1986 Class Roster
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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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1986 Sports
1986 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1986 Class Roster
Class Roster
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The 1985 Homecoming Queen, Angela Williams and her escort.
Homecoming court anxiously awaits half-time ceremonies. 
Candidates for Queen with their escorts. 
Where's Stephanie? 
Anita Bazemore dazzles her audience. 
M. Porter, A. Crawford, D. Westmoreland, C. Burkett, A. Boomer, M. Baker, D. Madison, T. Morton, D. Darden, D. Gooch, C. Benton, S. Parnell, D. Hedge, A. Vanderpool, M. Dunston 
Go! Go! Let’s Go! 
The Pride and Joy! 
Dallas Cheerleaders eat your heart out.
 Varsity Cheerleaders give Dallas Cheerleaders competition.
Mary Beth and Angie listen for the next cheer. 
Mrs. Danner is touched. 
J. Schneider, B. Faivre, S. Matthews, T. Ashbury, A. Lester, J. Morgan, T. Gordon, F. Moody, S. Gray, A. Archer, A. Mateo, S. Granger, L. Sturgis, C. Eures, C. Grandison 
Lara says "Please not me."
Amy's thoughts drift away. 
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It's lonely at the top. 
Row 1: K. Foreman, D. Vaughn, M. Tyler, S. Parnell, W. Peed, T. Potea, D. Hedge, D. Thomas. Row 2: K. Allen, A. Vanderpool, B. Newsome, C. Herrod, B. Montague, J. Greiner, J. Parrish, D. Darden, G. Knowles, B. Bates. Row 3: D. Gray, S. Brown, S. Lewis, S. Perkins, A. Morgan, B. Jackson, D. Harrington, D. Newberry, B. Rickett
Students pose for a picture at UVA.
   The Student staff consists of the following students and positions: Editor-in-chief, Shannon Parnell; Associate Editors, Greg Knowles and Todd Pittman; Business Managers, Charlie Williams and Kevin Allen; Sports Editors, Jamie Greiner, Steven Brown, and Brett Jackson; Feature Editors, Angie Vanderpool, Wendy Peed, and Trudi Morton The Student is sponsored by Mrs. Ella P. Ward and Miss Marion Ransom.