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1924 Memories
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by  John "Eddie" Lee class of '68
The pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Memory pictures may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not offically indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated. This section of the website is dedicated to the memories of all alumni and are found in personal items that alumni have saved and were kind enough to allow it to be shared with others.  Thank You. If you are not represented in your class, or have other pictures for the memories section you may submit a photo to be added.  John “Eddie” Lee ’68.

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THE STUDENT, our high school publication, flourished until this year as a monthly magazine.  Upon the Staff of 1923 fell the responsibility of converting it into a wide-wake weekly newspaper.  They have published thirty-six issues that have been a credit to our school.  The newspaper is connducted as a project of the English Department, under the supervision of a committee of English teachers.  This committee consists of Miss Hilda Devilbliss, Miss Shannon Morton, and Miss Mary Beaton Gibbs.  The following constitute the first newspaper staff of Woodrow Wilson High School:
W. E. Flournoy, Jr.
Wanda Webb
Alex Mayo
Otis Hawks and Cellon Bridges
Hurbert McCoy
Alma Maynard
Ernestine Welton and Besson Crockin
Evelyn Savage
Milfred Hudgins
Lemuel Markham
Katherine Springer
Lee Lewis
Mary S. Tabb
Robert Buckner
Virginia Milford
Editor - in - Chief
Associate Editor
Business Manager
Assistant Business Managers
Circulation Manager
Editor School Notes
Assistant Editor School Notes
Editor Organizations
Girls' Athletic Editor
Boys' Athletic Editor
Alumni Editor
Exchange Editor
Editor Wayside Wares
Art Editor 
Editor Poet's Corner
    We realize that our paper is far from perfect.  Improve it, '24!  There's room.  To the body of 1924 we leave the heriotage of building a grander and better "Student";  one unsurpassed by any high school paper,
Alma Maynard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    President
​     Mary S. Tabb                                                                                                                                                             Vice-President
           Wanda Webb                                                                                                                                          Secretary-Treasurer 
                  Margaret Leavitt                                                                                                                                      Reporter
                          Evelyn Savage                                                                                               Chr. of Program Committee
                                 Miss Johnston                                                                                                 Faculty Adviser
Colors: Maroon and Gold.                                               Motto: Esse quam videri.                                               Flower: White Carnation.


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Woodrow Wilson
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Portsmouth, Virginia
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Edited by MARGARET LEAVITT AMD ALMA MAYNARD                                                                                 DEDICATED TO THE CLASS OF 1923

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1923
—President John Taylor today issued a call for a million troops, to be placed under the command of Gen. Allen Perry, to quell the uprising on Mars against the United States Government. He also ordered all our missionaries to return to this country immediately.
   Trouble has been brewing on Mars since the decision of the Supreme Court that prohibition is to be enforced on all air-liners. Elvington Mathews, Duke of Sagoth, and Garland Scott, Prince of Mahar, are combining their forces against our Government. Rear Admiral Maurice Merson will leave immediately on the air-ship J. Leon Codd, of which Arthur Joy is chief cook and Jsador Synder is bottle wasber. A number of Red Cross nurses are sailing on the J. Leon Codd, among
whom are India Diggs, Lillie Barney,
Ida Beck, Gertrude Bain, Margaret
Fleming and Annie Vick. 

   The Woodrow Wilson High School Library bas been the grateful recipient of $25,000 from Julian Blackman and Abe Laitman, who have amassed great wealth as the result of the discovery of a new kind of chewing gum, namely, the “Black-Lait Gum.”

   Bob Bucknor’s Circus, which has traveled over all the world and is hailed as the greatest hit of the century, will soon be in our city. The outstanding figures of the circus are:Ruby Johnson and Lucille Allen (Thin Sisters), tight-rope walking. 
  Willie Booth, contortionist. Genevieve Brett, snake charmer. Frank McCoy, lion tamer. Joe Everett, peanut peddler. Warren Channel, sword swallower. Audley Watkins, clown.

    After having danced 500 hours, Ruth
Snellings has won the world’s championship by a margin of two minutes and fifteen seconds. Mr. Billy Flour- noy, Superintendent of Street Cleaners, Miss Snellings’ partner, collapsed after dancing 445 hours. The contest was held in Sam Kassakoff’s Jazz Hangout.
   The new civic improvements intro- duced by our famous council women,
Marjorie Garner, Rose Galumbeck and Pauline Goldstein are demanding our full attention. The proposition, to make water run uphill, is equaled only by the proposition to plant trees to grow downward.

WASHINGTON, .June 13.—The well known Senator Genevieve Dexter in- troduced a bill into Congress Tuesday which has the promise of the hearty support of all the important members of that body. The bill makes it a criminal offense to bore students to death in classes. This bill is sure to pass, but it will not be retroactive, however.

   Virginia Martin and Mary Griffin were sent off the street last night because the neighbors said they played penny-ante till the “wee small hours’’ and disturbed their sleep. Here’s hoping that they will find more agreeable neighbors.

   WASHINGTON, .June 13.—Miss Julia Howard delivered a fourteen-hour speech in the Senate today on “Women Are More Important to the Nation Than Men.” She was thrown out for filibustering.

The Portsmouth people have become
greatly alarmed by the strides which the Reds are making in this city. Among the leading Socialists are Willie Hux, Thomas Banks, Aubrey M'crden and Rachael Gay.

   Bettv Jernigan, who is running for the Citv Council, has just announced her platform. Her campaign managers are Harriet Brown and Ruth Snell, whose untiring efforts in her behalf will doubtless result in success for Miss Jernigan in the coming election.

    Margaret Hood and Ruth Lewis with
to announce the opening of the Daffodil Tea Room at Phoenix.
   The “Herald,” published for the first time by the Class of ’23 of Woodrow Wilson High School, is a decided success, and has been highly co-inplimented by the leading news-papers of the country, among them “The Portsmouth Star.”
    It is planned to edit this paper every ten years in order that the scattered members of the Class of ’23 may keep informed as to the achievements of their distinguished classmates.

   Wilmoth Taylor, the famous pick-pocket, has again broken jail. Al- though Jailer Leo Meads has been very diligent in guarding the prisoner, it seems that Miss Taylor is gifted in the art of escaping her guards. B'g reward will be paid to the one who captures the runaway.

    Dick Thomas, a modern caveman, last night kidnaped the lady of his heart’s desire, Miss Virginia Jackson. It is a well-known fact that Miss Jack- son is a flirt, and has broken the hearts of many young and ardent lovers. Mr. Thomas, in order to secure her for h's own, forcibly carried her off to the “Little Church Around the Corner,” where they were married, and when Miss Jackson at- tempted to scream Mr. Thomas knocked her unconscious. The bride and groom are now reconciled and, because of the bride’s pleading, no action will be taken against Mr. Thomas.

   Lee Lewis, after five years of good  behavior, has been made head “trusty.”
Dorothy Mackan wishes to an-nounce that she will he at home to her friends and relatives on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in Cell No. 13. Josie Ozment is now entering upon the third year of her second life-term.

    At the morning session of the Court
of Hustings Mr. Bruce Stewart, elo- quent young lawyer, will plead the cause of Miss Marv Saunders Tabb, charged with eating peas with a knife.
  Dr. Wanda Webb, medical mission-ary, has just returned from Mars. Miss Viola Rogers, who has just graduated from the Agricultural Department of V. P. I., will take her place among the beautiful and distinguished farmerettes.
  Miss Virginia Lawrence is now the matron of the Reform School for Boys. Gertrude Alberti, Sherwood .Jones, Alice Kaufman, and Evelyn Hartt have been left large fortunes with which they intend to establish a sanitarium for dogs with hvdrophobia.
 Miss Norma Carney is at a sani- tarium for thin people. Miss Delia Moore has found a hat that suited her the first time she tried it on. This is indeed an occasion for great rejoicing, as all flappers will be delighted to know that this difficult feat can be accomplished.
   Evelyn Savage is suing for divorce on the grounds that her husband hen- pecked her. Miss Miriam Robinson, head doctor of King’s Daughters’ Hospital, is making great success as a heart specialist.
  Katherine Rawles is having her por- trait painted by the well-known artist. Mary Ann Lindsav, who has been studying in Europe under Pete Marshall. Shirley Levitin, of the New York Stvle Shop, is in Portsmouth, buying her summer furs from the well-known firm of Humphlett & Fenebee. 

—Miss Mildred Adams, Queen of Hawaiian beauties. Wonder fill dancing, starring Rosalie Weiss, with beauty chorus. 

—.Joe Spivey is playing the villain opposite Mildred Walters in “The Sneak.” 

—Tom Stewart in “Tom Sawyer and Huckelberry Finn.”A painting ex-hibition was given by Helen Grey .Jones, Mildred Gaskins, Hazel Bailey and Katherine Dashiells for the benefit of the Orphan Asylum, of which Doris Cross is the matron. A collection was taken up. The 13 cents received was greatly appreciated.

NEW YORK, .June 13.—Last night in Madison Square Garden Gun-boat Parker won the decision over Kid Behl after twelve gruelling rounds. The
match was promoted by .Joe Irvin and refereed by James Barganier. The winner accepted a movie contract to tour the South and accompany the film in which he has the feature part. He will prohably visit his home town, Portsmouth.
Dear Miss Dodson; I am writing to ask for your splendid advice. Some time ago two of my boy friends, Alex Mayo and Dan Miller—I hardly know for whom I cared the most—fought a
duel over me in which both were mortally wounded. Oh! Miss Dodson, I feel like a criminal I encourag-ed neither, but treated them both like brothers. I am contemplating retiring to a convent. Please let me knowwhat you think would be the wisest  step to take under the circumstances. 
—Esther Scott. Brace up, Esther! Don’t let a little thing like this make you bine. There are more boys in this world. I can appreciate your feelings in having
been the cause of the duel, but I as- sure you it is a wonderful thing to have inspired such devotion by two
such handsome youths.

   Dear Miss Dodson: Hear me for my cause and be silent that I may have your ears. I am utterly wretched, having been refused by the gill of my dreams. Perhaps you have heard of the heartless vamp, Emily Lawrence. Her conquests are numerous, breaking the hearts of many.  If she does not listen to my suit, I shall commit suicide. It is true I am only a trash can, but my love is not trash to be scorned by the haughty Miss Emily Lawrence. Please give your best advice.

—Joe Davis.
I am well acquainted with that heartless flirt. She should be honored to have your society—you, the one who should scorn her affections. Seek some other fair damsel, and leave the flirt to her own paths.

  Dear Miss Dodson: Kindly tell me how to win the affections of a celebrity. My aspirations are high indeed when I seek to attract our Congressman, Carrol Myers. He is not aware of my feelings, for I am only a waitress in one of the local restaurants. Please advise me what steps to take. 
—Lucille Dudley.
Wait until 1936, which will be leap year, and propose to him. A capable waitress should have no trouble in entering upon the sea of matrimony.

W. W. H. S. for the first time in her
career has won the State championship in football. The team is composed of exceptionally good players who have worked very hard to accomplish the success which they have brought to their school. Due credit should be given to their never-tiring coach, John Graff.
 Mr. Wallace Brittingham, otherwise known as “Andrew Gump,” will lec- ture at the Tivoli Theater tonight. His subject will be “No Man’s Collar.” 

Mr. Alfred Hall was fined yesterday
for reckless driving and speeding. Al- ways trying dare-devil stunts, it is said
that he actually ran over a banana peel. Suit was filed in the City Court yes- terday by Helen Cuthrell against Flor- ence Bord, who was accused of ma-liciously saying that Helen Cut-hrell’s hair was false. The case will be tried next Tuesday before Judge Dan Tatem.
  Grace Davis was arraigned for at- tempting to dye her hair black. Miss Lannie Mae Phaup has been arraigned for performing a marriage ceremony without a license. Ben Daugherty obtained a warrant for the arrest of Karl Esleeck, Stancil Morris and George Moorecock, whom he declared stole watermelons from his watch.

WANTED—To learn singing by corre- spondence. Anyone wishing to teach
her, call Louise Deans. 

DIE quickly or not at all, as we have
reduced funeral wreaths. Irvine Smithand Herbert Diggs, Undertakers.

 GARDEN seeds of all kinds. We plant your garden tor you at moder-aterates. Mildred Hudgins and Sue Roper, Farmerettes. 

WANTED—A companion to do all my talking for me as I do not like to carry on conversations. Apply to Sally Jack-son. 

LOST—An engagement ring. I found, return to Katherine Springer.

DO YOU have quarrels with your hus- band? If so, apply to Lemuel Markham, Arguments Pro and Con. 

GIRLS, you can get thin to music. Pleasant and profitable. Write for dir- directions to Virginia Milford.

 LADIES’ hats of all descriptions made
over at small prices. Madeline Harrell and Blanche Bryan, Milliners. 

BURROUGHS,  Druggists.
    If any of our drugs are found to be poisonous, return the same and your money will be refunded. 

NOTICE—Professor Sherwood Adams
wishes to announce the opening of
his school for modern dancing in the Herbert Dickens Building on High Street.
Gertrude Alberti 
Marian Ballard
India Barber
Virginia Brittingham
Blanche Bryan
Gertrude Bain 
Mary Brownley
Hazel Bailey
Ida Beck
Dorothy Broughton
Virginia Blankenship
Genevieve Brett 
Minnie Berlind
Alice Bradley
Lily Barney
Olivia Brinkley
Harriet Brown
Margaret Bii.isoly
Florence Bord
Esther Clay
Norma Carney
Jane Corbell
Helen Cuthriell
Doris Cross 
Thelma Cawell
Missouri Darden
Katharine Dashiell
Genevieve Dexter
Grace Davis
Louise Deans
Lucille Dudley
Agnes Dyson
Elizabeth Everett 
Margaret Fleming
Marjorie Garner
Pauline Goldstein
Mildred Galbraith 
Rose Goodman
Mildred Gaskins 
Rosa Goldstein
Rose Galumbeck
Rachael Gray
Mary Griffin
Evelyn Hart
Elizabeth Harris
Mildred Hudgins
Mary Hunt
Mary Ida Harrell
Bernice Hilkins 
Madeline Harrell
Doris Hanvey
Julia Howard
Sallie Jackson 
Bonnie Jones
Bettie Jernigan
Sherwood Jones 
Helen Grey Jones 
Rosa Jacobson
Alice Kaufman
Nancy King
Adelia Krieger
Margaret Knott
Ida Leibovitz
 Marianne Lindsay
Maxine Lucas 
Mary Lipscomb
Esther Love
Virginia Lee
Virginia Lawrence
Emily Lawrence
Margaret Leavitt 
Ruth Lewis
Frances Leary
Mildred Liebrecht
Helen Myers
Virginia Martin
Rosa Mountcastle
Gladys McKenny
Dorothy McKann
Alma Maynard
Virginia Milford
Ella Louise Moore
Esther Moore
J osiE Ozment
Neva Pattee 
Helen Powell
Margaret Petty
Minnie B. Parker
Genevieve Paul
Rosalie Reeves 
Mildred Richardson
Viola Rogers
Dorothy Richardson
Margaret Ritter 
Frances Rosser
Katharine Robertson
Sue E. Roper
Miriam Robinson
Alice Reed
Ruth Snellings 
Frieda Jentz
Bessie Mae McCain
Ruth Snellings
Evelyn Savage
Ruth Snell
Mary Skiles 
Katharine Springer
Dorothy Scott 
Esther Scott 
Mary S. Tabb
Wilmoth Taylor
Mildred Walters
Mae Welton
Ernestine Welton
Lois Westbrook
Phyllis Wood
Rosalie Weiss
Wanda Webb
Lottie Williams
Louise Young
Sarah Yaffe

Motto: Passunt quia posse videntur.                                                                                                        Flower: White Carnation.
                                                                            Colors: Blue and White.

Leonard Davis                                                                                                                                                                                 President
        Edward Buxton                                                                                                                                                       Vice-President
                  Mahlon Harrell                                                                                                                             Secretary-Treasurer 
                          Leslie Jeffreys                                                                                                                  Sergeant-at-Arms
                                  Carlton Lewis                                                                                                             Reporter 
                                           Mr. B. W. DeLappe                                                                           Faculty Adviser


                                                             James Branch*                    Bernard Behrman
                                                             Leonard Davis                     Edward Buxton
                                                             Carlton Lewis                       Benson Crockin
                                                             Mahlon Harrell                     Founder Malcolm Scott
                                                             Robert Wright                      Fulmer Stark.
                                                             Arthur Henderson                Wright Ewell
                                                             Williamson Adams               Leslie Jeffries
                                                           *Absent when picture was taken.

​Annie Bullock                                                                                                                                                                                 President 
      Barbette Thompson                                                                                                                                                    Vice-President 
             Margaret Johnston                                                                                                                        Secretary and Treasurer 
                    Catherine Haller                                                                                                                      Sergeant-at-Arms
                           Martha Lewis                                                                                                                        Reporter 
                                   Miss Virginia Griffith                                                                                                  Critic

Motto: “To thine ownself be true.”                                                                                                                        Colors: Green and White. 

                                            Nella Baart                                                                       Martha Lewis
                                            Sadie Barney                                                                    Mary Landsberg
                                            Kathryn Barham                                                               Mary Malbon
                                            Annie Bullock                                                                  Gretchen Mayo
                                            Mildred Barrett                                                                 Hazel Murray
                                            Elizabeth Corbeli                                                              Martha Maupin
                                            Virginia Carlise                                                                 Vernelle Melson
                                            Helen Carter                                                                      Virginia McKenna
                                            Lysle Calbreath                                                                  Edna Morrell
                                            Davie Cottrell                                                                    Lucie Myers
                                            Marjorie Codd                                                                   Ali Nissenen
                                            Pauline Dickerson                                                             Margaret Powers 
                                            Mary Louise Dunn                                                            Alberta Parker
                                            Anna Mae Ellis                                                                  Mattie Query
                                            Pearl Etheridge                                                                  Ernestine Renn
                                            Thelma Fisher                                                                    Doris Smith
                                            Victoria Goodman                                                              Thelma Shackleford
                                            Lillian Glazer                                                                      Evelyn Saunders
                                            Grace George                                                                      Katherine Smith 
                                            Catherine Haller                                                                  Mildred Stewart
                                            Mary Hesketch                                                                    Carrie Sheren
                                            Margaret Johnston                                                               Catherine Smith 
                                            Rose Jacobson                                                                     Barbette Thompson
                                            Margaret Kelly                                                                    Virginia Watley
                                            Selma Weiner

                                              Miss Morton                                                                       Miss Harrell
                                              Miss Abernathy                                                                  Miss Dashieli 
                                              Miss Hudson