous about the parade."
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1966 Memories
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1965-1968 Reunion Pics
Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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1965 Sports
1965 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1965 Class Roster
Class Roster
1965 Class Roster
Homecoming Queen
Homecoming  Court
Homecoming candidates for 1964
Paulette Taylor and Tommy Buck
Barry Short escourts Avenell Harrington through the goal posts
Delores Batkins and her campaign manager; 
Lawrence Bond
Richard McCarty indroduces his candidate, Sandra Tribble
Alumni take over
These floats were judged the best!
A "rootin tootin!" welcome from the Art Club won first place.
"Push ups every morning - TEN TIMES!"
"She loves you?  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!""   
"Did she have to say that!"
"Congratulations to you Walter Galliford, on your athletic accomplishments."
Cheerleaders await their cue in the wings.
Engineer Ken Morgan makes a final check just before the parade.
The Forum shows up with a wishing well to win second place honors.
Woodrow Wilson Tri-Hi-Y came up with the third place winner with an original Jack-in-the-box
Double W Tri-Hi-Y giraffe greets alumni.
Jean Breedlove makes flowers as Susan Stoikes attaches them to th President's float.
D.O. Club members and their entry.
Gloria Holland, Chris Doyel, and Paul Hurdle put finishing touches on Dramatic Club float.
Woodrow Wilson Hi-Y comes up with a "surfin" welcome for alumni.
"And there goes Harvey - Boom!"
The O.W.S. presents "Wilson's Biggest Eruption."
"Hey!  What's Bill Sykes doing in the middle of Allen Tri-Hi-Y's float?"
F.T.A. was quite an attraction with its "Love and Kisses"
D.E. Club lighthouse guides classes of 1938 ½  - 39
President's Tri_Hi-Y spouts a flowing welcome.
Prexie Tri-Hi-Y could strum a welcome for the grads with this entry.
F.T.A. members Marian McCoy and Frink put on finishing touches
Glee Club and Mixed Chorus members make flowers for their float.
Presnoir Tri-Hi-Y proposes a toast to the classes of       1938½ - 39.
Miss Maydanis, Russel Privett, and Mr. Parks work on D.E.'s lighthouse.
"A Royal Welcome" from the Willet Tri-Hi-Y
Mixed Chorusnand Glee Club combine talents on this float.
Allen Tri-Hi-Y members and friends hard at work
Kris Bie and Bonnie Ellis make final touches on the yearbook staff's entry.
Avenell  Harrington - Queen, Paulette Taylor - Maid-of-Honor, Sandra Tribble, Delores Batkins - Senior Attendants, Janet Blow, Linda Bishop - Junior Attendants
"The float's all set - except for the girls!"
Forum members did not know they had a winner at this stage of preparations
"Look! We're gonna ride on this float whether you like it or not!"
Woodrow Wilson HI-Y members are all wrapped up in their preparations.
Dr. R.W.Allen crowns Queen Avenell Harrington during half-time ceremonies.
The Dramatic Club comes up "Short - Larry, that is!"
"A Hearty Welcome" from Allen Tri-Hi-Y.
"You mean the parade was yesterday?"
Coach Les Kibler returns to serve as parade marshall.
He is joined by Mayor R. Ivine Smith and Ernie Wild.
Wilsonite Tri-Hi-Y presents "Tops for You" for alumni.
"Tea for 'Tu', alumni"
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