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1972 Memories
1972 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1972 Class Roster
Class Roster
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1972 Class Roster
Pride, Practice, Determination Describe Presidents
Presenting the offense of the mighty Presidents. They led the state in scoring with 412 points.
Coach Gahagan gets the job done.
A spirit of desire was with them every play.
The defense, always ready to make the hit.
"Little Les" Thorne runs through the line against Granby.
Let's get nice and loose, men.
Victory is just in our grasp.
Coach Beale gives the defensive signals from the sidelines.
McSweeney gets mentally ready before tne Norcom game.
The captains of the 1971 "Fighting Presidents," Steve Philbrick and Kenny Moody
Wilson Wins Second Straight
Southeastern District Title
Row 1: Leslie Thorne, Robert "Baby" Powell, Mike Atkins, Curt Baker, Robert "Ton" Davis, Thomas Mayo, Mike Newby, Mike Vaughan. Row 2: Richard Frahm, Eddie McSweeney, James Whitehead, Mike Lawson, Kenny Moody, Steve Philbrick, Mike Fagan, Eddie Powell, Kenny Parsons, Donald Quidgeon. Row 3: Steve Austin, Coy Godwin, Mike Lilley, John Moss, Jimmy Redmon, James Robinson, Lawrence Bates, Mike Hudson, Cecil Eley. Row 4: Bruce Bunyan, Butch Daniels, George Williamson-manager, Assistant Coach Howard Beale, Head Coach Ralph Gahagan, Assistant Coach Jim Sherrill, Jim Crodick-trainer, Carl Williamson, Charles .Harris
Fighting Presidents do their thing at pep rally.
A solemn and silent atmosphere as a lion before the kill.
"Ton" adds one more to state scoring crown.
That's alright "Baby", we'll get the ball back.
"Ton" takes the handoff behind Les Thorne's block.
Way to throw that ball, Mac.
Steve Philbrick
Kenny Moody
Curt Baker
Coy Godwin
Thomas Mayo
Mike Lawson
Mike Atkins
Leslie Thorne
Richard Frahm
Butch Daniels
Mike Fagan
Robert "Baby" Powell
Eddie McSweeney
Kenny Parsons
The superstar in action. "Ton" does his thing against Cradock.
Butch Daniels gets attention by the managers. Every ounce of desire was put in by the "Mighty Presidents".
One of the few times Buzz Atkins gets to punt.
Robert "Ton" Davis
Eddie Powell
Charles Harris
Steve Austin
Davis goes around left end for yardage against Granby.
Do like I told you now, and we can win this one.
Mike Lilley
Mike Vaughan
"Ton" hits paydlrt against Granby.
Bruce Bunyan
Lawrence  Bates
John Moss
Mike Newby
The play Is split right, dive right.
James Whitehead
Cecil Eley
Donald Quidgeon
Carl Williamson
The play Is split right, dive right.
Here, I don't want it, you take it.
We're going to win this game tonight.
Lilley puts it in the air against Maury.
Ton" always draws a crowd.
Mike Hudson
Jim Crodick
Wilson Defeats Maury 22-6 in Eastern Regional
Maury player, Donell Leigh, is downed after the kickoff.
Touchdown Wilson!!!
Kenny Moody drives Wilson further towards a score.
Let's get those two points, fellas!
"Ton" Davis runs through the line with superb blocking from Steve Philbrick.
The spirit behind the team, managers George Williamson and Larry Brown.
Wilson 1971

    The 1971 Presidents won their third
Eastern Regional championship in the last
four years. They possessed an overwhelming offense and a good defense.
They led the state in scoring with 412 points. Robert "Ton" Davis tied the state scoring record with 171 polnts, Robert "Baby" Powell again won All-America honors. One by one, the Presidents defeated their opponents. Western Branch, Church land, Indian River, and Norview were easily defeated. The Presidents got rolling in October defeating Oscar Smith, Deep Creek, and Great Bridge. Norcom was a different story however. The Greyhounds stunned the Presidents by defeating them 20-8. It was Wilson's only regular season loss.
    Victories over Cradock and Granby reserved an Eastern Regional berth for the
Presidents. The Presidents defeated Maury 22-6 in the Regional game, thus advancing to the State Semi-Final game against T.C. Williams. The Titans proved to be too powerful, however, as they defeated Wilson 36-14.
   There were many outstanding players on the team. Steve Philbrick, Mike Fagan,
Robert Powell, and Robert Davis were named to the All-Eastern, All-State, AII-Tidewater, and All-Metro team. Eddie Powell was also named to the All-Metro team. Mike Lawson was named to the All-Southeastern team. The co-captains, Kenny Moody and Steve Philbrick, im-pressed everyone with their leadership ability.
Confident of victory, the Prexies relax at the half
Having been injured, Donald can only watch Wilson stomp Maury.
Junior Varsity Football Team of 1971
Row 1: George Hicks, Mike Shambly, Gregory Faircloth, Geno Bazemore, Veldon Steel, Clay James, Maurice Carey, Gene Jones. Row 2: Andrew Hill, Bruce Irvin, Junius Watson, Warren Phillips, Mike Jenkins, Mike Lipford, Bruce Conley, Lee Peters, Steve Burgess. Row 3: Coach Sweet, Gary Whitt, Mark Hudson, Stanley Thornton, Scott Moore, Bobby Allison, Ernest Stokes, Mike Davis, Mitchell Doughtie. Row 4: Ernest Myrick, Carl Webster, Steve Bynum, Tim Wood, Gary Chadwick, Victor Harris, Michael Scott, Angelo Scott, Managers-Larry Brown, Buzzy Williamson.
Coach Sweet gives advice to running backs during a critical game against Cradock.
    The jun ior varsity football team posted a 2-3-1 season in 1971, but the record does not really reflect their fine ability. Coach Earl Sweet described the J.V.'s as "a very physical team." They had a strong defense and a good offense but couldn't seem to put it all together. The most notable game of the year was a 40 to 0 win over
Indian River.
    One of the J.V.'s strong points was their running
attack. Stanley Thornton, Mike Lipford, Clay James, and Mike Jenkins were the leading rushers. Another of their good features was their strong front line. Michael Scott, Angelo Scott, Maurice Carey, "Saint" Watson, Veldon Steel, Mitch Doughtie, Bruce Conley, and Gary Whitt were the best linemen.
    There were weaknesses, however, The offense could push the ball downfield but had trouble scoring. The defense was vulnerable to the end run.
    The team was coached by Earl Sweet and Joe Langston, a newcomer to Wilson.
Junior Varsity in Action
Halfback Mike Jenkins finds daylight.
Halfback Mike Lipford drives for yardage.
Our detenee smothers a Cradock player.
Quarterback Victor Harris calls signals.
Clay James grabs pitchout.
Coach Sweet gives tips to the defense.
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