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Woodrow Wilson
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Class Roster
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1972 Class Roster
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     Dr. M. E. Alford serves as superintendent of Portsmouth Public Schools.  He is the chief executive officer of the school system and Is responsible for the operation of the entire school system. He performs duties required by law and the rules and policies of the School Board.
These Are
Our Leaders

The School Board has nine members who are appointed by the City Council of the City of Portsmouth in accordance with the city charter and the general laws of the State of Virginia. The powers and the duties of the School Board are those that are provided by law. All regular and special meetings are open to the public.  Citizens may address the Board provided they have submitted in writing five days prior to the meeting stating the subject to be discussed.
Seated center: Dr. M. A. Kise, President of Portsmouth School Board. Left to right: George N. Powers, Sr., Robert W. Wentz, Jr., Mrs. Ruby B. Woodall, Clerk of the Board, Robert E. Brinson, Mrs. Bernard Rivin, Dr. Robert W. Adams, Mrs. Hilda Watson, Charles H. Monroe, and Les Fry, Vice President.
John Ryder

Returning for his second year as principal of Wilson is Mr. John Ryder. Before assuming his duties as principal from 1956-1964, he served as athletic di-rector, basketball coach, guidance counselor, and science teacher. In an interview from the PRESIDENT staff, Mr. Ryder said he is very pleased with the school year so far, and he hoped it would be a most meaningful and successful year for both students and faculty.
Mr. Ryder and assistants confer in the hall.
Mr. Savage makes a smash.

Horace Savage

   Although this is Mr. Savage's first year at Wilson, he has been associated with the Portsmouth Public Schools for a number of years. He was head coach at Norcom from 1950-1968 and served as assistant principal at S.H. Clarke and Harry Hunt. He says that Wilson is a pleasant place to work and not too different from any other school. We welcome him to Wilson as one of our assistant principals.
Mr. Morgan helps Andrew Hill with a schedule change.
Edgar Morgan

   We proudly welcome Mr. Morgan for a second year. He taught at Harry Hunt from 1965-1967 and served Highland Biltmore Elementary School as assistant principal. He was principal of Churchland Junior High School from 1968-1970. As assistant principal in charge of instruction, he is working hard to keep Wilson #1. We think he is dOing a good job.
Mrs. Elizabeth Blandford
Mrs. Bettie Costner
Mrs. Gertrude Anderson
Mrs. Betty Freedman
Mrs. Myrtle Jones
Miss Charlotte Beale
Mrs. Helen Huff
Mrs. Grace Rawls
Mrs. Jones explains college boards to Gary Moore.
Can't you find anything good to say about the student, Mrs. Blanford?
Miss Geraldine Adams: Spanish, Spanish Club Sponsor 

Mrs. Frances Allison: D.E. Club Sponsor

Mrs. Judith Anderson: Physical Education, Modern Dance

Miss Charlotte Avery: Dean of Girls

Mr. Mark Bailey, Jr.: I.C.T.

Mr. Howard Beale, Jr.: Machine
Shop, Football, Golf

Mrs. Naomi Bolden: Business

Mrs. Willadean Boyd: Business

Mrs. Mary J. Brady: English,
Speech, Dramatics

Mrs. Woodrow W. Brock:

Mrs. Dorothy Bryce: Physical

Mrs. Fae Buckley: Vocal Music,
Choral Director

Mrs. Powell helps S.C.A. make Wilson No.1!
Mr. Barry Bunn: Physical Science, Biology

Mr. Paul Butler, Jr.: Government

Mrs. Marquerite Chiswell: World History, Sociology

Miss Christine Clark: American History, World History
Never a dull moment in Mrs. Chiswell's Sociology class.
Cindy Whitley presents Mrs. Cowan with an apple on Appreciation Day.
Mrs. Corey helps Cynthia with Geo-graphy information.
"I didn't do it!"
Mrs. Mildred Clarke: Health and Physical Education

Mr. Wade Clement: I.C.T., V.I.C.A. Sponsor

Mrs. Hattie Cooper: English, Court of Honor
Miss Jacqueline Cooper: English, THE PRESIDENT Staff Advisor

Mrs. Barbara Copeland: Mathematics, Senior Class Advisor

Miss Beverly Copeland: Physical Education, Hockey Team, Modern Dance

Mrs. Jean Corey: Librarian

Miss Mary Cowan: Stenography

Mrs. Leathia Cox: World Geography, F.T.A. advisor

Mrs. Emma Curlee: Home

Mrs. Dorothy Darden: Mathematics, Math Club, Department Head

Left: Mr. Ellis can't find the United States.
Right: Now class, repeat after me
Teachers gathering energy for their next class.
Mr. Bailey helps Wendy and Sharon with a purchase from the bookstore.
"Thank goodness it's Friday."
Mrs. Barbara Davis: Business

Mrs. Dorothy Diggs: English

Mrs. Annie Edwards: Chemistry, Science Club Sponsor, Department Head

Mr. Thomas French: History, Geography, PRESIDENT Staff Advisor
Mr. Ralph Gahagan: Physical Education, Head Football Coach
Mrs. Ethel Foreman: Bi-ology
Miss Adams checks
student's work in
Spanish class.

Mr. Ruzek enjoys the refreshments at the faculty meeting.
Isn't it fun to get together?
Mrs. Dorothy Gallop: Business, Freshman Class Advisor

Mr. Charles Glickman: Govern-ment, World Geography

Mrs. Alma Hall, English

Mr. Richard Henderson: Distributive Education

Mr. Vincent Hinton: Industrial Arts

Mrs. Susan Hipp: World Geo- graphy, Forensics Sponsor 

Mrs. Maria Hudgins, Biology, J.V. Cheerleader, Advisor

Mr. William Ivy, World Geography,
American History
Right: Mr. Joyner points out mistake to Algebra II class. Left: Teachers enjoy lunch in faculty cafeteria.