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The pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Memory pictures may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not offically indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated. This section of the website is dedicated to the memories of all alumni and are found in personal items that alumni have saved and were kind enough to allow it to be shared with others.  Thank You. If you are not represented in your class, or have other pictures for the memories section you may submit a photo to be added.  John “Eddie” Lee ’68.

Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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Front: Steve Ferguson, Avis Jordan, Kevin Lewis, Eric Nesbit, Johnnie Ealey, Bruce Sykes, Anthony Riddick, Steve O'Neal, Wilbert Elliott, Bobby Washington, Middle: Bobby Brown, William Nicholson, Bobby Montague, Harry Cole, Keith Richardson, Doug Elliott, Reginald Cuffee, Barry Kirton, Rylent Jenkins and Kevin Deas. 
Back Row:  Pernell Whitfield, James Wilder, Joseph Landy, Kenneth Hazel, Tony Johnson, Mike Brown, Ike Carroll, Shawn Nelson, Darryl Baker Managers: Chris Rolack, Keith Harrison. 
Coaches: Price, Moore and Sherrill
1982-83 Varsity Football
Ready to go.
Warming up.
The start of a new game.
Coach Sherrill directs traffic during "rush" hour.
Kevin loves a crowd.
Kevin loves a crowd.
Fake out who?
Johnnie Ealey pulls out.
    "I felt we had a good team with a lot of talent.  The only thing that held us back was injuries.  I think if the talent had been spread out more rather than two or three people doing everything we could've gone further.  But, in general, I wouldn't have traded this season for anything." - RYLENT JENKINS
Johnnie Ealey contemplates the Homecoming Game.
1982-83 Junior Varsity Football
First Row: Emmanuel Ferguson, Robert Funnell, Anthony Richardson, Mark Holley, Darrell Webb, Frankie Richardson, Clifton Gainey, Kelvin Jennings, Michael Sessoms, Richard Hammiel
Second Row: Troy Rary, Willie Hart, Roger Shaw, Ronald Snipes, Roland Williams, David Mitchell, William Debrough, Mike Mabry, David Mitchell
Third Row: Coach Thompson, James Green, Ricky Mitchell, Linwood Washington, Ricky Deberry, Coach McGinley.
Players pile up on the field during the Western Branch game.  Despite a good showing by he Prexies, late in the game they lost 3-0.
The cost of the game; Coach Thompson and Coach McGinley take an injured player from the field.
Clinton Gainey scrambles around defenders to find an open receiver.
     Wilson        Opponent 
         0                    3                Wester Branch
         0                   16               Cradock
         8                   21               Great Bridge
         6                    9                Churchland
        14                   6                Manor
        38                   0                Norcom
         0                    6                Deep Creek

    Coach McGinley's feeling about the J.V. Football season were mixed.  "The win-lose record was poor, but the fact that future players were taught sound basic football will mean that these young men are moving in the right direction.
    They must have been doing just that, this year's team had seven standouts. Frank Richardson, Willie Vann, and Clinton Gainey were the team captains.  Mike Mabry was offensive tackle, Kevin Jennings was safety.  Chris Gainey was linebacker, and Mike Fennell was full back.
   I feel that our job as a coaching staff was, first to teach basics, and second, to win games, I feel that our goals have been accomplished."
     Wilson        Opponent 
         9                    0                Wester Branch
         6                   22               Cradock
        14                                     Great Bridge
        14                   6                Churchland
        22                  17               Manor
         9                   17               Norcom
        22                   0                Deep Creek
        19                   0                Indian River
        12                   6                Oscar Smith

  A tie for second place ended the Presidents' football season.  It started with an apparent 9-0 victory over Western Branch.  Spirit dropped however, with the announcement that the victory had to be forfeited.  The largest game of the season was against arch-rival Norcom.  "The Southeastern District Superbowl," as the Newspapers called it.  Despite early scoring the prexies lost momentum and were beaten by Norcom 17 to 9.  "Injuries hurt the season the most. We had too many second string players on the field." said Serman Robinson who out the entire season on injury reserve.
1982-83 Men's Varsity Basketball
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1982-83 Women's Varsity Basketball
1982-83 Men's & Women's Junior Varsity Basketball
Back Row: Karen Richardson, Michelle Rylend, Samantha Riddick, Angie Himes, Pamela Cherry, Earlene Fortson, Coach  Front: Tracy Robinson, Lolita Reeves, Alicia Parker, Tamika Evans, Connie Allen, Ametrius Marsh.
Back Row: Anthony Riddick, Chris Rolack, Montague, William Hubbard, Steven Brow, Ricky Deberry, Mike Copeland.  Front:  James Green, Frank Richardson, Clinton Gainey, Keith Harris, Chris Cofield, Keith Coley, Kevin Jennings.
Right: A strong defense also makes a good team
Below: But so does a good offense
    With five Senior starters in the lead the boy's basketball team was on its way.  By midseason the team was 8-1 in the district (9-3 overall).  By midseason they had averaged 73 points per game (holding opponents to 63 points).
Above: A fight for a basket.
Right: On his way to 10 points.
The beginning of the Churchland vs. Wilson game.
Coach Harvey explains the plans to Michael Brown before the game.
Bruce Sykes goes for another two points.
Robert Elner makes a desperate advance to the basket.
Bruce Sykes takes Churchland by surprise.
Robert Elner lines up on target.
Robin Blount and others listen to a new strategy.
Iris Collins and Robin Blount get ready.
Angela Wingate watches the ball hopefully.
   "We had problems keeping people on the team.  A factor that set us back somewhat," were the words used to describe the Girl's Basketball Season that ended with record of 5-13 in the district and 7-14 overall.
   Under new management this year the girl's team went through a lot.  "I feel the spirit of the team needs to be lifted up.  After losing several players it was difficult to keep up moral," said the new coach Frye.
   Nevertheless there was one standout, Angela Wingate who was the teams high scorer and MVP for the Churchland Christmas Tournament.

Thomaseen makes a free throw against Churchland.
Senta Harris moves the ball down the court.
Laverne Perry advances.
Laverne Perry watches for a possible score.
Iris Collins looks for an opening.
Angela Wingate shoots
Regina Elner blocks a Trucker.
Regina Elner blocks a Trucker.
   The boy's JV Basketball team showedf their talent on the court.  Several returning players made for a strong team.

1983 Class Roster
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