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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
    The doors opened again and a new eighth grade class entered "the maze".  A new gunch of seniors prepared for a busy year of meetings and other projects.  I guess you could say " it all came together."
Right: Say it. Don't say it." says Mr. Rich-ards.
Below: The eye of the storm.
Below - Right: I'll take that one and that one.
Covergirl watch out! Shirley Anthony is ready with that "show us you smile" pose.
Drum Major, Troy Vincent, during a pep rally.
Some of the benefits of teaching are seen by Mr. Midgett at a pep rally as he watches our cheerleaders.
          The Homecoming  Court and their escorts.
Above: Cheerleaders relax after a long prac-tice
Below: Yes, even libratians!
Left: Mrs. Rogerson working hard for our school..
Above: Mr. Mills helps draft the school rules.
Above: Mr. Simons remembers the summer.
   It's hot.  Record temperatures had already lasted a week when prep-arations began.  Band members marched in the parking lot where temperatures were over a hundred.  Cheerleaders practiced under trees closer to the school.
   Inside, teachers opened up their rooms and prepared for the students.  They decorated their rooms and prepared handouts.  The office staff had worked all summer getting the forms ready.  Now the students were about to come back.
Above: Carol Danner, sponsor
Top Right: Eve Goldblatt, captain
Bottom Right: Tabatha Smith, co-captain
This year's varsity cheerleading squad consists of twlve girls who worked all summer to become the "Pride an Joy" of Woodrow Wilson High School.  Under the supervision of Carol Danner, these girls have worked to raise money by having car washes, donut, key chain, T-shirt and Numerous other sales.  They began practice in early summer and still work at cheering our teams on to victory.
Shirley Anthony
Kelly Bishop
Penny Chappell
Becky Ferguson
Kim Landy
Tracy Parnell
Tonja Payne
Michelle Rodgers
Anita Westmoreland
Donna Wilkerson
Seniors on the Varsity Cheering Squad.
Tabatha can't bear to watch, butit doesn't seem to bother Kelly and Eve.
Varsity Cheerleaders play around while getting read to cheer.
We must've made a good play!
These cheerleadersb show the Wilson style . . . a smile.
Sandy Palmer, sponsor
Sandy Palmer 
Monica Baker
Cindy Burkett
Suzanne Hamilton
Angela Lester
Amy Mateo
Wendy Peed 
Christine Seigler
Dana Westmoreland
Cheryl Britt, 
Shannon Parnell, captain
J.V.'s at practice over the summer.
   Who's got the spirit?
   Just look around and you will see and hear the J.V. Cheerleaders.  This is a hard-working, cooperative group of 12 girls who have worked diligently all year.  With help of the Varsity Cheerleaders, the J.V.'s have a really learned to "Shout it Out."  During Football, Basketball and Wrestling seasons theyput forth great effort in leading cheers to build enthusiasm in the stands.
    During The varsity football games, the J.V.'s sold programs and had various money making projects such as car washes and selling shakers, T-shits, key chains and pennants.  They reall worked hard to earn money to get new uniforms.
   So, if anyone asks you, "Whos got spirit?", you can say the J.V. Cheerleaders have it.