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1972 Sports
1972 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1972 Class Roster
Class Roster
Stella Caravas
Homecoming Queen
Kathy West
Homecoming Queen: Stella Caravas
Maid-of-Honor: Kathy West
Senior Attendant: Marion Bazemore
Senior Attendant: Maureen Mihilasky
Junior Attendant: Terry Manley
Junior Attendant: Christine Copeland
Stella is escorted by Richard Yarbrough.
Marion is escorted by Durwin Cromwell.
Maureen is escorted by 
Phillip Stallings.
This is the 1971 Homecoming Court.
Kathy is escorted by Harrell Pittman.
Christine is escorted by Randy Long.
Mr. Ryder and Roddy take their places on the field.
Terry is escorted by Danny Rollins.
The Girls
And Their Escorts
Wilson Twirlers Add Zest to Band
Left to right: Theresa Trowbridge, Susan Gray, Barbara Hudson, Holly Marshall, Connie Smith, Donna Wilkinson-Head Majorette, Lillian Thayer-Head Majorette, Vickie Waycaster, Connie Donaldson, Mitch Ann Dickerson, Gail Mozelle
Donna Wilkinson
Lillian Thayer
Vickie Waycaster
Barbara Hudson
Theresa Trowbridge
Mitch Ann Dickerson
Holly Marshall
Connie Donaldson
Gail Mozelle
Connie Smith
Susan Gray
    The WWHS Majorettes were led this year by Donna Wilkinson and Lillian Thayer. They strove to promote school spirit, and the results of their year-round practice was seen at assemblies, parades, and half time shows. During the homecoming game, the majorettes twirled fire batons.
    Mix-up day of Spirit Week had a new twist. The majorettes and cheerleaders exchanged roles during the assembly. The result of this was tremendous fun.
    An out-of-town trip with the band to Baltimore was a highlight of the year. All-in-all, the majorettes, the band, and Mr. Ruzek had a very successful year.
Terri Piland
Vanessa Wynn
Marion WilIiams
Vickie Mitchell
Caronne Ellis
Lisa Jester
Lorenzo Hainsworth
Puredi Hillary
Linda Garrett
Pam Wright
Valeria Mitchell
Albert Spencer
Patricia Walton
Mary Writesel
Dorothy Douglas
Carlene Scales
Kay Johnson
Joceylin Peet
Marsha Gallop
Andrea Patterson
Debra Powell
Marilyn Hawkins
Sandra Gallop
Shelia Edwards
Broderick Morse
George Cotsimopoulos
Debra Johnson
Dee Mollenauer
Vickie Bebout
Kendall Gree
Chris Early
Clifford Clark
Mike Fagan
Mike Price
Larry Eakin
Mike Peters
Jessie Worrell
Billy Coburn
John Kauffman
James Dalla Villa
Johnny Walton
Philip Stallings
Tommy Sledge
Larry Griffin
Tom Bradley
Vernon Goodrum
John James
David Canon
Carmen Silmon
Debbie McDaniel
James Little
Winston Pearson
Jo Lynn Brown
James Scales
Carl Williamson
Moses Hardie
Dwain Hewitt
Kelvin Riddick
Gary Witherow
Tony Bumgardner
Robert Brooks
Bill Rabba
David Watson
Jeff James
Ricky Carmack
Vincent Dunn
James Matthews
James Milligan
Mike Wilkins
Cheryl Jennings
Karl Morissette
Steve Simpson
Garcia Ridgeway
Soloman Lopez
Kingsley Howard
Connie Donaldson
Wilson works with Norcom to perform joint pre-game display.
Dwain Hewitt sounds off at football half time show.
Drummers keep in the line during morning practice.
Wilson band lines up for half time pageantry at Cradock.
Band prepares to perform at half time.
During the past football season, the band presented a new innovation in its half time shows-DANCING. Under the capable leadership of Drum Major Lorenzo Hainsworth, they performed many spectacular gyrations.  Who at Wilson could forget the first performance of Issac Hayes' "Shaft" arranged especially for the band by two students at Norfolk State College? Don't think, however, that the band's work ended with the half time shows. There was ALWAYS something going on-whether it was parades or concerts. And if you don't believe that, then just ask a band member why he carried that odd-looking case around with him constantly.

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