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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
   For Kim this night may have been some-thing she has dreamed about since entering High School.  Knowing she was selected by her peers and school mates, may be a memory she'll treasure for many years to come.  One thing is certain however, as she goes through this book in years to come, she will remember this night in her life as a very special one.
Kim Landy and Tracy Parnell show us the spirit of Homecoming by  the smiles on their faces.
The rose is red, the colo5rs are blue and orange - - - one signafies love the other loyality . . . let that be enough said.
  This years homecoming was not totally unlike the ones it follows.  As in the past, a beautiful and bright young lady was crowned and honored with the distinction of being our Queen.  Our team played with desire and enthusiasm; there was a winner and a loser, only by virture of the total numbers on the scoreboard.  This year our numbers happened to be 1 more than our opponents.  Our band offered us the mood and rhythm to further enhance this special occasion.  And then there is the crowd, sometimes orderly, and sometimes not, but always spirited.  Now for this year it is over, except for the memory and the anticipation of next year,
Future  Covergirl!
Latest fads from Paris.
Roses are red.
Violets are redder.
I'll give you a smilee,
but a hug would be better.
  If we had  the chance to do it all again, would we take chance to do it all again.  And it's the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the wat we were.
above: Anticipation!
Crowing the Queen of 83-84.
left: Dashing, dazzling, and devestating duo.
above: Dim all the lights . . .
above: Don't you think we should of dressed a little for the occasion.
Memories light the corners of our minds.
Misty, watered colored memories, of the way we were.
Scattered pictures of the times we left behind, times we will remem- 
ber, of the way we were.
Mrs. Carol Danner, sponsor
Kim Landy
Tracy Parnell
Becky Ferguson
Penny Chappell
Anita Westmoreland

Lisa Watson

Tammy Gray

Sheryl Britt

Dana Westmoreland

Cindy Burkett

Kim Riddick

Trudi Morton

   The Varsity Cheerleaders of '84-85 have been a hard working group.  With Kim Landy as captain and Tracy Parnell and Becky Ferguson as co-captains the squad has cheered on the football team, basketball team, the wrestling team, and promoted school spirit.
   The seniors of the squad are Kim Landy, Tracy Parnell, Becky Ferguson, Penny Chappell, Anita Westmoreland, Lisa Watson, and Tammy Gray; the juniors are Dana Westmoreland, Sheryl Britt, Cindy Burkett, Kim Riddick, Yvette Fagan, and Angela Boomer, the sophomores are Shannon Parnell, Susanne Hamilton, and Trudi Morton.
   Mrs. Danner, the sponsor, has been very supportive and understanding of the group and helped them get new uniforms this year.  The squad has had fund raisers such as car wash, selling homecoming flowers, and others.
Ms. Sandy Palmer, sponsor
Angela Lester Captain
Sheryl Matthews Co-Captain
Amy Archer
Donna Hedge
Angi Vanderpool
Teresa Ashbury
Melissa Nixon
Calena Ivey

Wanda Bradshaw
The J.V. Cheerleaders perform for the student body during a pep rally.
Top to Bottom, left to right: Angela Lester, Amy Archer, Calena Ivy,  Angi Vanderpool, Leresa Ashbury, Donna Hedge, Wanda Bradshaw,
Chevelle Amaker, Amy Lakar, Seryl Matthews, Melissa Nixon.
   Spirit abounds in the land of Prexies thanks to help of the J.V. Cheerleaders.  This peppy group of fifteen girls put in many hours of practice in order to promote spirit and enthusiasm among the student body. With the hep of the Varsity Cheerleaders the J.V.'s have definately learned to "Shout it Out".
    During the home Varsity football games, the J.V.'s sold football programs and throughout the year held car washes and sold shakers.  The money helped allieviate the debt of new uniforms for the Varsity Cheerleaders. Hopefully, a cheering clinic will be held by the cheerleaders this summer to help neighborhood squads and any interested girl between the ages of 6 and 12.