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The pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Memory pictures may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not offically indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated. This section of the website is dedicated to the memories of all alumni and are found in personal items that alumni have saved and were kind enough to allow it to be shared with others.  Thank You. If you are not represented in your class, or have other pictures for the memories section you may submit a photo to be added.  John “Eddie” Lee ’68.

Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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Rozzy Rivin
Debbie Huddleston
Becky Sandie      Barb Wilson
Wanda Berry      Sharon Wagner
Laurey Smith        Kathy Mason
Sharon LeDoyen      Peggy Heely
Junior Varsity
Debbie Chase; co-captain, Debbie Hughson; co-captain, Paula Crawford, Gail Jones, Jo Anne Hill, Karen Davis, Jan Durham, Diane Brantley, Gail Ballentine, Susan Fender, Mary Harrell
Lisa Waycaster
Ginger Wyatt
Janet Berry
Susan Brannon
Helene Clements
Janice Dockery
Cindy Evans
Brenda Lauterbach
Lilian Thayer
Donna Wilkinson
The Band . . . 
Woodrow Wilson High School Band
Donald H. Ruzek, Conductor
Lisa Holszweig
Sandra Jester
Vickie Garrison
Regina Walker
Teri Piland
Barbara Hudson

Cecil Whitfield
Norma Pond

Vincent Pitt
Steve Bradshaw
Broaderick Morse

Lorenzo Hainsworth

John Kauffman
Bill Brooks
Larry Eakin 
Eddie Spence 

Richard Phelps
Wade Hazel
James Humphery
Joe Colden
Ezell Autry
Johnny Walton
James Dalla-Willa
Robert Sumner
David Turner
Eric Turner
Mike Peters

Jessie Worrell
Alan Pinkerman

Connie Logan
Lorenzo Hainsworth
Puredi Hillary
Keith Bailey
Lewis Jones
Linda Garrett
Jeff Mobley
Vleria Thompson
Betty Sykes
Sandra Gallop
Judy Chrisma
Deborah Jones
David Askew
Wendel Spence
Deborah Baldwin
Pam Wright
Edward Flanders
Dorothy Douglas
Mary Writsel
Robert Brooks

Mike Reid
Jo Lynn Callis
Richard Sirico
Mary Green

Robert Overman
David Sumner
Marvin Bacote
Jay Brooks
Bill Rabba
Don Taylor
Dwain Hewitt

Cornell Wells

Dwight Leonard
Dee Mollenaver

Debbie Yarborough
Robert Smith
Brenna Cooke
Scott Collins
Eugene Hardy
Mike Price
Clifford Clark
Steve Copeland
David Garrett
Mike Williams

Ray Summerell
Clyde Finley
Roderick Coles
James Mathews 

Jay Rule

Johnny Miller
Steve Langley
Brooks Hall
Mike Wilkins
Steve Simpson
Bill Gady
Cheryl Jennings
Steve Utley
Larry Goode
Gail Mozelle
Wilson Richardson
Ellis Hilton
Bradley Spire
Andrew Fly

Mike Fagan

Ellis Hilton

Chris Pague
Kenny Sykes
Mark Sadler
Wendelin Cary
David Canon
Carmen Silmon
Thomas Williams
Deborah McDaniel
Kenneth Gary
David Canon
Carmen Silmon
Thomas Williams
Deborah McDaniel
Kenneth Gary

Stewart Duffen
Tom Lee
Mixed Chorus
Row 1: Mrs. Buckley - director, Gay Mabe - music librarian, Thelma - music librarian, Mary Welton - publicity chairman, Carl Vaughan - float chairman, Melinda Daniels - chaplain & accompanist, Judy Barnes - secretary-treasurer, Robert Marcus - president, Donnie Wilhoite - vice president, Debbie Young - student director, Connie Russell - sectional leader, Fred Casey - sectional leader, Donita Bunch - sectional leader, Cindy Lewis - historian, Donna Virnelson - robe librarian, Judy Long - robe librarianRow 2: Denise Burgess, Mildred Tramell, Debbie Spruill, Kathy Bennett, Kathie Keast, Marsha Johnson, Tim Harrell, Danny Rollins, Monty Gilbert, Chris Bazemore, Russell Paterson, Barry Smith, Leslie Nugent, Cheryl McPherson, Debbie Ames, Debbie Huddleston. Row 3: Verlene Robinson, Chris Waibel, Linda Fay, Diane White, Ronnie Lewis, Walter Smead, Howard Chapell, Janet Baker, Trisha Arculin, Robin Rader, Karen Smith, Willease Burnell, Debbie Sawyer, Kathy Mason. Row 4: Janice Roberson, Sharon Le Doyen, Cheryl Berry, Timmy Pague, Eddie Lilley, Joe Collins, Tommy Spevey, Walter Brickhouse, Richard Green, Bernie Gray, Pat Padgett, Bonnie Bittner, Jo Ann McHorney, Susan Branon, Jeannette Spence. Row 5: Jean Schmidtke, Sheila Satterfield, Barbara Robey, Phil Inscoe, Chuck Boyd, Rob Pond, Roy Polson, Steve Vass, Larry Pittman, Cathy Carter, Sandra Ellis, Cathy Jeannette, Diane Brantley, Rozzie Rivin.
Girls And Boys Glee Club
Row 1 - Winnie Hoggard, Dana Creasy, Lynn Vaughan, Teresa Whitehurst, Diane Hullibarger, Evelyn Black, Mamie Davis, Juanita Brown, Jenni Mason, Dotty Griggs, Kathy Phillips, Deborah Teachy. Row 2 - Jan Stearns, Sue Sawyer, Kathy Mercer, Linda Jones, Susan Spivey, Mitchelle Battle, Shalo Boone, Corlinius Norvell, Colonius Rawlings, Joseph Brown, Krista Robertson, Darryl Riddick, Becky Edwards, Jo Ann Warner. Row 3 - Debbie Hopkins, Alethia Wilson, Theresa McKee, Winston Joe, Mud Creekmur, Thad Jennings, Haystack Burns, Doug Thompson, Thomas Russell, Debbie Sawyer, Sheryl Burke, Lori Gardner, Carolyn Shiflett. Row 4 - Barbara Herring, Denise Boone, Darrell Thompson, Eddie Grace, Herbert Briggs, Michael Goodrich, Donald Tippett, Ronnie Edward Brinkley, Andrea Banks, Bonnie Gibbs, Rose Cooper, Katrina Dixon.
Girls Ensemble
Front Row - Mrs. Faye Buckley - Director, Shona Daniels - Treasurer, Sharon Johnson, Patricia Cox, Kathy Snowden - Section Leader, Edna Johnson - Music Librarian, Cindy Hudgins - Student Director, Sharon Zirkle. Second. Row Diane Loomis, Gwendolyn Barnett, LaVerne Turner, Laura Price, Laurel Cooke - Role Librarian, Sandra Curnutte - Accompianist Third Row - Kathy Miller, Sandy Garner - Music Librarian, Connie Smith - Role Librarian, Marsha Sparks, Any Jeanette - President, Carol Brinkley Fourth Row - Bridgett McKillap, Dianna Branch, Jennifer Spright, Karen Brown, Bonnie Early.
The Presidents And First Ladies
Row 1 - Rob Pond, Carl Vaughan, Robert Marcus, Chris Pague, Roy Polson, Melinda Daniels - accompanist. Row 2 - Cindy Lewis, Marsha Johnson, Gay Mabe, Connie Russell, Debbie Young. Row 3 - Donnie Wilhoite, Bernie Gray, Eddie Lilley, Fred Casey, Ronnie Lewis..Row 4 - Mrs. Buckley - advisor, Donita Bunch, Trisha Arculin, Janet Baker, Mary Welton, Sandy Ellis.
Music Appreciation
Orchestra At Work
Drill Team
Row 1 - Sandy Brandon, Cindy Hines, Cathy Hicks, Marnishia Moore, Lillie Smith, Sandy Curnutte. Row 2 - Miss J. Cooper - advisor, Pamela Sallee, Janette Etheridge, Theresa Didia,. LaVerne Turner, Carol Wood, Candie Pace, Altheria Pierce. Row 3 - Juanita Harris, Lisa Arnold, Verlene Robinson, LaVerne Carey, Carolyn Salmon, Theresa Hubbard. Row 4 - Franchone Boston, Robin Williams, Cynthia Gaines, Jacquelyn Creekmur, Angela Williams, Clara Sessoms. Row 5 - Terry Manley, Maray Harris, Gretel Myrick, Susan Spivey, Nancy Duke, Eartha Garritt. 'Row 6 - June Smith, Linda Pierce, Bridget McKillop, Linda Johnson, Denise Boone, Michelle Brown.
1970 Class Roster
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Faculty & Staff
1970 Class Roster
Class Roster
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