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1977 Sports
1977 Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Staff
1977 Class Roster
Class Roster
Students pause to "shoot the breeze" during a fire drill. An aesthetic picture of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse taken by Mcintosh Studio.
Mario's is a favorite hang-out for some Wilson students. Gayle Whittaker anxiously awaits the man of her dreams.
  This was the year of many new and exciting ex-periences for Wilson High and its pupils. The stu-dents participated in various events throughout the
year; yet apathy still lingered in the hearts of many.
Attendance to school-related activities continued to decrease as did patronage to other events.
etc., etc., . . .
Wilson and Churchland cheerleaders exchange cheers.
Carolyn Smith and Norman Munthe play games in the halls.
Mike Antonucci examines his hand after it was stepped on.
Football couches figure out strategy for the next play.
Andre Jackson and Francine Sherrod concentrate on their masterpiece.
The varsity cheerleader's spirit truck rides again.
Bert Thomas makes a good bench warmer.
Excederin headache no. 52.
Please don't hit me.
Mrs. Moran and Mrs. Yost discuss the tour in front of "The Torch of Life" at the Chrysler Museum
Deanna Lynn Matthews
Mary Pat Huggins
a tale told with pictures
You've looked at the new;
You've gazed at the old;
With pictures and words
Our tale has been told.
Colleen McGary ponders on things in her past which will en-hance her future. The "turning on to Physics" can sometimes result in the "turn ing out of school." The paint representa-tive from Waldo's advises the in-terested students about the business world. Mrs. Palmer pauses momentarily before rounding the corner of the 8th grade wing.

Linda Edwards deals with the first duty of the day before starting her classes. The Presidents of the '76 Homecoming Court, patiently wait to escort their First Ladies on the foot-ball fieId. Grace Hood looks back before plunging forth into a new day. Steve Pearson, Duke Rollins, Derald Trimble, and Gerald Trimble display their version of "Kiss" or make-up.
our wish for the best
The staff of THE PRESIDENT
In assembling this book,
Has recalled happy memories
With a Wilson "new Look."

Our wish for your future
Is an old one and true:
May the best of good fortu ne
Through the years follow you.
               - Mary Rice -
FRONT ROW: Vernessa Clark, Gwen Adams, Brenda Van Beber, Pam Delk, Wanda Hartley, Diane Ellis. BACK ROW: Mr. Outten, David Chrisman, Alex Becker, Kenny Wells, Raymond Dail, Janet Sawyer, Mrs. Powell.
Gwen Adams, Secretary; Vernessa Clark, Vice-President; Kenny Wells, President; Wanda Hartley, Treasurer; Brenda Van Beber, Director of Publicity.
FRONT ROW: Devon Moore, Harriet Higger, Patricia Brown, Jean Hammiel, Serena Butts.
BACK ROW: Lynda Clark, Sharon Mason, Linda Cobb, Wanda Boone, Gayle Whitaker, Cathlene Laurey.
the people behind the scenes
   The S.C.A. is a special group of working people at Wilson. Their work provided us, the students, with a voice in what went on at school. Without
the Student Council, the school would be run entirely by teachers and administrators.
   They also sponsored many valuable activities throughout the year. These activities included the Student Scholarship Fund, the United Fund Drive, as well as many projects during the Yuletide season consisting of the Mr. and Miss Christmas Seal, door and basket decorations, and the Christmas card mailbox.
   They were also responsible for such activities as the Homecoming Festivities, The Blood Give In, and the Used Book Room. Also, they helped in the preparation of assemblies and menus.
   They also sponsored a group of attractive young ladies known as the Junior Marshals. These girls attended all school related functions in the auditorium.  This included hostesses to plays, graduation ceremonies, and orientation.
the staff puts it all together
  As each month app-roached, another deadline came along with it - November 15, December 15, January 15, and February 15. The members of the staff worked arduously every day in order to meet these burdensome deadlines. The staff was re-latively small and inexp-erienced two returned from the previous year. In addition to selling yearbooks, key chains were also sold. The Table Top Football League (which began this year) was also supported by the yearbook staff.
  We got very little support in any of our activities. One would think that out of a stu-dent body of 1700, AT LEAST 500 yearbooks could be sold, but no one would buy one. Members of the community would not patronize us either. So what is the sense of having ,I yearbook 7 Another
qrcat Wilson tradition may deteriorate because no one would support the yearbook.
FRONT ROW: Lisa Cobb, Anthonette Davis, Mrs. Sweet, advisor. SECOND ROW: Stasia Krzywda, Loretta Tretola, Gerald Trimble. BACK ROW: Serena Butts, Mike Walden, David Foster, Mindy Silberstein.
"So what," says Gerald Trimble, "I'm doing my best."
Serena Butts offers a suggestion on Mike Walden's artwork.
Mindy Silberstein, editor, works hard on Senior layouts.
Lisa Cobb and Stasia Krzywda enjoy a
laugh while coordinating the faculty section.
David Foster shows Loretta Tretola how to crop a picture on the light table.
Anthonette Davis types up copy for the Junior section.
SO ENDS this section and hope the memories we have now will grow!