I saw that.
1971 Class Roster
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1971 Memories
1971 Class Roster
Class Roster
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1971 Sports
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Mrs. Patricia Glickman
Miss Roberta Lewis
Miss Paulette Lufsey
Mrs. Anna McGinnis
Phillip McMillion
Mrs. Kathleen Markus
Mrs. Linda Matthews
Mrs. Faye Moran
Not Pictured:
Paul Lynch
Mrs. Mary McNeil
Henry Matthews

On a bright day, Mr. Matthews enjoys teaching his classes.
Now class let's begin.
Patrica Lanier - English, U.N.C.
Roberta Lewis - English, Latin, Radford
Anna McGinnis - English, Longwood, Westhampton
Phil McMillion - Phys. Ed., Lynchburg College
Kathleen Markus - English, Ohio State University
Linda Matthews - French, Mary Washington College
Faye Moran - American History, Humanities, Blue Mountain College
Linda Morrison - Geometry, General Math, Algebra, East Carolina
Alice Morse - Spanish, Dept. Head, University of Virginia, Randolph-Macon
Woman's College
Judith Old - English, Longwood
Barbara Oliver - Government, Sociology, William & Mary, University of 
Frances Paige - English, Va. Union, University of Pittsburgh
Willie Parks - Wood Shop, N.C. State University
Jonquil Powell - American History, World Geography, Hampton Institute, 
Shaw University
Wayne Prince - Phy. Ed., Driver Education, Lynchburg

Not Pictured:
Paul Lynch - D.E., O.D.U.
Mary McNeil - Art, Radford
Henry Matthews - Government, American History,O.D.U
Doris Mayfield - Algebra, General Math, Marshall University
Robert Norfleet - I.P.S., Elizabeth City State University
Mrs. Linda Morrison
Mrs. Alice Morse
Miss Judith Old
Mrs. Barbara Oliver
Mrs. Frances Paige
Willie Parks
Mrs. Jonquil Powell
Carl Prince
Hey, Good Looking!
Mr. Parks assumes his responsibilities as Industrial Arts Department Head
This one's mine!
Mrs. Helge Raby
Andrew Reid
Miss Mary Rice
Donald Ruzek
Miss Marion Ransom
Mrs. Ina Reshefsky
Miss Nina Rountree
James Schmidtke
Now see here!
Some people are more interested in the 
photographer than the filmstrip.
Not pictured:
John Savage
Mrs. Patricia Schnoover
Mrs. Sharon Shumaker
Helga Raby - German, Munich Branch - University of Maryland, OD.U.
Marion Ransom - English, Va. State College - Petersburg
Andrew Reid - Mechanical Drawing, Metal Shop, Norfolk State
Ina Reshefsky - I.R.s., Syracuse University, William & Mary, University o
of Virginia
Nina Rountree - French, Spanish, Mary Washington
Donald Ruzek - Band, Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Dept. Head, 
Indiana University, Julliard, O.D.U., William & Mary
James Schmidtke - Senior Math, Algebra, Consumer Math, University of 
Murray Kentucky
James Sherrill - Phys. Ed., Driver Education, Dept. Head, Erskine 
College, Appalachian College
Avis Shumaker - English, William & Mary
Leslie Smith - Phys. Ed., Frederick College, University of Virginia
Ruth Spear - Phys. Ed., OD.U.
Nettie Stephenson - I.p.s., Johnson C. Smith University
Margaret Stewart - English, Radford State Teachers College
Delores Stike - American History, Sociology, William & Mary
Jo Ann Sweet - Art, East Carolina

Not Pictured:
John Savage - American History, World Geography, University of
Patricia Schnoover - B.s.C.S., General Biology, Chemistry
Frederick College, ODU.
Sharon Shumaker - Algebra, General Math, Minot Teachers

Hit it again, hit it again. Harder! HARDER!
James Sherrill
Mrs. Nettie Stephen-
Mrs. Delores Stike
Miss Avis Shumaker
Mrs. Ruth Spear
Miss Margaret Stewart
Mrs. Jo Anne Sweet
Charles Thurston
Mrs. Mary Underwood
Mrs. Ella Ward
Mrs. Ouida Whitehurst
Mrs. Lynn Williams
Not pictured:
Mrs. Lynette Whitley
Mrs. Helen Williams
Charles Thurston - Algebra, Senior Math,
Naval Academy
Mrs. Mary Underwood - Typing, C.O.T.,
V.O.T., Mary Washington
Mrs. Ella Ward - English, Norfolk State
Mrs. Ouida Whitehurst - B.5.C.S.,
General Biology, Fl. State University
Mrs. Lynne Williams - Typing, Business
Law, Recordkeeping, Longwood

Not Pictured:
Geoffrey Taylor - B.S.C.S., Va.
Military Institute
Lynette Whitley - Data Processing
I & II, Madison
Helen Williams - General Business,
Typing, Norfolk State,
Columbia University
All right class, come to order
What's wrong Coach? No cookies?
That sure is a new way to draw a horse.
Silent Spot
Now, the best is yet to come.