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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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Indoor track team
has undefeated
   Under the leadership of Coaches Smith and Bullheller and Captains Ronald Hardy, Dwight Moore, and Bruce LaLonde, the Wilson track team ended its 1971 season proved strong in all fourteen track events and was represented by Howard- Joyner, Alvin Ely, Ronald Hardy, and Bruce La- Londe at the state meet in Lexington on February 27.
   This year some new records were set in track. Howard Joyner set a school record in the high jump with 6'214". Alvin Ely tied the school record in the high hurdles at 6.7 seconds. Ely also set an indoor track record in the broad jump with 20'7Yz". Ely led the track team scoring with 40 points.
   The victories were over Cradock, Western Branch, and Oscar Smith; Norcom forfeited its meet to Wilson.
   Andrew "Sonny" Hill, who runs the hurdles, was considered the best newcomer by Coaches Smith and Bullheller.
High hurdlers practice their technique.
Sprinters Ely and Lalonde.
Row 1 - Aubrey Davis, Bruce Bunyon, Dwight Moore, Michael Blount, Herbert Miller Row 2 - Ray Hollowell, Richard Wells, Andrew Hill, Horace Howard, Moses Harding, Randy Scott, Donald Quidgeon, Donald Coble, Coach Smith Row 3 - Coach Bulheller, Kenny Parsons, Gary Hamlet, Calvin Buck, Bruce Lal.onde, Ronald Hardy, Cecil Eley
Golf team's prospects good for 1971.
Earnest Stokes, Robert Rardon, Dwight Spivey, Coach Beale, Ricky Mattox, Jeff Kliver, Mark Kaler.
Charles Kahler
Ricky Mattox
    Of this year's golf team, Coach Beale says "They look good for four out of eight being freshman."
    Ricky Mattox is the only returning letterman out of four from last year. "Dwight Spivey, returning to Wilson from  school is also a good prospect," says Coach Beale. Both are seniors. "Michael Scanlon and Geoffrey Clyver, both juniors look good for the
team for this year and next year," says the coach.
    Charles Kahler, Robert Rordon, Earnest Stokes, and James Robinson are the freshman on this year's team.
Sumner, Hurwitz, Morris lead 1971 tennis squad.
Row 1 - Jonathan Rivin, Robert Sumner, Mark Kozak, Keith Gettier. Row 2 - Coach McMillan, Alan
Shapiro, Louis Morris, Robert Hurwitz, Jed Levinson
   Coach Phil McMillan assumed coaching duties for the Woodrow Wilson tennis team in 1971 in what promises to be a highly successful year. The team will play ten matches in 1971 against such tough Southeastern District teams as Cradock and Churchland. Their toughest non-district team they will play is Maury. The starters this year will be Louis Morris, Robert Hurwitz, Robert Sumner, Mark Kozak, Jed Levinson, and
Allan Shapiro.
    Finishing second in the southeastern district last year with a seven and three record, the prospect of a higher finish this year and next is enhanced by the fact that the starting lineup is made up of four underclassmen and two juniors.
Sumner eyes his opponent.
Rivin socks it to 'em.
Mike Griffin
Eddie Lilley
Bruce Zirkle
Ton Davis
David Moss
Howard Henry
Louis Bagley
Butch Daniels
Reginald Jones
Johnny Moss
The baseball team for 1971.
Ron Peaks
Roger Cross
David VanDorn
Buddy Miner
Dana McCormick
Coy Godwin
Les Thorne
Glenn Groom
   This promises to be a difficult year for the Wilson Varsity baseball team, but Coach Prince thinks that the team can finish in the top half of the conference.
   Pitching seems to be the question mark hanging over the team this year, but an outstanding effort should be turned in by returning pitcher Dana McCormick. The other pitchers are first year men Glen Croome, Johnny Moss, and Les Thorne.
   Fielding is the team's strong point this year. In the outfield will be Ton Davis, Mike Griffin, Bruce Zirkle, and Ronnie Peaks.
   Eddie Lilley and Rober Cross will play at the first base position, Buddy Minor and Louis Bagley will play at second, Howard Henry and Reginald Jones will play at third, and Coy Godwin and David Van Dorn will be the shortstops. David Moss and Butch Daniels will be the catchers.
   Leading hitters this year should be Bruce Zirkle, David Moss, Eddie Lilley, and Mike Griffin.

Managers: Donnie Narron and Jim Crodick
Coach Prince
The gymnastics team
Row 1 Marsha Spear, Linda Campbell, Bonnie Johnson, Pam Galford, Paula Crawford, Debbie Goodman, Debbie Quidgeon, Row 2 Kathy Wilder, Kathy Harrison, Mitch Anne Dickerson, Clara Sessoms, Sharon Zirkl, Sharon Hobbs, Karen Smith, Row 3 Karen Joyner, Kathy Eddleman, Vickie Mason
    The Gymnastics Team begins practice towards the end of November, and meets every Tuesday and Wednesday evening from seven 0'clock to nine o'clock. The Gymnastics team practices different stunts in order to compete against all girls from the Tidewater area. In February they entered the All-Regional Meet. The girls who won a place went to the state and competed against all girls in Virginia.
    The Gymnastics team also gives an assembly for the W.W.H.5. students, which ends a great year of hard owrk and fun.
Steady now, "Karen"!
makes it big!
Kathy goes up and away . . .

Back straight, toes pointed . . .
Linda does splits on balance beam.
Karen swings with ease.
Presenting Wilson's Modern Dance Team
Row 1. Lillie Smith, Marnishia Moore, Jennifer Speight, Paula Crawford, Sharon Zirkle, Susan Askew,
Jackie McKissick, Debbie Robinson. Row 2. Ann Hall, Lynn Vaughan, Kathy Harrison, Linda Camp-bell, Marsha Spear, Bridget MacKillop, Donna Herring.
Modern Dance conducts warm-up excersises.
Kathy Miller does back-bend.
The hockey team has a big season.
Row 1. Becky Mattox, Pam Galford, Michele Myers, Marsha Spear, Janie Mines, Deborah Goodman.
Row 2. Miss King - coach, Mary Green, Francine Hardy, Veronica Harvey, Brenda Bazemore, Kathy
Eddelman, Karen Smith, Carolynn Staton.
    The hockey team begins practice about three days a week as soon as school starts. The hockey team consists of fifteen girls. To learn new techniques,
they play practice games against other schools. At the end of hockey season, there is a game between all the high schools in Tidewater.  This year the hockey team played three different schools at William and Mary College, ending in a very eventful season. 
    The co-captains of the hockey team are Karen Smith and Mary Green. The coach is Miss Betty King.
    The Modern Dance Club begins practice in January
to prepare for a March assembly. The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon of each week. In the Modern Dance Club, the members learn choreography and how to arrange dances of moods of music. Modern Dance is a way of expressing one's feeling toward another.
    The president of the Modern Dance Club is Marsha
Spear. Their instructor is Mrs. Judith Anderson.
"Show me how," Mrs. Spear.
Oh, the crowds. . . .
That blasted fly!!
Ah! The life of a cheerleader!
Way to go!
The wonderful world of sports at W.W.H.S.!!!
The closer he gets . . .
Have you tried Ban??????
Ohhh! Wonderful Football
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