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1981 Class Roster
Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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1981 Memories
1981 Class Roster
Class Roster
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Above: Mr. Burton takes time out to flash a smile.

   This year Woodrow Wilson had the best possible opening of school.  The faculty began the 1980-81 team anxious to complete recommendations made during last year's successful Ten Year Evaluation.
    All of W.W.H.S. was delighted by the success of the varsity and J.V. football teams, the basketball teams, and the best wrestling team in over ten years.  Gymnastics was added to our sports offerings and showed off with one of the better teams in the district.  The Cheerleaders and the band made outstanding contributions to our games, pep rallies, and parades.
   In October, all earh science classes visitedthe city plant-arium, and in February we celebrated International Studies Week through the Social Studies Department.  These major activities and similar programs make the academic instruction exciting nad meaningful to students.
    Dances were held regularly, highlighted by the best Prom and Senior breakfast ever.  Our Boosters' Club furnished concession support and financial support, keeping our sports program alive.  The P.T.S.A. sponsered a successful year of parent involvement.
   Our school newspaper and this years yearbook are outstanding examples of the academic ability of Wilson students.  Students in the Student Government Association reflect all the fine qualities of our young people.  They conducted our assemblies and community service projects such as the Red Cross Blood Drive, The United Fund Drive, our Scholarship Fund, and the Christmas Party for underprivileged children.
  We are all proud of  great staff and many fine things accomplished by the Presidents.

Above: Mr. Hinton takes time to chat about the faculty.

Below: Mr. Laguta talks to a student about discipline.
Right: Mr. Gatling waits for a break in his day.
FAR LEFT: Mrs. McCornell works hard on balancing the budget.
LOWER LEFT; Mrs. Reiter works on the Absentee List during the day and checks on students.
ABOVE: Mrs. Blandford is caught by suprise and gives us a little smile.
   Often called upon, yet seldom thanked were these wonderful ladies who worked diligently to keep our school running smoothly.  We owe it all to the guidance Department and the Secretaries of Woodrow Wilson.  They work hard in the keeping everything under control in the office and in the Guidance Department.
Mrs. McNew strives to carry on her work.
Mrs. Babbit takes time to flash a smile
Linda Baker

Geraldine Elliot

Marilyn Gooden
Claudia Harper

Myrtle Henderson

Myrtle Jones
Sandy Palmer

Betty Reiter
   Woodrow Wilson's English Department strives to teach the essential background for communication between fellow citizens.  This is accomplished through teaching literature, composition, and grammar in such a manner that it provides for the great deversity of ability.  After the state evaluation the English Department made a commitment to bring a higher value of education to the student body for the year 1980-81.  They put more empasis on their basic skills and their discipline in the classroom.
Early Mabry

Frances Paige
Avia Shumaker

Renee Spencer
Ella Ward
1981 Sports