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   Distributive Education is a program that teaches students skills that are necessary for securing and holding a job in the areas of marketing, merchandising, and management.  There are three labels DE I, DE II, and DE III. Students have the opportunity to receive practical work experience under the supervised conditions in DE II and DE III classes along with classroom instruction, plus earn a salary of two credits.  Interest in any of the following areas would mean that DE has something to offer you:
Advertising, Communications, Display, Human Relations, Merchandising, Mangement, Product Service and Technology, Store Operations, and Selling.
Have you got the spirit?  That is one of the cheers that this group does.  And these girls do have the spirit.  They are the W.W.H.S.V. Cheerleaders.  Their bright uniforms and cheerful smiles brighten all our football and basketball games.  They always are cheering the team on even though we might be losing.  This year our Varsity cheerleaders cheered us to the top.  What would Wilson be like with our the Spirit they bring us.
   Wilson's choral music department includes four classes; English Grade chorus, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, and The Presidents and First Ladies.  Students enrolled in these classes presented a number of concerts and assembly programs for the school and community during the year in addition to participating in All-city and Regional Choruses.  Coral students also attended concerts and recitals, and participated in fundraising activities and social events during the year.  The highlight of the year for the chorus was All-Virginia Chorus.  Wilson hosted the larger group of the students in May.  240 outstanding choral students from all over Virginia were selected to participate in the event and were accompanied by more than 100 members. 
Above: Row 1;Princess Everette, Laura Colburn, Valerie Briggs, Angela Roberts, Patricia Hendricks, Shelia Harris, Camille Briggs, Jeamette Harper, Sharon Scarbrough, Tammy Edwards. Row 2; Pam Joyner, Doris Pope, Alrenia Thorne, Ramona Coltrane, Carla Sessoms, Arlene Hopkins, Dawn McEwen, Lori Jones, Florence Mason, Irene Coleman, Wendy Robinson,. Row 3; Gerald Brown, Ricky Pointer, Edward Grant,Calvin White, Johnnie Eally, William Nicholson, Darryl Griffin, Greg Hamlin.
 Above; Row 1; Dara Daughtry, Cynthia Bratchers, Darlene Pearson, Beatrice Hall, Crystal Jones, Kim Landy, Dana Mayn, Michelle Bennette, Barbara Hailes, Christine Johnson, Martha Farrow.  Row 2; Earnestine Brantley, Shirleen Drew, Shelia Riddick, Veronica Clark, Brenda Thomas, Muriel Young, Lisa Watson, Phyllis Boone, Mary Farrow, Melvin Bailey. Row 3; Clint Gainey, Fred Ferguson, Fred Bellany, Reggie Sykes, George Odom, Dwight Newsome, Richard Hickman, Jeff Grimes, Louie Sanders, Mary White, Hetth Holly.
1980-81 D.E. Club
Sponsor Mrs. Simmons stops talking and gives us a smile
Thelma Gaillard likes working at McDonbald's.
Denise Gibson can't wait till time to go home.
Dianne Keyes gives service with a smile.
L to R; Top Row: Cheryl Jefferson, Tammy Mateo, Paula Pittman, Crystal Spindel, Brenda Warren, Miss Mackey, Sharon Montique, Annis Roberts, Billy Kay Whitaker, Shelia Prince. 2nd Row: Tammy White, Rammuada Scott, Beth Sinmpson, Kim Langreder.  Seated: Teri Robertson (co-captian), Patte Yates (captian), and Brenda Anderson (co-captian).
Fellow Prexies jion in the cheers.
Sponsor of the Varsity Cheerleaders Miss Macky
Annie Roberts stands in amazement as the fighting Prexies do their thing.
Varsity Cheerleaders get the spirit going during the pep rally.
Varsity Cheerleaders practice in '50s style.
1980 - 81 members of the Future Business Leaders of America
  This year's FBLA has 85 members.  The cocurrical club concentrated on activities that in-creased business knowledge and skills as well as leadership and promotional, school and commu- nity, service, financial and social activities.
Doughnuts being unloaded.
FBLA OFFICERS - Renee Inman, Historian/Reporter; Sonya Wilkins, Secretary; Kay Johnson, President; Mrs. Speight, Sponsor.
Members are feally interested in the meeting.
Left; Irene Coleman - Secretary, Flo Mason - President

Middle Row 1; Michelle Sherrod, Doris Pope, Flo Mason, Irene Johnson, Tim Ames, Gerald Brown, Wendy Robinson. Row 2; Patricia Henedricks, Michelle Johnson, Glenda Evans, Alfreda Walker, Calvin White, Curtis Corbett Pat Owen.

Bottom; Row 1; Lydia Savage, Rosalyn Cross, Juilette Outland, Mary Collins, Vannessa Little, Robin Council. Row 2; Gail Elliot, Kimberly Richardson, Christina Taylor, Michelle Howell, Donna Jacobs, Revvccca Purvis, Kristina Westmoreland, Kathey Ore. Row 3; Victor Thomas, Melvin Ellis, Clinton Smith, Thyaris Edwards, Kevin Jackson Carlos Sawyer.

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