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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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Hopkins and Prince take over basketball coaching
duties in 1970-71.
    The Woodrow Wilson basketball team, under the direction of first year coach Ken Hopkins and assistant coach Wayne Prince, had a record of six wins and thirteen losses in the 1970-71 season. After a disappointing start, the team staged a late season rally and advanced to the Southeastern District tournament.
    The Presidents got off to a poor start, winning only one game before Christmas. The team lacked experience and practice, as most of its members had played football. After the first of the year, however, the team's technique improved and several individuals turned in outstanding efforts. Robert Powell averaged almost 15 points per game. Eddie Powell,
Eddie McSweeney, and Mike Fagan were other outstanding starters.
    A late season rally surprised many people, as Wilson defeated highly rated Maury and lost to Princess Anne by only four points. Johnnie Walton, a former JV player, was an outstanding late season addition to the Wilson varsity squad.

Powell practices the lay up - a valuable shot for any basketball team.
Season Record
Center jump starts the game.
Wilson 52
Wilson 66
Wilson 48
Wilson 73
Wilson 52
Wilson 57
Wilson 58
Wilson 50
Wilson 67
Wilson 55
Wilson 62
Wilson 59
Wilson 79
Wilson 65
Wilson 58
Wilson 71
Wilson 79
Wilson 70
Great Bridge
Western Branch
Indian River
Western Branch
Oscar Smith
Princess Anne
Deep Creek
Great Bridge
Foul shots make the winning difference in several Wilson victories.
Three Bruin defenders form a human wall around Powell.
Mike Fagan shoots for a two-pointer.
Action in the second Western Branch games.
Collins fires a pass over a Western Branch defender.
Eddie Powell
Blaine Clark
Jimmy Harris
Eddie McSweeney
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Mike Fagan
Robert "Baby" Powell
James Whitehead
Bobby Earl Dunn
Donnell Mcintyre
Randolph Long
Wilson gains a berth
in S.E. District
Hopkins discusses game plans with "Baby" Powell and Sebastian Collins.
    The Wilson Presidents, with a 6-12 season record, earned a berth in the Southeastern District basketball tournament at the Frederick
Community College gym.
    Wilson was pitted against Cradock in the opening game of the tournament. The first quarter of this game was a costly one for the Presidents, as Cradock jumped out to a 16 to 10 lead and Robert Powell, the Presidents' leading scorer, fouled out after scoring only nine points.
    The second period was evenly played, and the third period was dominated by Cradock. Eddie McSweeney, however, kept the score close in the third period with his accurate shooting. Wilson, led by Eddie Powell, staged a late rally in the fourth quarter, outs coring Cradock 17 to 11, but Cradock held on and won the game 64 to 60.
Varsity players warm up before the game.
Row 1 - Eddie Powell, Blaine Clark, Mike Fagan, Donnell Mcintyre, Sebastian Collins, James Whitehead, Robert Powell Row 2 - Owen Hudgins, Mgr., Eddie McSweeney, Jimmy Harris, Head Coach Ken Hopkins, Asst. Coach Wayne Prince, Bobby Earl Dunn, Randolph Long
J.V. Basketball Team. runs and
shoots to a 10-8 season.
J.V. Basketball Scores
Wilson 42 Norview 54
Wilson 71 Cradock 54
Wilson 57   Churchland 56
Wilson 47  Norcom 78
Wilson 51       Creat Bridge 41
Wilson 57  Western Branch 56
Wilson 66         Cradock 55
Wilson 52    Crestwood 79
Wilson 65  Indian River 60   overtime
Wilson 52                                Kennedy 70
Wilson 67                     Western Branch 66   overtime
Wilson 73                            Churchland 67   overtime
Wilson 55                         Oscar Smith 153   overtime
Wilson 51                        Princess Anne 48
Wilson 60                           Deep Creek 62
Wilson 47                                 Norcom 74
Wilson 55                                    Maury 86
Wilson 59                          Great Bridge 61

Record 10-8 

Johnny Walton aims for two.
Reginald Jones scores against Oscar Smith.
Row 1 - Reginald Jones; Sammy Cook; Charles Harris; Lesley Thorn; Calvin Roberts; Michael Moore,  Michael Lilly. Row 2 - Tom Riddick; Keith Silvers; Johnny Walton; Robert Earles; Steve Austin; John Moss; Ronald Rhoton; Coach Prince
Robert Earles jumps against the Bruins of Western Branch.
Charles Harris goes in for a layup.
Earles shoots over a Bruin.
      Coach Prince, in his first year as J.V. basketball coach, has molded his team into a winner. Thisyear's team finished with a ten and eight record. Coach Prince was not fully satisfied with this, feeling that more games should have been won.Of the eighteen games the J.V.'s played, twelve were decided in the last two minutes and five were decided in overtime. Their record in games gone into overtime was four wins and one loss, that loss at the hands of Deep Creek.
    Although emphasis is put on winning, the J.V. basketball program's primary objective is  deve-loping players for the varsity program. This year Johnny Walton was placed on the varsity team near the end of the season. He quickly proved himself by scoring in double figures in three of the four games he played. He contributed the winning basket in Wilson's upset of Eastern district rival Maury.
    This year's team was led principally by six players: Johnny Walton, Lesley Thorn, Reginald Jones, Charles Harris, Steve Austin, and Johnny Moss. Walton led the team in scoring with a 14.8 average. He was followed by Reginald Jones with a 13.4 average. Rebounding was left to Steve Austin who had 169 for the season.
Row 1 - Richard Wells, Herb Miller, Andrew Hill, Dwight Moore. Row 2 - Calvin Buck, Keith
Silvers, Calvin Cunningham, Bruce Lal.onde, Fred Jones. Standing - Coach Ken Hopkins
Cross country team shows promise for future.
    Although the cross country team won only two meets this year while losing seven, first-year coach Ken Hopkins has much to be happy about. Of the entire track team, only two runners, Bruce La- Londe and Dwight Moore, are graduating.
    The others will be back next season. Among the more promising of the re- turning runners are Andrew Hill and Herb Miller.
    Inexperience was the major handicap to the team in 1970. Several of the defeats were very close and could easily have gone the other way. In two of these losses the margin was less than five points. These defeats were inflicted by Great Bridge and Deep Creek. Wilson's two victories were over Western Branch and Churchland.

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