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Rosalie Reeves
Virginius Dashiell, Jr.
Mildred Barrett
Fona Morrell
Nancy King
Miss Harriett Purdy
Miss Lalias Hutchins
Faculty Adviser

Motto: "Vouloi e'est pouvior."
Colors:  Bleu, blanc, et rouge                   Flowers: Fleut-de-lis.
Stuart Hanger
Wilcox Butt
George Downing
Martin Leavitt
Vernon Parker
Matt Thomson
Ella Lipscomb
Miss Carrie Spradin
Faculty Adviser
Motto: "To Thime Own Sel Be True"
Colors:  Blue and Gold                   Flowers:  Rose.
John Miller
Esther Clay
Virginia Brittingham
Leonard Davis
Miss Mary B. Brittingham

Primus Consul
Secundus Consul
Faculty Adviser

Progress of the Spanish Society
1919 - 1924
1919-'20---President---Edward Spicer.
Organized by the Seniors then studying Spanish with a two-fold mission ---that of revealing the need of the study of Spanish in the High School and that of a social nature.
1920-'22---Presidents---Thurman King, Pedro Alona.
Devoted to building up the Society in membership and quality of pro- grams; also the building up the Department which became a part of the High School Curriculum in 1918.  Our pin (castle), typical of the province of Castile, Spain, was decided upon.
1922-'23---President---Joseph Davis.
Presented "La Broma," a one-act play, first before the Society and later during Auditorium Period.  During this time the organization became affiliated with the Institute de las Espanas in the United States, thereby enabling us to observe Cervantes' Day, and to award the medical of the Institute to that member of the organization writing in Spanish the best essay on "The Life and Works of Cervantes."  Elizabeth Harris, a Junior, received the honor.
1923-'24---President---Robert D. Powers, Jr.
Membership limited to pupils studying second year Spanish.  Upon a suggestion by Miss Woodward, our faculty adviser, a proposition of buying a classroom victrola and education records based on "First Spanish Course," the text used daily, was presented to the Society.  It was voted upon with the result that the organization agreed to assume the responsibility of purchasing and paying for the above equipment.  In order to fulfill this obligation, we gave our Christmas Program in the Auditorium with a small assessment for admission.  The victrola and records are a valuable asset to the Department. Our annual celebration of Cervantes' Day took place April 23.

Feliz viaje!  Seniors!
Albert Bartlett
Genevieve Paul
Dorothy Richardson
Esther Marks

Secretary and Treasurer