1971 Class Roster
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1971 Memories
1971 Class Roster
Class Roster
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A time to break down,
and a time to build up.
Superintendent of Schools
PORTSMOUTH SCHOOL BOARD - (front row) Mrs. Bernard Rivin, Les Fry, vice president, Dr. M.
A. Kise, president, Mrs. RubyWoddall, Clerk of the Board, and Mrs. Hilda Watson. (back row) Paul L.
Wilson, Sr., Robert E. Brinson, Dr. Robert W. Adams, George N. Powers, [r., and Robert W. Wentz, Jr.

     He's back and we're glad! Mr. Ryder should be a familiar face to many of us. Although this is his first year here as principal, September 1956-1964 found him here as a science teacher,
guidance counselor, basketball coach, and ath-letic director. Harry Hunt thrived under his leadership three years as an assistant principal and two years as principal.
Edgar Morgan
    Mr. Morgan comes to us with plenty of ex-perience in spite of his youth. He taught at Harry Hunt Junior High from 1965 to 1967. The 67-68 school year found him at Highland Biltmore Elementary School as assistant principal. He spent from 1968 to 1970 as principal of Churchland Junior High School. He is now serving Wilson as assistant principal in charge of instruction.
Mr. Morgan checks up on the faculty.
Vernon Randall
    This is Mr. Randall's second year at Wilson is assistantprincipal. Before coming here last year, heserved as assistant principal at S. H. Clarke for oneyear and at Riddick Weaver Elementary for two years. He has taught social studies at Clarke andNorcom. He's here now, and we're proud of it.
If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times!
Mrs. Gertrude Anderson
Miss Charlotte Beale
Mrs. Elizabeth Blanford
Mrs. Bettie Costner
Mrs. Helen Huff
Mrs. Myrtle Jones
You think you've got problems!
Mrs. Grace Rawls
Let me show you.
Gertude Anderson - Radford, William & Mary
Charlotte Beale Westhampton College, University of Richmond, William & Mary
Elizabeth Blanford - William & Mary, Madison
Margaret Huff _ William & Mary, Appalachian State Teachers University
Myrtle Jones - Norfolk State College, Hampton Institute, N.Y.U.
Grace Rawls - Longwood, R.P.I., William & Mary
Mrs. Mamie Brett - Secretary
Mrs. Barbara Ivey - Clerk
Mrs. Mrytle Henderson - Nurse
Mrs. Olivia Hall - Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Jean Corey - Assistant Librarian
Mrs. Loradell Dickerson - Library Clerk

Not Pictured:
Mrs. Rebecca Wade - Librarian
Mrs. Margie Van Dyke - Nurse
Mrs. Susan Rothgeb - Clerk

Mrs. Susan Rothgeb - Clerk
Mrs. Elizabeth Miller
Mr. Chester Morgan
Miss Geraldine Adams
Mrs. Frances Allison
Mrs. Judith Anderson
Ronald Audet
Miss Charlotte Avery
Raymond Bailey, Jr.
Howard Beale, Jr.
Mrs. Naomi Bolden
Just call me "Smiley".
Oh! You startled me!
Mrs. Willadean Boyd
Mrs. Mary Jo Brady
Woodrow W. Brock
Mrs. Dorothy Byrce
Mrs. Fae Buckley
Edward Bulheller, [r.
Paul Butler, [r.
Miss Susan Burke
Mrs. Marguerite Chiswell

Not Pictured:
Mrs. Lynn Chapman
Geraldine Adams - Spanish, Va. State - Petersburg,
Wichita State University
Kay Allison - D.E., R.P.I., O.D.U.
Judith Anderson - Phys. Ed., Appalachian State
University, O.D.U.
Ronald Audet - English, Dept. Head, William & Mary
Charlotte Avery - Girls Attendance Coordinator.
Raymond Bailey - I.C.T., V.P.I.
Howard Beale - Machine Shop, East Carolina
Naomi Bolden - Typing, Recordkeeping, Shorthand,
Norfolk State
Willa dean Boyd - Steno I, Dept. Head, East Carolina
Mary Jo Brady - English, Public Speaking, Drama,
Indiana State University, Hunter College
Woodrow Brock - Electronics, O.o.U., William &
Dorothy Bryce - I.P.S., Va. Union
Fae Buckley - Vocal Music, William & Mary,
Edward Bulheller, Jr. - Boys Attendance Coordinator,
Mechanical Drawing, V.P.I.
Susan Burke - World Geography, American History,
Mary Washington College
Paul Butler - Government, U.N.C., William & Mary,
Marguerite Chiswell - World History, Sociology, East
Carolina, Atlantic Christian
Not Pictured:
Lynn Chapman - English, William & Mary
Mrs. Moran's students never have a dull moment.
Mrs. Mildred Clarke
Wade E. Clement
Mrs. Hattie Cooper
Miss Jacqueline Cooper
Mrs. Barbara Copeland
Miss Mary Cowan
Mrs. Leathia Cox
Mrs. Joyce Creath
Mrs. Determeyer welcomes a visitor to Wilson.
A lively group isn't it!
"Single file, ladies."
Mrs. Moran checks student's record before recommending him for college.
Mrs. Emma Curlee
Mrs. Dorothy Darden
Mrs. Maisie Determeyer
Mrs. Annie Edwards
Sidney Edwards
Thomas French
Ralph Gahagan
Mrs. Dorothy Gallop
Mildred Clarke - Phy. Ed., Dept. Head, Madison
Wade Clement - l.c.T., O.D.U.
Hattie Cooper - English, Greensboro College
Jackie Cooper - English, Hampton Institute
Barbara Copeland - Algebra, General Math, Va. State - Petersburg
Mary Cowan - Oerical Accounting, Appalachian State University
Leathia Cox - World History, World Geography, Norfolk State College,
Va. State - Petersburg
Joyce Creath - Spanish, Longwood
Emma Curlee - Home Ec., Catawba College
Dorothy Darden - Algebra, Analysis, Dept. Head, Mary Washington
University of Virginia
Maisie Detemeyer - Government, International Relations,
Dept. Head, George Washington University
Annie Edwards - Chemistry, BSCS, U.N.C., University of 
Virginia, University of Texas
Sidney Edwards - QPS, Dept. Head, Va. Union, Boston U.
Thomas French - World Geography, American History,
William & Mary
Ralph Gahagan - Phy. Ed., University of South Carolina
Dorothy Gallop - Typing, Shorthand, COT, Madison
Margaret Eason - General Math, Algebra, Norfolk State, Va. 
Union, Va. State, Hampton Institute
Miss Frances Gilliam
Charles Glickman
Mrs. Alma Hall
Mrs. Jane Harvey
Richard Henderson
Mrs. Alexsandria Hobbs
Mrs. Esther Howard
Mrs. Maria Hudgins
Not pictured:
James Glisson
Mrs. Susan Hanna
Kenneth Hopkins
Frances Gilliam - Home Ec., Longwood
Charles Glickman - World Geography, Government, O.D.U.,
University of Virginia
Alma Hall - English, Madison, East Carolina
Jane Harvey - English, Longwood
Richard Henderson - D.E., East Tennessee State University
Alexsandria Hobbs - I.P.S., General Biology, O.o.U., William & Mary
Esther Howard - English, William & Mary
Maria Hudgins - General Biology, B.5.C.S., University of Tennessee
Eileen Jankowski - World Geography, American History, University of
Gladys Jenkins - French, Va. State, Hampton Institute
Marva Jones - General Math, Algebra, Norfolk State, Hampton Institute
Charleen Joyner - Advanced Algebra & Trig., Geometry, Algebra,
Converse College, University of Virginia
David Joyner - Advanced Algebra & Trig., Geometry,
Physics, Chowan, N.C. State University, University of Va
Leonard Keele - Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Mechanical 
Drawing, Hampton Institute
Michael Laguta - Orchestra, Columbia University, New 
England Conservatory of Music
Andrew Landis - English, Oberlin College, N.Y.U.

Not Pictured:
James Glisson - World Geography, World History, O.o.U.
Susan Hanna - Consumer Math, Algebra, General Math, 
University of Florida
Marilyn Judd - Phy. Ed., Washington State University
Elizabeth King - Phy. Ed., Longwood
Sondria Lamb - Typing, General Business, Norfolk State
Mrs. Eileen Jankowski
Mrs. Gladys Jenkins
Mrs. Marva Jones
Mrs. Charleen Joyner
David Joyner
Leonard Keele
Michael Laguta
Andrew Landis
Tsk! Tsk!
Our versatile Mr. Ruzek.
Mr. Glisson talks with student on Open-House night.
Not Pictured:
Mrs. Marilyn Judd
Miss Elizabeth King
Mrs. Sondria Lamb