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1971 Memories
1971 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1971 Class Roster
Class Roster
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1971 Class Roster
Gahagan + team + victories
equals Eastern Regional title.
Kenny Parsons
downs a Norview back.
A pensive Coach Gahagan
watches the action.
Dwight Leonard leaps
to break up a pass.
Collins and Leonard move to stop
an Indian River runner.
A Homecoming touchdown is scored
against Oscar Smith
VHSL point system rates Wilson number two in the state.
Row 1: Eddie McSweeney, Kenny Moody, Dwight Leonard, Stanley Perkins, Steve Philbrick, Sebastian Collins, Blaine Clark, Heartwell Harrison, Louis Bagley, Bobby Dunn. Row 2: Charles Harris, Mike Lawson, Darrell Rodgers, Eddie Powell, Tom Mayo, Joe Wright, Alvin Ely, Edward Daniell, Mike Atkins, Olendus Gaines, Coy Godwin, Jon Kube. Row 3: Robert Davis, Mike Vaughan, Darryl Hall, Willard Matthews, Curt Baker, David Moss, Steve Austin, Richard Frahm, Ronald Hardy, Kenny Parsons. Row 4: James Whitehead, William Bowen, Jim Crodick, Coach James Sherill, Coach Ralph Gahagan, Coach Eddie Bullheller, Coach Howard Beale, Robert Griffin, Mike Fagan, Robert Powell.
Co-Captain Sebastian Collins, H.B.
A familiar sight - Bobby Dunn picking up yardage.
Co-Captain Steve Philbrick, C.
It's no use to get upset - you know Wilson will win!
Wilson      42
Wilson      76
Wilson      22
Wilson        0
Wilson      38
Wilson      34
Wilson      16
Wilson      32
Wilson      52
Wilson      26
Kennedy      0
Churchland      0
Indian River      0
Norview      8
Oscar Smith    12
Deep Creek      8
Great Bridge    14
Norcom    12
Western Branch   22
Cradock     0
Season Record
Wilson     16
Maury      6
Eastern Regional game:
Wilson rolls in early season play but bows to Norview's Pilots
B. Dunn, QB
D. Leonard, DB 
S. Perkins, HB
O. Gaines, DB
D. Moss, T
A. Ely, DB
Wilson 42, J. F. Kennedy 0
Portsmouth, September 11 -
    In the first game of the season the Wilson Presi-dents surprised local prophets of doom by proving
their ability to win in 1970. By the end of the first quarter of the opening game of the season, against Kennedy of Suffolk, it was clear that Coach Gahagan had replaced his 1969 scoring machine with one equally as powerful.
    Wilson lost no time scoring, and pushed the score to 20 to 0 in quarter number one. An explo-
sive Offense kept piling up points throughout the game, and a solid defense held Kennedy scoreless.
    Quarterback Bobby Earl Dunn threw two touchdown passes for the Prexies, one to Robert "Baby" Powell, and one to Ronald Hardy. Kenny Moody and Darrell Rodgers were the stars in Wilson's running department.
    Encouraged by this initial success, Wilson play-ers and fans alike looked forward to another big season and began preparing for their next oppo-nents, the Churchland Truckers.
Moody grinds out extra yards against Churchland.
Gahagan "discusses" a  point with Ronald Hardy.
Wilson 76, Churchland 0
Portsmouth, September 18 -
    The Churchland Truckers came to Frank D. Lawrence Stadium on September 19, and were practically run out of the stadium by the end of the first half.
    The Presidents could do nothing wrong; as they rolled up the third highest point total in Wilson's fifty-two years of football. Their ten touchdown  outburst was led by the running of Robert Davis, Sebastian Collins, and Charles Harris and by the accurate passing of Bobby Dunn and Eddie Mc- Sweeney.
    The first unit played a perfect game, scoring every time they had the ball. Robert Powell was instrumental in the victory, catching three touch-down passes. Eddie Powell and Ronald Hardy each caught one. Quarterback Bobby Dunn threw three passes for T.D. 's and backup Eddie McSweeney threw for two.
Another Wilson touchdown - this time against Indian River.
Wilson 22, Indian River 0
Deep Creek, September 25 -
    After holding two opponents scoreless, the Presidents met Indian River in Deep Creek sta-dium for a battle of the unbeatens. A week ear-lier, several comments were made in the paper concering which Wilson squad was better; the offense or the defense.
    Although the offense played a good game, the defense quickly showed who was the best of the two. Led by the tremendous line play of Mike Fagan and Heartwell Harrison, the Presi- dents made it three straight shutouts. Blaine Clark, end, and linebackers Alvin Ely and Stan-ley Perkins also had very fine games.
    The offense was led by Kenny Moody whose hard running alone accounted for the first touchdown. Sebastian Collins converted a crisis
fourth down into a touchdown. Passing a half-back option to Robert Powell. Ronald Hardy proved his worth as a receiver making impor-tant catches.
Norview 8, Wilson 0
Norfolk, October 2, -
    Wilson traveled to Chittum Field in the hope of winning its eighth straight game. The Presi- ents had previously shut out three straight opponents. To win, Coach Ralph Gahagan said  that the Wilson defense would have to hold down All State running back, Larry Stepheny.
    The defense responded to this by holding Stepheny to just over one yard per carry but the
offense never caught on, making ten turnovers.
    The defense was led by the play of the line, anchored by Mike Fagan, David Moss, Steve Philbrick, Ronald Hardy, and Mike Lawson.
    The only time the defense allowed the Pilots to score was after Wilson fumbled deep in their own territory.
L. Bagley, G
B. Clark, E .
M. Atkins, K
R. Hardy, E
E. McSweeny, QB
M. Vaughan, FE
R. Davis, HB
K. Moody, FB
K. Parsons, HB
Prexies gain victory at homecoming 
and revenge against Great Bridge.
Wilson 38, Oscar Smith 12
Portsmouth, October 9 -
    The Presidents got back to their winning ways as they defeated Oscar Smith in the Homecoming game by a score of 38 to 12. Bobby Dunn, Kenny Moody, and Pot Gaines led Wilson's offensive attack.
    Wilson scored quickly and piled up 22 points in the first quarter. Bobby Dunn scored a touchdown on a 56 yard run, Olen- dus "Pot" Gaines returned an Oscar Smith punt for another score, and Eddie Powell grabbed a touchdown pass thrown by Dunn.
To this total the Presidents added one more touchdown, as Kenny Moody scored late in the second quarter.
    Oscar Smith's only score of the first half came on a 37 yard pass from Donald Thomas
to Keith Fager.
    The second half was a defensive battle. Both teams failed to score in the third quar-ter. Then, in quarter number four, Wilson fullback Kenny Moody scored his second touchdown of the night. The scoring was completed as Donald Thomas threw another touchdown pass to Fager for Oscar Smith. The final score was Wilson 38, Oscar Smith

C. Harris, HB
D. Rodgers, HB
C. Baker, C.
W. Matthews, G.
E. Daniell, G.
M. Lawson, G.
Wilson 34, Deep Creek 8
Deep Creek Stadium, October 16 -
    Wilson's sixth opponent of the season did no better than the rest of them, as Deep Creek fell to the Presidents by a score of 34
to 8.
    Wilson struck early and struck hard, as Davis and Charles Harris both scored touch-downs. Robert Powell caught a touchdown pass, as did Eddie Powell.
     The Wilson defense, led by Moss, Fagan, and Harrison, held mightily until late in the game, when Deep Creek scored their only touchdown.
    This was the third year in a row that Deep Creek was defeated impressively by Wilson. The Prexies won 51-20 in 1968 and 50-6 in 1967.
Dunn moves out as Moss blocks against Oscar Smith.
D. Hall G.
J. Wright, G
H. Harrison, G
J. Kube, T
J. Whitehead, T
C. Godwin, T
Wilson 32, Norcom 12
Portsmouth, October 31 -
    Once again, Wilson put it all together as the Prexies downed their strong crosstown rivals, the Norcom Greyhounds, by a score of 32 to 12.
    Scoring the first three times they had the ball, the Wilsonites quickly put the game out of reach. Robert "Ton" Davis, in the game's first score, ran the ball over the Norcom goal line from the one yard line. Halfback Sebas-tian Collins threw an option pass to Robert Powell, who carried it in for a touchdown. Davis scored twice more, both times with one yard runs. Freshman halfback Charles Harris completed the Presidents' scoring with an 11 yard run late in the game.
    Led by Davis, who picked up 105 yards in 17 carries, the mighty Presidents garnered 376 yards by rushing - their best total of the year.
    The Wilson defense also shone on this gray Saturday afternoon. President defense men intercepted three of Norcom Quarter- back Winfield Copeland's passes, and al-lowed him to complete only four passes. Norcorn's rushing yardage was held to 105 yards.
Wilson 16, Great Bridge 14
Great Bridge, October 23 -
    Wilson ventured to Colon Hall Stadium on
October' 23 with the hope of gaining revenge against the Great Bridge Wildcats. The Wild-cats upset Wilson 31-24 in 1969. It was a different story this time, however.
    Great Bridge scored first with Everette Hardy going over for the touchdown. Wilson matched this score with a Robert Davis touchdown. Disaster struck for Wilson on the kickoff as Elwood Etheridge raced 95 yards untouched for a touchdown. The two point conversion failed and Great Bridge led by only 14-8.
     This set the stage for the winning touch- own. Robert Davis carried it over with little over two minutes remaining. The important two point conversion was carried over by Sebastian Collins and Wilson carried away a 16-14 victory
Defense in action against Deep Creek.
Wilson defeats Maury in Eastern Regional Championship game.
Wilson 26, Cradock 0
Portsmouth, November 20 -
    The Presidents finished their regular 1970 season with a 26 to 0 drubbing of traditional rival Cradock.
    Two plays worked incredibly well for Wil-son on this November night. One was the quarterback keeper plays, and scored one touchdown on a run of 53 yards. The other key play was the halfback pass. Sebastian Collins threw three passes in this situation, and he completed all of them, including one for a touchdown to Robert Powell.
    As usual, the Wilson defense stood out, Holding Cradock scoreless. Senior defensive back Dwight Leonard intercepted a Cradock pass to make it the third straight year in which he has picked off at least one Cradock aerial.
    Most Wilson players and fans thought that this would be the Presidents' last game of the 1970 season. On Thanksgiving Day, However,
A suprising Newport News team defeated the previously undefeated Hampton Crabbers and opened an Eastern Regional playoff berth for Wilson.

S. Austin, G
M. Fagan, T
R. Powell, E
E. Powell, E
T. Mayo, E
R. Frahm, E
Cheerleaders stir crowd during Cradock game.
Players and coaches observe the action.
Wilson 52, Western Branch 22
Portsmouth, October 30 -
    The Western Branch Bruins came to Frank D. Lawrence Stadium with an outside hope of wrecking Wilson's chance for the Southeast- ern District title.
    For three quarters, the President's first team built up a thirty point lead. Then the backups came in and provided a 44 point quarter, each team matching the other with three touchdowns.
    For Western Branch, Junior running back Rochelle Carney was the sparkplug scoring all three touchdowns; one on a kickoff re-turn.
Robert Davis matched Carney with three touchdowns, one of his also on a kickoff return.
    Next years entire backfield played well with quarterback Eddie McSweeney throw-ing for one touchdown and Kenny Vaughn making very good gains on the ground. Robert Davis, Kenny Moody, and Charles Harris will complete next year's backfield.
Wilson 16, Maury 6
Norfolk, December 4 -
     Once again Wilson played the role of
spoiler in the Eastern Regional Championship
game as the Prexies defeated Maury 16 to 6, dashing the Commodores' hopes for a perfect season. In 1968 Wilson accomplished a similar feat by beating previously undefeated First Colonial.
    Maury struck early and scored the first time they had the ball. John Bell scored for the Commodores on a six-yard run. The conver- sion attempt failed, and Maury led six to nothing.
    The last three quarters were another story, as Wilson completely dominated the game. The first President score was an eight-yard touchdown pass from Sebastian Collins to Robert Powell in the second quarter. Ton Davis scored the two point conversion, and Wilson led Maury eight to six.
    In the fourth quarter Robert Powell inter-cepted a Maury pass and ran it back to the Commodores' 35 yard line. Wilson moved the ball down to the Maury 14 yard line. Then Sebastian Collins carried the ball over the goal line for another Wilson touchdown. Davis scored the two point conversion, and Wilson led sixteen to six. Maury was unable to score and the game ended as a sixteen to six Wilson victory. This was Wilson's second Eastern Regional title in three years and made the Presidents the number two team in the state.
Blocking clears the way for a Wilson runner.
Blocking clears the way for a Wilson runner.
W. Bowen, Mgr.
Alvin Ely moves in to stop John Bell.
J. Crodick, Mgr.
R. Griffin, Mgr.
J.V. football team wins seven and  
loses one in 1970 season.
J. V. Football Players

W. Brown, T. Clark, B. Conley, M. Doughtie, G. Earls, C Eley, G. Hamlet, D. Hollowell, M. Hudson, R. Jones, G. Knight, C Lassiter, M. Lilly, M. Lippford, W. Mcf-adden, K Nixon, R. Purifory, D. Quidgeon, A. Rogers, A. Scott, M Scott, P. Smalley, E. Stokes, M. Thompson, S. Thornton, J. Watson, G. Whitt, C. Williamson, G. Williamson, T. Wood, R. Parker, F. Spruill, J. Redmon, L. Thorne, T. Sojourner, J. Moss, L. Bates, R. Jones, R. Perkins, B. Bumyan, C. Wills, L. Brown, M. Norris, C. Morris, W. Edward, R. Griffin, Coach Sweet.
Junior Varsity Football
    The Woodrow Wilson Junior Var- sity football team had another highly successful campaign in 1970. In what was supposed to be a rebuilding season, the JV's won seven games and lost only one.
    The freshman-dominated JV's com-bined a strong defense with an explo-sive offense. Quarterback Mike Lilly was praised by Coach Sweet as being "one of the best young quarterbacks ever produced at Wilson." Top runners on the JV squad were Lester Thorne, playing at the fullback position, and the Reginald Jones, playing as a halfback. The leaders of the defensive squad. were Jimmy Redmon, Carl Williamson, and John Moss. All of these players can be considered Varsity prospects.
    Our congratulations go to Coaches Sweet and Smith and to the entire JV squad for such a fine season.
Season Record
Wilson 26                                     Deep Creek 12
Wilson 24                                    Indian River 22
Wilson 24                                    Great Bridge 12
Wilson 6                                                Maury 32
Wilson 44                                Western Branch 6
Wilson 28                                      Oscar Smith 0
Wilson 22                                       Churchland 0
Wilson 22                                             Cradock 0

Quarterback Lilly looks for receivers.
The J.V's defense shines against Cracock.
Reginald Jones plows through Cradock defenders to pick up yardage.
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