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1977 Class Roster
Class Roster
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CLOCKWISE: Playing her role to a tee, Charlotte Frye makes-up in cream and night cap. Calvin Green waits proudly as Pamela James is crowned Homecoming Queen by Mr. Burton. Because of its sweet sound, Ellen Jamesprefers the clarinet. Homecoming game hasa wet and wonderful crowd.
    This was the year of many new and exciting activ-ities at Wilson. The Homecoming Court was enlarged as was membership in many of the clubs. Even clubs were rejuvenated with the help of interested faculty members. Not only did the band have a new sound; but it had bright colorful new uniforms as well. In addition to the activities at Wilson, a new President was elected to "reconstruct" the national economy.
AS Calvin Green and Kenneth Wells watch, Homecoming Queen Pamela James is crowned by Mr. Burton at half-time ceremonies
Attendants Grace Hood and Gwenn Marshall hang around the post waiting for something special.
A casual look at our queen.
and the 
winner is . . . 
   Winning the Homecoming crown this year was Pamela James. Pam has been active throughout her four years at Wilson and has held an office in every organization that she was a member of.
   Her hobbies include embroidering,
traveling, listening to music, and reading. Pam plans to attent Hampton Institute and major in Political Science.
    Attendants Vernadette Moore and Vern ice Caldwell think about Homecoming plans
Maid of Honor Wanda Boone and Pam are interested in world affairs.
Attendant Brenda Moore
Representing the Ex-Officio members are Treganza Wiggins, Angela Sims, and Gina Rawls.
Attendants Harriet Higger and Lynda Clark are demo-cratic in their attitudes.
Attendant Doris Wallace
distributing interest in education
   Though membership was smaller
than in previous years, the DE club hosted many successful fund-raising projects and activities. They made profits on their calendar towel sales, lamp sales, a skating party, and a car wash. In May, they held their annual employer-employee banquet. An officers training program was held at Old Dominion University to which the DECA officers attended. A fashion show highlighted the fall rally, which was held at Wilson. Also, fourteen contestants were sent to the district leadership conference in Hampton.

FRONT ROW: Wayne Jenkins, Anita Sumner, Donna Mooney, David Lewis. SECOND ROW: Willy Jackson, Stacy Fedock, Teresa Payne, Curtis Sharpe. BACK ROW: Todd Tiddwell, Frankie Cohn, Tommy Madden, Tazewell Jernigan
FRONT ROW: Beverly Bullock, Linda Edwards, Christine Fields, Cathy Cotton. SECOND ROW: Valinda Council, Mildred Mack, Darlene Turner, Sandra Hanna, Esther Williams, Barbara Jackson, Tammy Williams. BACK ROW: Jonathon High, Ronald Orton, Reginald Williams, Keith Jones, Mr. Mayo.
FRONTROW: Teresa Staton, Rita Yates, Kim Howard, Sherry Mason. SECOND ROW:Glenda Thorne, Verlene Deberry, Almeda Tucker. BACK ROW: Clinton Hill, Ronald Bazemore, Mr. Crigger
FRONT ROW: Johnny Moore, Frances Lee, Michael Averett, Connie Williams. BACK ROW: Carlton Stokes, Randy Shortridge, Brian Young, Robert Atkins, Mr. Mayo.
FRONTROW: Paul Hecker, Donald Davis, Steven Small, Michael Elliot. SECOND ROW: Julia Grant, Teresa Roberts, CorneliaAskew, Cheryl Hunter, Paulette Mason, Susan Huffman. BACK ROW: Byron Anderson, Danny Faulkner,Barry Royal, Stanley Johnson, Anthony James, Mr. Crigger
MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED - Kenneth Wells, Gayle Montague; MOST ACADEMIC - Ronald Hollomon, Mindy Silberstein
MOST DEPENDABLE - Beverly Johnson, Ronald Hill
MOST SCHOOL SPIR ITED - Marvin Cherry, Vernessa Clark; MOST ATHLETIC - Norma Moore, Mike Antonucci
FRIENDLIEST - Joan Askew, Calvin Green; WITTIEST - Tazewell Jernigan, Susan Boes
MOST POPULAR - Stasia Krzywda, Charles Goosby; BEST ALL AROUND Tommy Madden, Pamela James
MOST TALENTED - Mike Walden, Charlotte Frye'; CUTEST - Brian Kodmom, Paulette Mosberger
cream of the crop
   "Senior Superlatives" are a group of Seniors that have a certain quality about them that makes them excel in certain categories. Though grades do not playa decissive role in selection, this group is nominated and elected by the Seniors themselves.
daniel; o'brien campaign for congress
Finding opposition, Billy O'Brien stands and corrects Congressman Daniel.
Congressman Daniel displays poise as he summarizes a report.
     On October 20, Del. William "Billy" O'Brien and Congressman Robert Daniel
were invited to Woodrow Wilson to make
speeches relevant to their campaigns for the 4th District Congressional seat of Virginia. A panel of three students; Gwen Adams, Kenneth Wells, and Debbie Egi  were selected by their government classes to ask questions to each candidate. The questions used were those submitted by all members of the government classes. They discussed their qualifications for office, as well as current issues such as the economy and the B-1 Bomber. On November 2, Congressman Daniel defeated Del. O'Brien with 53.3% of the vote. On the national level, Jimmy Carter defeated President Ford by the slim margin of 297 electoral votes to Ford's 241. The popular vote was even closer-51 % to 48%.
Mr. Roberts introduces the two candidates.
two resourceful clubs
science clubs
   The Science Club, known to the student body as the Beaker Breakers, was sponsored by Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Deloatch, and Mr. Squires. Led by Ben Hill, the club a charter was member of the Virginia Junior Academy of Science. Activities for the year included a skit entitled "The Monster That Stole Halloween," a haunted house using materials from science, and a trip to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Science Club members also built their own cameras and learned to develop pictures as part of the study of photography.

FRONT ROW: Ben Hill, Duke Rollins, Steve Pearson, Sharon West, Jan Sawyer, Sara Stein. BACK ROW: Larry Porter, George Coley, Ronnie Cooke, Becky Greiner, Stephanie Smith.
FRONT: Anthony Gaines, Nguyen Hoang. BACK: Lisa Parker, Harry Marshall.
The Chess Club, known as the "Mighty Knights," was sponsored by Mr. Fulp and Mr. Squires. Their goal was to stimulate interest in the game of chess. They organized matches with teams from other schools, and hoped to make Wilson proud of its mental, as well as its physical activities.
the chess club