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Brooks Tenney
Lee Gaskins
Ernestine Welton
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Jacobson, Rosa
Reed, Davis
Reeves, Rosalie
Tenney, Brooks
Welton, Ernestine
Bullock, Annie
Gaskins, Lee
Welton, Virginia
Hanger, Stuart
Thompson, Matt

Roundtree, William

    There have been several attempts to have Student Government at Woodrow Wilson High, but each of them has failed more or less.

    This year a different plan for organization was adopted.  This plan exceeded the old ones by far.  The plan was to have eleven representatives from the student body, five from the Senior class, three from the Junior class, two from the Sophomore class and one from the Freshman class, these to act as a council.  Also each home room was to have a Chairman and these formed a group thru which the council was to work to put its plans across among the student body.

   Although this year the Council has not put over so many really big things it has tried to put over the spirit of the thing.  If it has done that then its efforts are well repaid and the time will soon come when Student Government will have a big place in the school life at Wilson.
H. Fairchild Butt, III
Leonard H. Davis, Jr.
William North
John Triplett
Benson Crockin
Miss Ernestine Welton
Mr. R. L. Sweeney
Lenard Davis, Jr., chm'n; Wm. North, John Triplette
Faculty Adviser
Program Committee
Motto: "Labor Omina Vincet."
Colors:  Red and White                   Flowers: Red and White Roses.
    "Why, hello, Janice!  I'm so glad you've moved to Portsmouth an I just know that you are coming to Wilson Hi now.  Aren't you?"

    "Of course!  But first tell me something about the school.   Are there any societies for girls?  Especially a literary society, for, as you know, I've always gone in for that sort of thing."

   "Oh, yes! Janice, we girls have one of the finest literary societies that has ever been organized.  It is called the Lanier Literary Society, and is as fine as can be."

   "Well, that's splendid!  I feel sure that I will join this society, for I am very fond of reading Lanier's works.  But please tell me something about its past."

   "All right, Janice, I'll begin at the very first and trace its history down to the present time.

   "The Society was organized in October, 1911, with Annie Hodges as President.  It was composed of Junior and Senior girls and met weekly to discuss and study the lives and works of the Southern writers."

   "After a short while, the spirit of enthusiasm which had seemed so great, died down and no work of importance was accomplished for quite a while.  Finally, however, Vivienne Wilson, a brilliant and energetic Senior, was made President, and work was begun in earnest.  Many debates were held, among which two were noteworthy, namely: (1)  'Resolved, That Education Should Be Compulsory Throughout the Gammar Grades' and (2) 'Resolved, That It Is Permissible for A Young Lady to Propose During Leap Year.'

   "Several important events stand out in the next few years.  The Society gained a victory over Maury in a debate, with Helene Nichols and Rose Segal as its debaters.  About two years after this our school entered the scholastic debates held at Charlottesville (1915).  Elsie Bagby, from Lanier, and Ulmont Cummings, from John Y. Mason, won for an overwhelming victory and a beautiful silver cup, which now helps to adorn our beautiful library.

   "Since that time, the work of the Society has been for the most part of this nature, holding debates and studying about artist, musicians and Southern writers.
 History of the Lanier Literary Society
     THE year of 1919 was a remarkable one in the life history of our school.  That year marked the opening of Woodrow Wilson High School and simultaneously the birth of the Shakespearean Literary Society.

    The organization owes its foundation to Miss Lelia V. James, who launched this movement in behalf of the Sophomore girls.  The purpose was to bind the Sophomore girls together and develop literary talent.

The colors, green and white, and the emblem, "To thine own sef be true," have symbolized the society from its birth.  The society has grown until a large number enjoy its privileges.

   Much enthusiasm is evinced.  Several have won "Letters", and we are sure more will be awarded this term.  We have a slogan, "If you want to have a good time, join the Shakespearean."
Shakespearean History