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           ICT WORKS
Frankie Yhorton, Curtis Watts, Charles Twitty, Reginald Banks, Kenneth Wright, Karen Goodman, Cathy Williams, Jessie Vallejos, Brain Outland, Danny O'Neal, Marie Quinerly, Darlene Sykes, Brenda Owens, Anne Parker, Della Trotter, Karen Vann, Mozella Trotter, Lydia Liehovitz, Janet Jefferson, Angla Simmons.
Row 1; Carmelia Myrick, Tracy Branch, Regina Anthont, (Historian), Jane Goodwyn, (Secretary), Karen Collins (President), Arien Clark (Vice-president), Candance Waterfield (treasurer), Tabatha Smith (Representative), Kathy Pointer, Evelyn Woods. Row 2; Kim Chavis, Annette McDonald, Valerie Vann,  Carolyn Collins, Linda Warren, Kim Baily, Todd Smith, Valerie Collins, Tammy Holloman, Deloris Collins, Darlene Hines, Cynthia SUnkins, Candace Jones, Michelle Ryland.
Signing Ballons is fun.
Students in the process of making ballons for the board.
Mrs. Robebach cuts the cake made by JoAnn Beale.
Students display cake to welcome home the hostages.
Tanatha Smith, Candace Waterfield, Jane Goodwyn and Regina Anthony, FHA Officers, Listen to instructions
  The Future Homemakers of America is a club sponsured by the Home Ec Department.  Every member has a lot of fun.  Everybody learns something new every day.
  The Student Council Association is a service organization.  It sponsors numerous projects. Some of them are Student Scholarship Fund, Salvation Army Food Assistance Program, Blood Drive, Student Day, and Oreintation of Eighth Graders and New Students.  The SCA also does other things to represent Wilson.
Vincent McCoy discusses important business with the SCA members.
(L to R); David Roulac, Billy Frye, Amos Davis, Ben Sommins, Marsha Higger, Pattie Yates (Vice-President), Vincent McCoy (Prsident). Not Shown are; Crystal Spindel (Treasurer), Brett Halsey (Speaker of the House), Jeff Greiner, Owen Cooke, and Mrs. Powell - advisor.
Front - Alice Debrough. Back - Karen Faulks, Catherine Ferrell, Doreas Harris, Betsy Cobb, Diana Grant.
What is one of the most important parts of a band?  What is the flashest part of any high school band?  The answer is the high-stepping majorettes.  Wilson is a luckey school to have 10 great majorettes to accompany the band in parades, football games, and etc.
Crystal Spindel, Marsha Higger, Mrs. Hall, Jeff Griener, Christy Porter, and Camille Buggs.
Drama Club rehearses a scene during class.
Jeff Griener is surrounded by his harem of actresses.
First Row: Tabatha Smith (Captian) Second Row: Kim Landy, Tammy Strickland, Sommer Phelps
Third Row: Shirley Anthony, Cathy Davidson, Beckey Ferguson, Eve Goldblatt, Tracy Parnell, Margaret Wortham (Captian), Tracy Allen, Candy Burgess, Kelly Bishop.
Practice is hard work.
  At one time, the Wilson J.V. Cheerleaders were thought of as nothing more than a group of girls that filled in when Varsity girls were busy at other games.   Not true anymore!!!  Today the J.V. Cheerleaders at Wilson serve as an important link between fans and athletes.  These girls are present at all J. V. games and many of the Varsity games.
  This year, the squad was increased from 8 girls to 13 girls.  The result is a clsoe-kniot group of talented spirited girls who show that the Wilson tradition of good sportsmanship is still alive today.
Standing: Jeff Ivey, Frank Davis, Walter Cherry, Daniel Cherry, Jeff Darden, Mark Gitt. Seating: Devbie Boykins, Ann King, Keith Neal, Mr. Clements
Frank Davis at work for Portsmouth Hardware.
Standing: Frank Davis, Mark Matthews, Danny O'Neal, Mr. Clement.  Squating: Mozetta Trotter, Ann King, Debbie Thorn, Laura Schmit, Darlene Sykes, Debbie Boykins.
Debbie Thorn enjoys working as a dental assistant for Dr. Wiggins.