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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, Virginia
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Spirit, vigor, and loyalty . . .
these add up to our Varsity Cheerleaders.
Sharon Wagner, Co-Captain

Smile - you're entering the tunnel of cheer
Laurey Smith, Co-Captain

    "All for Wilson High stand up and holler!" Sound familiar? The Varsity Cheerleaders areone of Woodrow Wilson's liveliest organiza-tions.  They boosted school spirit and helped promote good sportsmanship throughout the year by sponsoring pep rallies and victory dances. Also, they organized spirit weeks at Wilson and before each football game saw to it that all football players were remembered with favors. On assembly days they increased student enthusiasm with their rousing pep rallies. Before each game their go-get-tern signs were noticeably displayed in the halls. Truly these girls are a vital part of life at WWHS.
Marsha Johnson
Mary Harrell
Wanda Berry
Even little ones are spirited.
Karen Davis
Susan Fender
Beckie Sandie
Kathy Mason
Marcia Lewis
Zealous J.V. Cheerleaders
rouse their teams to victory
We've got spirit.
How about you?

    The JV Cheerleaders, sponsored by Miss May Gilliam, have been outstanding this year - assisting the Varsity Cheerleaders by cheering in the stands at varsity games, as well as leading cheers for JV games.
    Two of their money-making projects during the year were the sale of homecoming flowers and the sale of programs at all varsity football games. When these girls try out for the varsity squad next year, they are certain to make an excellent showing.

J.V.'s welcome the Class of  '74.
Kneeling: Patty Groene - Co-captain, Nancy Heely - Co-captain Standing: Carol Short, Kathy Mercer, Denise Harness, Jenni Mason, Debbie Kincaid, Pam Glover, Beverly Franks, Leslie O'Connor, Lana Saunders, Cathy Gatling
Co-Captain Ginger Wyant
Co-Captain Susan Branon
Donna Wilkinson, Penny Rogerson, Gloria Eure, Vicki Waycaster, Lillian Thayer, Ginger Wyant, Susan Branon, Barbara Hudson.Janice Dockery, Connie Smith, Holly Marshall.
Donna Wilkinson
Connie Smith
Holly Marshall
Lillian Thayer
Vicki Waycaster
Penny Rogerson
Gloria Eure
Janice Dockery
Barbara Hudson
Majorettes step high.

Led this year by Susan Branon and Ginger Wyant, the majorettes of Woodrow Wilson High School strove to perfect their twirling routines.  Practice was a year 'round task, and it paid dividends obvious to everyone who saw them perform in assemblies and at football games to such tunes as "Aquarius," "The Horse," and "The Stripper.
    If, in the beginning of the year, anyone ever ven'tured to look out in the cold mist of first period to the area behind the tennis courts, he would likely see the band putting in an
hour's worth of hard work preparing for a football game, Others might sit in class and tap their feet to the beat of "Aquarius" or other band favorites. Later in the year, it was time for the Christmas parade; and everyone knew what that meant - a few bars of "Jingle Bells" followed by "THE HORSE"!! But by this time the band was inside working on
its Christmas Concert which included a salute to Beethoven
on his birthday.
    The highlight of the season was the Christmas Assembly.
As students were listening to "Overture of 1812" (alias "This Is the Cereal That's Shot from Guns") they found the stage nearly covered with multicolored streamers. But, as band members know, it was back to work to prepare for Band Festival (competition between area bands), the Spring
Concert, and later back to the field for more parades. Anyway you look at it, band members are always hard at work perfecting their performances,
Donald H. Ruzek, Conductor

  Flute                                                                          Bassoons                                                                      Baritone
*Therese Jester                                                          *Vincent Pitt                                                                  *Mike Reid
  Vickie Garrison                                                        *Stephen Bradshaw                                                        Jo Lynn Callis
  Regina Walker                                                            Broadrick Morse                                                           Ricky Sirico
  Terri Piland                                                                 Pat Perry                                                                        James Scales
  Barbara Hudson                                                                                                                                                Gary Owens
  Vickie Mitchell                                                          Alto Saxophone
   Lisa Jester                                                              *Robert Smith 
  Caronne Ellis                                                            Mike Price                                                                       Trombones
                                                                                    Eugene Hardy                                                                *David Sumner 
 Oboe                                                                          Kendall Green                                                                *Marvin Bacote
 Cecil Whitfield                                                          Chris Early                                                                       Dwain Hewitt 
 Norma Pond                                                              Clifford Clark                                                                  Bill Rabba  
 Robin Howell                                                            Mike Williams                                                                 Moses Hardie 
                                                                                                                                                                              Kelvin Riccick
 Clarinet                                                                     Tenor Saxophone                                                           Gary Witherow
  Lorenzo Hainsworth                                              *Ellis Hilton                                                                       Tony Bumgarner
*Keith Bailey                                                            *Bradley Spiers 
  Puredi Hillary                                                                                                                                                     Bass 
*Linda Garrett                                                            Baritone Saxophone                                                      Roderick Coles 
  Pam Wright                                                               Mike Fagan                                                                      James Mathews 
  Jeff Mobley                                                                                                                                                        Jeff James
  Sandra Gallop                                                          Trumpet                                
  Valerie Mitchell                                                        James Dalla-Villa                                                             Percussion 
  Judy Chrisman                                                         Johnny Walton                                                              *Jay Rule                             Debbie Jones                                                            Eddie Spence                                                                 *Johnny Miller 
  Betty Sykes                                                              Larry Eakin                                                                       Paul Canon
  Dorothy Douglas                                                                                                                                               Mike Wilkins 
  Mary Writsel                                                            Coronets                                                                           Brooks Hall
  Donna Galloway                                                    *James Humphrey                                                            Bill Gaddy
  Debbrah Johnson                                                     John Kauffman                                                               Steve Utley  
  Kathy Johnson                                                       *Bill Brooks                                                                       Steve Simpson
  Belinda Martz                                                           Mike Peters                                                                      Cheryl Jennings
  Becky Mattox                                                           Mike Lane                                                                        Gail Mozelle
  Kay Nixon                                                                Alan Pinkerman                                                               Larry Goode
  Patricia Walton                                                         Jessie Worrell                                                                   Karl Marrisette
  Carlene Scales                                                          Tom Bradley                                                                    Garcia Ridgeway
  Paula Sykes                                                              Donald Wilkerson                                                            Karl Liljegren
  James Belcher                                                          Allan Gergoire                                                                  Alan Whitlow
  George Cotsimopoules                                            Charles Hurst 
                                                                                    Phillip Stallings                                                                Drum Major
  Alto                                                                           James Turner                                                                 *John Miller
  Cornell Wells                                                            Billy Coburn 
  Wendel Spence                                                                                                                                                   Drum Lieutenants 
                                                                                    French Horns                                                               *Keith Baily
  Bass Clarinet                                                        *Kenny Sykes                                                                 *Vincent Pitt
*Dwight Leonard                                                    *Wendlin Cary
  Dee Mollenaurer                                                      Carmen Silmon
  Vickie Bebout                                                          David Canon
                                                                                    Debbie McDaniel
  Contra Bass Clarinet                                            William Hilton
  Carrie Padden                                                          Mike Lipford

Librarian - Waverly Clark                                         Announcer - Rick Wyron                                                 *=Seniors

Mr. Ruzek directs the band during the Christmas Assembly.
The band entertains at halftime.
Presidents and First Ladies
Row 1: Robin Rader, Gay Mabe, Sandy Ellis, Cindy Lewis, Debbie Ames, Row 2: Janice Roberson, Marsha Johnson, Cheryl Berry, Melinda Daniels, Sharon LeDoyen, Karen Smith; Row 3: Danny Rollins, Carl Vaughn, Barry Smith, Doug Thompson; Row 4: Larry Pittman, Donnie Willhoite, Roy Polson, Tim Pague, Eddie Lilley
President's and First Ladies entertain at the teacher's Christmas party.
The group sings at numerous assemblies.
The orchestra
varies its

    The Orchestra of Woodrow Wilson High School, under the direction of Mr. Michael Laguta, meets sixth period in the band room. Realizing the varied tastes and moods of people who enjoy music, the orchestra plays everything from Bach to Bacharach.
    The group gives concerts during the year and spends many hours practicing. Most of the members of the orchestra begin their training in junior high school so that they are well pre-pared to participate in the Woodrow Wilson High School Orchestra.
Woodrow Wilson High School Orchestra Members

  1st Violins                                  Violas                           Trumpet
  John Williams - Concertmaster      Linda Bard                   James Dalla Villa
  Billy Powell                                Janice Davis                 Larry Easkin
  Vickie Waycaster                       Carolyn Stanton           John Kauffman
  Novella West                              Brenda Gallop              Ellis Hilton
  Mark Coberly                                                                   Bill Brooks
  Debbie Askew                           Cellos
  Donna Stewart                           David Moss                    French Horn
  Vickie Johnson                          Theodore Gregory          Carmen Silmon
  Angela Ausby                            Richard Todd                  Kenneth Sykes
  Horace Howard                         Marty Furan
                                                      James Mulligan              Trombone
  2nd Violins                                Emmersene West           David Sumner
  Sharon Barnett                           Michael Boone               Michael Reid
  Kathy Delcambre                       Michael Moore
  Barry Staton                               Cassandra Goodwyn     Percussion
  Steven Harrell                             Sabrina Carey                Johnny Miller
  Kathy Williams                                                                  Jay Rule
  Patricia Rowe                             Basses
  Roland Sunkins                          Dennis Moss                  Flute
  Sherrye Sheffield                        John Moss                     Barbara Hudson
  Bonita Mills                                Will March                     
  Junius Watson                                                                    Oboe
                                                      Clarinet                          Vincent Pitt
  Bass Clarinet                            Puredi Hillary
  Dwight Leonard                         Lorenzo Hainsworth      Bassoon
                                                      Keith Bailey                    Steve Bradshaw
Mixed Chorus
1st Row - Cindy Hudgins, Marcia Lewis, Kathy Snowden, Patricia Cox, Paula Crawford, Cindy Lewis, Gay Mabe, Mrs. Fae Buckley, Joanne Braman, Bonnie Bittner, Laura Price, Laurel Cook, Martha Campbell, Edna Johnson, 2nd Row - Kathy Bennett, Connie Smith, Marsha Johnson, Robyn Rader, Louise Early, Kathy Keast, Barbara Roby, Karen Smith, Diane Loomis, Dianna Branch, Cathy Carter, Sharon Zirkle, Kathy Thompson, Leslie Nugent, Debbie Ames. 3rd Row - Amy [aenntte, Cheryl Berry, Sharon leDoyea, Susan Brannon, janice Roberson, Melinda Daniels, Sandy Ellis, Sandy Curnutte, Bonnie Early, Diane Brantley, Pat Padgett, Gail Ballentine, Karen Davis, Liz Cobb, Sharon johnson, 4th Row - Peggy Heely, Fernece Sykes, Colonuis Rawlings, Clarence Skyes, Thomas Russell, Frank Coble, Samuel Brandon, Ronnie Lewis, Eddie Lilley, Monty Gilbert, Doug Thompson, Gary Antonucci, Barry Smith, Kathy Miller, Sandy Garner, Bridget McKillop. 5th Row - Tim Harrell, Ricky Gilbert, Herbert Griggs, Phil Inscoe, Roy Hall, Carl Vaughan, Roy Polsin, Steve Vass, Tim Pague, Donnie Willhoite, Barry Credle, Alanzo Taylor, Russell Patterson, Quinton Parker.

    The Vocal Department of WWHS is one group that remained busy throughout the year. Under the direction of Mrs. Fay Buckley, the various groups gave school concerts, entertained at many civic functions, and assisted with the musical "My Fair Lady."
    The Presidents and First Ladies are a group of twen-ty-one who represented Wilson at many luncheons, ban-quets, and community events throughout the entire year. The Mixed Chorus is a group of about sixty students who participated in various school concerts throughout the year, including two Lancaster Scholarship concerts. The Girls Chorus consists of approximately twenty-five girls. These girls have represented the school at several civic functions, the Lancaster concerts and they have learned many new things about singing.
    Membership to the above three groups is obtained by
satisfactory audition with the director.
    The Boys and Girls Glee Clubs do not require an audi-tion.
    These groups participate in school concerts and learn
how to better develop their voices.
    To be a member of the WWHS Vocal Department is an honor, and is regarded as such by all involved.
Mrs. Buckley helps students prepare for a song fest.
Girls' and Boys' Glee Club
Girls' and Boys' Glee Club
Row 1 - Terri Patterson, Franchone Boston - Secretary, Melonie Askew - Treasurer, Mrs. Buckley, Debbie Trowbridge Assistant Secretary, Alicia Ames President, Linda Pigg. Row 2 - Rosa Burnett, Diane Wilder, Mitch Ann Dickerson, Jacquelyn Creekmore, Amy Norvell, Linda Deans, Virginia Crawford. Row 3 - Connie Benson, Sharon Elliott, Debbie Isenhower, Susan Sitzler, Nancy Pollock, Gwen Stewart, Janet Parker. Row 4 - Joseph Brown, Carmen johnson, Karen Brown, Regina Washington, Betty Mason, Gene Earls, Helen Hatche. Row 5 Anthony Jones - Treasurer, Marvin Brown - Secretary, Bob Baker, Ed Grace, Jeffery Perry, Roosevelt Armstrong, Ronald Raynor, Mike Edwards - President.

Row 1 - Diane Clark, Brenda Daniels, Barbara Herring, Becky Edwards, Terri Goldman, Susan Spivey, Lynn Vaughan, Evelyn Black, Mrs. Buckley - Advisor, Kathy Cole - Accompanist. Row 2 - Alethia Wilson, J. J. Banks, Mamie Davis, Dottie Griggs, Lori Gardner, Kathy Mercer, Carolyn Shifflett, Teresa Whitehurst, Diane Hullibarger, Bonnie Gibbs, Frances Stumeo, Jean Maxwell.
1971 Class Roster
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