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1925 Memories
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by  John "Eddie" Lee class of '68
The pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Memory pictures may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not offically indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated. This section of the website is dedicated to the memories of all alumni and are found in personal items that alumni have saved and were kind enough to allow it to be shared with others.  Thank You. If you are not represented in your class, or have other pictures for the memories section you may submit a photo to be added.  John “Eddie” Lee ’68.

Hi-Y Club
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The Varsity W Club
1924 Class Roster
1924 Faculty & Staff
1924 Sports Pic's
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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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                 Roy Lively 
William North
Elizabeth Everett
                  Norsorneé Anderson
Faculty Advisers 
Miss Aucustra Harper 
Miss Mary Bearon Gisps 
Miss Satie Brownn 
Miss Josephine Buchanan
Bassett, Thelma
Barron, Ruth
Bain, Marjorie 
Baart, Nellie
Barrett Mildred
Barney, Saida
Barham, Kathryne
Bilisoly, Margaret 
Brownley, Mary 
Brooks, Ida 
Bullock, Annie
Carlisle, Virginia
Carter, Mary 
Cassell, Mary 
Ciay, Esther 
Codd, Marjorie 
Corbell, Jane
CorbellL, Elizabeth
Dickerson, Pauline
Dunn, Mary Louise 
Duling, Lucite 
Dyson, Agnes
Edge, Agnes
Ellis, Anna Mae
Ethridge, Pearl
Everett, Louise 
George, Grace
Glazier, Lillian
Goodman, Victoria 
Hackell, Charlotte
Haller, Cathrine
Hanvey, Doris 
Hunt, Mary 
Hunt, Frances 
Hunt, Dorothy 
Irvine, BEULAH 
Jacobson, Rosa 
Johnston, Margaret
Johnson, Ermon 
Jones, Elizabeth
King, Kathrine
Knott, Margaret
Landsberg, Mary 
Lee, Virginia
Lewis, Martha 
Liebrecht, Mildred
Lubkovitz, Ida 
Malbon, Mary 
Maupin, Martha
Mayo, Gretchen
Miller, Cathrine
Morell Edna 
Murray, Hazel
McKenny, Gladys 
Parker, Minnie Brooks 
Query, Mattie 
Reed, Alice
Renn, Earnestine
Reeves, Rosalie
Riddle, Mary Elizabeth
Ritter, Margaret
Rosser, Frances
Schneider, Helen
Shackelford, Thelma
Sheren, Carrie
Skiles, Mary 
Smith, Catherine
Stewart, Mildred
Sykes, Lois 
Thompson, Barbette
Tonkin, Garett
Tyler, Inez 
Vance, Catherine
Vick, Doris 
Wahmann, Dorothy
Walsten, Lillian
Watkins, Dorothy 
Welton, Eanestine
Westbrook, Lois 
WestBrook, Marjorie 
Wood, Phyllis
Yaffee, Sarah
Barron, Junior 
Barren, Roland
Belman, Bernard
Bennett, Maurice 
Branch, James 
Buxton, Edward 
Butt, Fairfield
Crockin, Benson
Dashiell, Virginius
Freeman, Clarence
Garris, Glenn
Goodman, Thomas
Gomprf Maurice 
Hanrahan, Marshall
Hanger, George
Higgins, Nelson
Hunter, Frank
Jeffrys, Leslie
Jones, Reginold
Kirk, Howard 
Lewis, Carton 
Minter, John
Piller, Emanuel
Powers, Robert D., Jr. 
Roane, John
Rowe, Harvey 
Sivils, Howard 
Triplett, John
Tenney, Brooks 
Vick, Clyde 
Winslow, William
1923                                                                               CABINET                                                                             1924
Ernestine Welton
Mildred Steward
Jane Corbell
Barbara Wagner
Virginia Brittingham
Mildred Stewart
Doris Hanvey 
Adelia Kreger

Program Chairman
Membership Chairman
Social Chairman
Service Chairman
Mildred Steward
Pearl Ethridge
Mildred Barrett 
 Lilly Mae Barnes 
Annie Bullock
Pearl Ethridge
 Nina Frey 
Beulah Irving 
Miss Morton
Miss James
Miss Devilbliss
Miss Rawles
Katherine McPherson
Girl Reserve Secretary 
Allen, Virginia
Allison, Lillie Mae 
Baart, Nella
Barn, Marjorie 
Bailey, Elizabeth
Ball, Elizabeth
Barham, Catherine
Barrett, Mildred
Barron, Ruth
Barnes, Eleanor
Barnes, Littie Mae
Billsoly, Margaret 
Booth, Lina 
Broughton, Dorothy 
Brownley, Mary 
Brown, Frances
Bullock, Annie
Burroughs, Catherine
Cassel, Mary 
Cassel, Margaret
Claud, Lois 
Codd, Marjorie 
Connor, Nellie
Corbell, Elizabeth
Darden, Missouri 
Deans, Nellie
Dickerson, Pauline
Diggs, Margaret
Dillon, Josephine
Duling, Lucille 
Dunn, Mary Louise 
Dunkun, Carrie
Dyson, Agnes
Edge, Agnes
Ellis, Aaqnna Mae 
Ethridge, Pearl
Everett, Elizabeth
Everett, Louise 
Frey, Nina 
Galbraith, Mildred
Gay, Audrey
George, Grace
Halpin, Irene
Harwood, Saidee
Hanrahan, Virginia
Higginbotham, Mary 
Hodges, Nancy 
Hodges, Mary 
Holcomb, Florence
Hughes, Thelma
Hunt, Frances
Hunt, Mary 
Irving, Beulah
Johnston, Margaret
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Thelma
King, Catherine
King, Frances Lee
Knott, Margaret
Lee, Virginia
Lewis, Martha 
Liebrecht, Mildred
Lipscomb, Ella
Lipscomb, Mary 
Long, Nellie
Love, Esther
Lucas, Maxine 
Manan, Mary 
Malbon, Mary 

Marshall, Myra  
Martin, Mildred 
Marthews, Mary  
Maynard, Annie Louise 
McCave, Louise 
McPherson, Elizabeth
McGavoch, Emily  
Merson, VERNELL  
Miller, Mary Alice 
Miller, Virginia
Moore, Ella Louise  
Morell, Edna  
Mount, Iris  
Nelson, Helen
Parker, Alberta
Parker, Margaret
Parker, MInnie B.
Petty, Margaret
Query, Mattie
Renn, Ernestine
Reeves, Rosalie 
Rice, Virginia
Ritter, Margaret
Richardson, Dorothy
Rosbinson, Virginia
Rosser, Frances
Seaborn, Maud
Shakleford, Thelma
Sheren, Carrie
Smith, Beatrice
Smith, Catherine
Sykes, Lois 
West, Daisy 
Thompson, Barbette
Thomas, Lelia
Tyler, Inez 
Warkins, Dorothy 
Watley, Virginia
WestBrook, Lois 
WestBrook, Marjorie 
White, Louise 
Whitaker, Eliabeth
Williams, Catherine
Williams, Helen
Willams, Naomi 
Wood, Vivian 

Lee Gaskins                                                                                                             President 
          George Holcomb                                                                        Vice President 
                    Johnny King                                                                 Treasurer
          Paul Roberson                                                                                    Secretary
Paul E. Landis                                                                                             Faculty Adviser
Allen, Francis
Ellis, Robert 
Gaskins, Lee
Grant, Madison 
Holcomb, George
Hinman, Eugene
Harper, Charles
Johnson, John
King, Johnny
Leitman, Maxie 
Porter, George
Rountree, Braxton 
Rose, William
Robertson, Paul
Smith, Alex
Scott, William
Tenney, Brooks 
Tyler, Howard

Warren, Percy 
HE 1928-24 Hi-Y Club of Woodrow Wilson High School was by far the largest and most successful of any Hi-Y Club in the history of the school. The success of the club was due largely to the untiring efforts of President John Brooks Tenney, who kept every member behind the standards and ideals of Hi-Y; to Wilson Shafer, Treasurer, 
who by working out and carrying on a carefully prepared financial plan, enabled the club to carry out an exceptionally large program of activities with great success. The club was very fortunate in securing a strong corps of teachers for the Bible Classes. Rev. Paul Atkins, pastor of the First Lutheran Church, taught the Juniors; Rev. I. L. Kinsey, pastor of the First Friends Church, taught the Senior B’s; Willis W. Miller, Boy’ s Work Secretary, taught the Senior A’s. The Hi-Y this year adopted a fixed Progressive Course of Bible Study, being the first Hi-Y Club in the State to do so. Both the Senior Hi-Y and the Junior Hi-Y used the Progressive system to much advantage. 
    With the help of the Advisory Committee the club constantly kept before each member the challenge of a four-fold development. The standards and ideals of the Hi-Y this year have been observed and defended by the members as never before in the history of the club. 
     Much of the program this year has been extended beyond the membership and as many of the officers and leaders of the Junior and Senior classes and other organizations within the school were Hi-Y boys, it was possible to benefit the whole school. 
     Some of the outstanding activities of the Hi-Y during the year 1923-24 are: Opening Night for the Hi-Y, Banquet for the High School Faculty, Hallowe’en Social, Special Observance of the Week of Prayer, Christmas Party for the Bible Clubs, Banquet for Football Squad, Fathers’ Night, Mothers’ Night, Ladies’ Night, Basketball Squad Night, Closing Banquet. Four big campaigns were put on: Anti-Cheating Campaign, Thrift Campaign, Campaign of Friendship and Clean Life Campaign. The Hi-Y also was very active in the promotion of Boys’ Week put on by the Rotary Club. Several of the Hi-Y boys attended the State Older Boys’ Conference and took an important part in the program. Perhaps one of the biggest events in the spring program of the Hi-Y was College Night, when representatives from the leading Colleges and Universities of Virginia met with the club and spoke of the educational advantages and facilities which their schools offered to students. 
      Mr. Robert L. Sweeney by his counsel, advice and willingness to assist the club in the promotion of the various activities, was responsible in a large measure for the successful year which the Hi-Y enjoyed. 

Miss Nanette Hudson                                                                                                            Devotional Chairman
Harriett Purdy                                                                                                                                             Adviser 
           Virginia Thomas                                                                                                                    Chairman                                 
Motto: “Be Natural.”
Bowden, Thelis
Corbell, Nancy 
Credle, Edith
Darden, Madeline
Kea, Mildred
Lodge, Odelle
Pendergraph, Mary Virginia
Seaborn, Mary 
Spicer, Dorothy 
Tinsley, Frances

Miss Hopton                                                                                                                                                  Adviser 
            Mary Robertson                                                                                                                        Chairman
Crements, Elsie 
Deans, Mildred
Duling, Jeanette
Hall, Olivia 
Haines, Helen 
Hnrahan, Virginia
Jackson, Frances
Jackson, Margaret 
Powers, Frances
Robinson, Eunice 
Robertson, Virginia
Sacriter, Evelyn
Shaw, Eleanor
Taylor, Elizabeth

Miss Browne                                                                                                                                                Adviser 
             Mary Lou Manning                                                                                                                 Chairman
Adams, Mary Ethel
Bryan, Gladys 
Burton, Elizabeth
Carwine, Mary 
Colein, Hazel
Coleman, Mae
Crone, Elenor
Irving, Margarert
Marks, Minnie
Smith, Susie
Stewart, Ruth
Ward, Rosetta 
Winters, Pearl