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1977 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1977 Class Roster
Class Roster
prexies' real clean band
FRONT ROW: Bernita Clifton, Janet Rawls, Dianna Jones, Orlene Debrough, Bradford Hooker, Leroy Wilson, Jimmy Writsel, Grady Redd, Anthony James, Gerald Bashav, Edwin Fisher, Donald Jones, Andre Booker. SECOND ROW: William Garlette, Karen Collins, Patricia Brown, Shirley Merritt, Wanda Street, Mitzi Newby, Cathleen Laurey, Janet Stokes, Linda Edwards, Iris Thomas. THIRD ROW: Calvin Carter, Ben Kozak, Ellen James, Lenora Smith, Duane Lindsey, Karen Young, Bobby Turner, Sidney Spence, Anthony Toppins, Becky Greiner, Lee McManus, Vicki Cross, Karen Parker, Deborah Thorogood, Daniel Brown, Sherry Kuykendall, Evelyn Hart, Patsy Newell, Obie Baskerville, Tonya Hudson. FOURTH ROW: Carol Parker, Philette Jones, Carla Bryce, Maurice Williams, Kelvin Wright, Remanda Scott, Sara Stein, Cheryl Somerville, Rene Hollomon, Pan Gay, Randy Skinner, David Spruill, Charles Vann, Michael Hill, Linda Stewart, Wanda Hawthorne. BACK ROW: Walter Harris, Alton Brown, Norris Southall, James Austin, Ed Brown, Wade Shepard, Tony Belfield, Roy Watford, Anthony Grant, Louis Ricks, Edwin Witherow, Wayne Wimborne, Kevin Davis.
Alto Saxaphone section.
A friendly smile accompanies Mr. Garlette before he begins the concert.
drums up business
   With bright, new uniforms to wear, the band engaged in numerous activities in the Tidewater area. They participated in the Virginia State Fair March ing Band Com-petition, Norfolk State March ing Band Competition, Third Annual Tidewater Marching Band Competition, Annual Kiwanis Christmas Parade, Oyster Bowl Parade, Turkey Bowl Parade, Portsmouth Memorial Day Parade, the Azalea Festival Parade, the District IV Band Festival, and the Winter and Spring Concerts.
    Audition ing for and making Senior Re-gional Band was Randy Skinner, Sara Stein, Ellen James, and Daniel Brown; the latter three then eligible for All State. Ben Kozak qualified for Workshop Band while Philette Jones, Karen Parker, Leroy Wilson, and Cleveland Broadie qualified for Junior
Regional Band.
   In order to payoff the ir debts on the new uniforms, the band held several dances and sold several products
Tuba section.
Clarinet and Flute section.
During band practice, Darlene Smith performs her solo.
Mr. Garlette directs the stage band during the Christmas assembly.
Percussion and Drum Major.
Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, Baritone section.
Charlotte Bashay thinks she is the pied piper of Wilson High.
Sidney Spence makes sweet sounds upon her oboe.
showtime in the pits
   One may think that a great deal is involved in the preparation of an assembly; however, exluding their vigorous practice, there was not much work to be done. They began rehearsals the Monday' before the Friday Assembly. Music is selected by Mr. Garlette on the basis of audience appeal.
Sharon Hopkins
Charlotte Sashay
The two majorettes join their sponsor, Mrs. Spencer.
wilson's high
kickers & sharp
  Four very important sections of the band are the Majorettes, the Rifle Squad, the Flag Squad, and the Honor Guard. They contribute beauty, rhythm, and enter-tainment each time they perform on the field. The majorettes had a disappointing number - only two. Yet these two girls practiced hard each day, making up routines that could be used for. only two people. Along with the majorettes, the rifle girls, the flag girls, and the honor guard girls practiced each day to perfect their routines and moves. At each home foot-ball game, these girls wou Id be viewed by hu ndreds of spectators, so it was indeed a must to have each foot in place, each rifle on the correct shoulder, and each flag.
The Honor Guard.
Flag Squad.
Rifle Squad.
The orchestra strums up for the Christmas assembly.
new faces and ideas in honor societies
   With a smaller member-ship than in previous years, the N.J. H.S. accomplished a great deal. Fund raising act-ivities for them included dances, candy sales, and a car wash. As a result of their hard work, a trip to Caro-winds and Florida was planned for the future.
FRONT ROW: Michael Rowland, Jeannie Collins, Dianne Slade, Pattie Yates, Ann Backman, Cheryl Whitehead, Dinah Walters, Deanice Johnson, Billy Diggs. BACK ROW: Robin Davenport, Mrs. C. Randolph, Rachel Bennett, Lycia Ross, Wanda Hazel, Regina Spruill, Aiona Daniels, Katherine Ferrell, Lynne Bohlman, Lisa Archeta, Glen Pizzanello, Mary Fedock, Hunter Pittman, Billy Frye, Miss Howard.
  Each year, students who excel in scholarship, char-acter, leadership, and service are inducted into the school's chapter of the National Honor Society. This is an elite group of only fourteen students. With these students come new ideas which strength-ened the ideals of the organization.
   To raise money, a raffle was held. The majority of the funds went toward the Christmas toy project, an annual event to help under-privileged children.
FRONT ROW: Jean Hammiel, Charlotte Bashav, Mindy Silberstein, Brian Kodmon, Leslie Harris, Harriet Higger, Gwen Adams. BACK ROW: Jane Eastes, Pat Coltes, Kenneth Wells, Pamela James, Charlotte Frye, Gayle Montague, David Foster, Mr. Earl Mabry.
french club
   Consisting of forty-four members, the Industrial Cooperative Training Program included students working in various trade, medical, and service occupations.
   Through the year, they had a wide array of fund-raising projects including the selling of candies, log cabins, and stuffed animals. Also, they were constantly selling doughnuts.
   As a result of their hard work, they enjoyed several outside activities. This would include the Fall Leadership Rally at Nags Head, a Christmas lunch, participation in the District and State Competition and held the annual Employee- Employer Banquet.
FRONT ROW: Philip Butler, Parliamentarian. BACK ROW: Debbie Hawkins, Vice President; Darla Perkins, Reporter; Theresa Ramsey, Secretary; Valerie Newby, President.
  Sara Stein, Vice President; Mrs. Williams, Advisor; Sharon West, President; Carol Topping, Secretary; Joni Duvall, Member.
Although the membership of the French Club was a great deal smaller than last year's, it was very active. For fund raising projects, they sold candy and Tom-Watt products to the student body as well as to people in the community. Their outings for the year included dinner at a French restaurant and a trip to Busch Gardens.
'77 graduation vs. '76 graduation
Larry Wright receives his diploma.
Valedictorian Gayle Montague delivers her graduation speech.
Debra Alston makes last-minute adjustments.
Wilson High School, Alma Mater
Loud we sing thy praise,
All thy loyal sons and daughters
Hearts and voices raise.
May thy name e'er stir our memories
All our zeal inspire,
And to bring to thee fresh laurels,
Be our hearts' desire.

Robert L. Sweeney
   On the evening of June 9, a student-body consisting of less than 200 part-icipated in commencement exercises, and less than 20 graduated with honors. Gayle Montague was named valedictorian
with an almost perfect grade point average. When the last student had received his diploma, the remainder of the
class was instructed to turn their tassels. Upon this mere gesture, they all became 1977 graduates of Woodrow Wilson High
FRONT ROW: Wilheimina Long, Helen Smith, Sandra Sawyer, Lee Ann Marshall, Jacqueline Mollenauer, Cameron Alspaugh, Betty Ann Lyons, Cheryl Montague, Pam Worthington. SECOND ROW: Wanda Manseau, Susan Jean, Tamela Peters, Wanda Hale, Linda Cobb, Athena Neblitt, Robert Hodges, Cindi Cary, Bonnie Simpson. BACK ROW: Lee Young, Vicki Cary, Mark Goldman, Charles Perkinson, Nathan Dreon, Wade Molar, Micki Cary, Joan Joyner, James Whitehead.
James Whitehead displays his leadership abilities while speaking at commencement.
  On the evening of June 10th, 1976; 27 students of a class of 200 Seniors graduated with honors. Two of the seniors received top honors; Sandra Sawyer, valedictorian; Wanda Manseau, saluta-torian.
  Three members of the class delivered orations which left the rest of the class stirring in their seats. After the Class Song was sung, Mr. Savage presented awards. Mr. Burton and Mr. Joyner then presented diplomas to the students. The grad-uates tu rned their tassels and marched out leaving the auditorium filled with emotional parents, relatives, and friends.
Administrators and guests listen attentively.