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1965 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1965 Class Roster
Class Roster
1965 Memories
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Row 1: Butch Bisese, Richard McCarty, Ronnie Wagner, Captain Dick Esleeck, Richard Nuckles, Roger Blackman. Row 2: Jim Holley-asst. coach, W.T.H. Galliford-asst.principal and athletic director, John Dillon, Kent Rhodes, Danny Wyatt, Arthur Nelson, Jim McPhail, Dr. R. W. Allen principal, Jim Sherrill-head coach. Row 3: David Mullins, Tommy Gray, Timmy Warren, Jerry Peaks, James Foster, Tommy Thompson-manager
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Season Record 1964-65
  Princess Anne 65
  Kellam 23
  Newport News 62
  Churchland 47
  Great Bridge 51
  Suffolk 47
  Cradock 48
  Deep Creek 45
  Maury 81

  Churchland 58
Oscar Smith 56
Virginia Beach 44
Great Bridge 63
  Suffolk 36
  Hampton 60
  Cradock 55
Deep Creek 35
Oscar Smith 35

Suffolk 29
Norview 52
Great Bridge 57
Maury 51

G.W. Alexandria 49
Manchester 63
G. W. Danville 68

Eastern District
State Tournament
Virginia State Champions . . .
Trophy returns to Portsmouth
after absence of 38 years!
Virginia State Champions
Coach Sherrill brings home the State Championship Trophy.
Esleeck outmaneuvers Hall (21) and Miller (3) of Danville in the finals.
Wagner and Talley (25) fight for the rebound
as Esleeck (40) and Nuckles (41) stand
ready to help, Other Danville players are
Hall (21) and Stilwell (51).
Wagner hits from the side as McCarty (31) gets set to follow up. Danville players are Hall (21) and Talley (25)
Wagner fires away over outstretched hand of Hampton defender Yearwood
(53). Other Crabbers are Sawyer (51) and McKnight (31). McCarty (31) looks on.
Blackman drives around Stilwell
of Danville in state finals.
Wagner had no trouble on this score. Esleeck and McCarty antici-pate the rebound.
McCarty score easily in state semi-finals. Manchester players are Green (20) and Bundy (25)
Esleeck scores against Great Bridge.
'I'ryirig to block the shot is Lowry (20). Other Wildcats are Durham (12) and Carpenter (30)
Wagner in an easy lay up against
Churchland as Glisson (21) tries
to block the shot. Number 41 is
Wagner scores against Newport News. Surrounding him are Cantor (55), Fisher (21) and Montague (53).
McCarty flips back to Nuckles. Hampton players are
Deskins (21) and Branch (25).
Wagner has control of this rebound against Churchland.
Number 35 is Bisese, and 43 is Harris.
Bundy came out second to McCarty in this scramble. Wilson players standing by are Bisese (35) and Wagner (42). Number ten is Ely.
The fight for the rebound is on during the Great Bridge game. Up in the air for the Presidents are Wagner, Nuckles and Bisese, and Durham (12) of the Wildcats. Others are Carpenter (30l, McCarty (31) and Allison (10).
"What happened to your head, Ronnie?" Hampton Crabber Yearwood (53) is probably wondering, too. In the background is Esleeck and unidentified
McCarty makes it look easy with this
lay up in the state finals. Danville
players are Talley (25), Hall (21) and
Hopkins (22). Number 41 is Nuckles
Nuckles is in the right spot for this rebound against Hampton. Other Presidents are Wagner, Blackman and McCarty. Number 33 is Greenberger.
This is another one that dropped for Wagner during the championship game. Cardinal defenders are Hopkins (22), Stilwell (15) and Talley (25). McCarty (31) and Blackman (30) are set for the possible rebound.
Looks like Esleeck is about to shoot his favorite underhand shot as Bundy (25) of Manchester goes up to block the attempt. The other Lancer is Ford (23). Backing up the play are Blackman (30) and Bisese (35)
McCarty again makes it look so easy as Talley stands
helplessly by.
It looks like McCarty is working over two Tigers at the same time, Birdzell and unidentified player.
Wilson 43 
Wilson 56 
Wilson 33 
Wilson 40 
Wilson 43 
Wilson 52 
Wilson 63 
Wilson 49 
Wilson 40 
Wilson 52 
Wilson 76 
Wilson 57
Wilson 55 
Wilson 54 
Wilson 42 
Wilson 63 
Wilson 60 
Wilson 71. 

Princess Anne 53
Kellam 36
Newport News 42
  Churchland 39
Great Bridge 41
  Suffolk 39
  Cradock 43
  Deep Creek 28
Maury 50
  Churchland 49
Virginia Beach 35
  Oscar Smith 29
  Great Bridge 50
  Suffolk 39
Hampton 47
  Cradock 49
  Deep Creek 46
  Oscar Smith 31
Season Record 1964-65
14 Wins - 4 Losses
Mullins hits for two against
Row 1: David Mullins, Danny Maxson, John Lewis, Billy Staples, Wayne Boone, Danny Perryman, Chester Felton, Dennis Chamber-manager. Row 2: Ronnie Sorrell, John F'arr, George Ginsberg, Lewis Ripley, Jim McPhail, Carlisle Thompson, Bill Van Dyke, Coach Jim Holley, David Johnson-manager
Ripley controls the rebound on this play in the Newport News game. Ginsberg stands by ready to help.
Mullins lays up for two more against
McPhail and Perryman "up for grabs" during Norview action.
Junior  Varsity